Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Time At An Adult Theater: Chapter 19 - The Watcher @ CTs Adult Theater

Doc here with another chapter of "First Time at an Adult Theater". First time contributor The Watcher adds his voice to The Journal...

You will notice that The Watcher and The Back Row Reporter have reported on the same hot evening at CTs.  I always enjoy the multiple takes on the same evening.

Enjoy The Watacher's First Time...


Hey Doc!

I've been a fan of your blog for a little while now, and always knew I would someday get to experience the thing we do. CT's was my target, but I lived a little too far away to make the trip. Well, that recently changed, and I moved to about 40 minutes away from CT's Adult Superstore in Gary, IN.

This last Friday was my first night at CT's and there was no action to speak of, but I was told that Saturday would be more action packed, so I was ready to return the next night.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
There was a couple scheduled to arrive at 1am, but I heard that there was more action going on earlier, so I headed out and arrived around 9:30.   I happened to walk in at the same time as a couple.  She was a little heavy, but attractive - wearing glasses.  We'll call her the librarian.

First, let me say that CT's wasn't what I was expecting in terms of size or layout.  The theater is quite small and intimate, with only 16 seats available and the table up front for group play. 

I took a seat in the theater, with about 8 other guys, and soon the couple was sitting in the row in front of me.  The librarian saw a guy she already knew (from a previous visit) and he smiled at her and patted the table up front - inviting her to get the action started.  She smiled, stood up, and went to lay on the table.

That was all the cue everyone needed - she was surrounded. 

Now Doc, I consider myself to be polite, respectful, and responsive to what the woman wants.  I heard the Librarian tell everyone that she likes to have slow satisfying sex - and NOT to be swarmed.  I noticed that there was no one standing up at the top of the table, above her head - so I stood there and began caressing her hair, rubbing her shoulders, and kissing her occasionally on the forehead and cheek.

She really responded to this and started holding my hands.  Her hands were soon on my cock.  She turned over. While her husband started fucking her from behind and many of the other guys groped her, she started sucking my cock.  

After a few minutes of this, I could tell she wanted to fuck me.  As her husband used a tiny flashlight to examine my manhood (checking for cleanliness) I heard the Librarian tell him that I had a gorgeous cock.  I was certainly glad to be "picked out" from the crowd to be the first of many strangers to fuck her.

The discussion between the Librarian and her husband seemed to quietly center around whether or not I should use a condom.   Let me digress for a moment and explain that I always play safe unless it's a more private party with participants who know each other well and are all certified clean and healthy.  I also can't "finish" in a condom - but that's OK.  It allows me to play for longer periods of time, and I don't mind playing without cumming. 

After a brief discussion, I slipped on a condom and began fucking the Librarian from the foot of the table.  I knew I wouldn't cum, and didn't want to be a hog, so after a few minutes I pulled out, bent down and began exploring her with my hands and mouth.  I absolutely LOVE to find out what makes a woman cum - and there's no better way than exploring her with your hands and mouth to see how she responds. 

After a couple of minutes downstairs, I stood back up, put my cock back in her, and fucked her hard for another couple of minutes. 

I pulled out, kissed her on the cheek and thanked her.  I don't know if she thought I came or not, but of course I hadn't.   I stepped away from the crowd and watched as the action continued. 

Over the next 30-45 minutes I came in and out of the theater to see how things were progressing. It seemed like she was only fucking her husband and playing a little with the other guys gathered around the table. 

She finally dressed, and the couple came out of the theater for a break. 

Another couple arrived, and the guys were all gathered around this new couple in the theater, but nothing was happening.  One of the guys speculated that this new couple was waiting for the Librarian and her husband to get the action going again.  The Librarian said "well, I don't want to disappoint them."

They returned to the theater, sat in the front row (with me next to them) and began watching the movie.  After a couple of movie changes (the Librarian is picky about what turns her on) her husband masturbated himself to an orgasm which the Librarian took in her mouth and swallowed. 

Then, rather abruptly, she stood back up, took off her dress, and was back on the table. 

I found a place along side of the table near her head, and this time around she seemed less picky.  While I stood there, she fucked at least 3 or 4 different guys while sucking on a cock across from me.  The whole time she kept her right hand either on my cock or holding my hand.  After the guy across from me blew his load in her mouth, she turned her head toward me and began sucking me again. 

After several minutes of this, she seemed a little frustrated by the antics of the guy fucking her at the moment - he was ordering her around too much.  She changed positions, and I stepped away - knowing I wouldn't finish, and wanting to give other guys a chance.

The 1am couple never showed up, but it was still a great experience for my first time (actually second time) in an adult theater.  I hope to become a regular correspondent.

The Watcher


Doc here again... Thanks to The Watcher for an excellent First Time report, and we are looking forward to many more from him.

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