Monday, July 22, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! SDBlckChick on The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with a fantastic first time Couple's Flash Report from SDBlckChick. SDBC hit The Jolar Cinema in San Diego for her first ever adult theater adventure, and this report gives you peek inside making that first step into this thing of ours.

Enjoy this great report...


This is my first experience/review, and I am woman. After reading almost every review on this site in a span of 2 nights I took the plunge.

About us: I am 24, light brown African American, D, 38 full figured but not bbw (210), wearing a long sun dress with flowers on it. My chaperon is a 35 year old, Latino man I very recently met.

So 7/16/13 around 10:30 I arrive at The Jolar Cinema escorted by a new found friend and veteran of this adult theater world. Now as a woman I sometimes have naughty thoughts, but am a little apprehensive about exposing them. So anywho we arrive and I am clinging to my host like a puppy on its mamma's teet, we make our way back past the booth girls and to the door where we were buzzed into the theater.

When we get in I am immediately overcome buy nervous anticipation and want to run for the door, as a couple comes towards us... I cling tighter to my chaperon as he laughs and reassures me that we can just speculate for my first visit. After a couple of minutes he begins to fondle my breast, ultimately exposing them while in the hallway with the couple standing behind us. Building a little physical courage (juices are starting to flow),I tell my chaperon I was ready to find a seat.

We find seats in the first theatre were there were About 5 guys looking un-entertained. After a couple of minutes of conversation , my chaperon unleashes his solider and strokes him to attention, while exposing my breast and instructing me to take the this point we have almost every one's attention. After a couple of minutes and shuffling of our audience, the mission was accomplished, so off we went for a brief recess outside.

When we returned we decided to try the second theatre were I chose to sit next to a guy I found interesting, but shortly he exited.. but hey his loss obviously (male 16 to female 3 ratio). So once again I was faced with the same mission as a gay couple behind us handled their business... a previous spectator circled and sat next to us so I decided to give him a hand as well. Hey I have two of them!

So as both men grouped and fondled my body I stroked on... I began to like the attention, it was almost like a game of Tease with my male following.. after a while we grew tired and decided to call it a night.. so I bid the other man a farewell as I looked around feeling slightly accomplished for having let go even though it was not much.

For anyone that was wondering...the crowd consisted of about 3 Latino men, 10-13 Caucasian men and 2 other couples not including us. All ranging from early 30's to 65. Would love to see more diversity among the ages and races.

All in all from a women's prospective, it is a acquired taste that I can't wait to try again. My chaperon has agreed to take me to all of the ones in the area including one that is not on the list :-)

To all of the women on the fence about it, go for it but take a date. To all the men novice and veteran, please pay special attention to your hygiene. I.e. cigarette laced hands don't feel good on the woman parts, brush your teeth, groom you privates if you want oral... to all have fun and I will post a review about my next couple of experiences.


Doc here again... Many thanks to SDBlckChick for a terrific first time report, as well as reading all the reports she mentioned in her introduction. Talk about a crash course... I hope you continue to file your reports, and enjoy your trip into this thing of ours.