Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Good Doctor's Double Shot Pic of the Day! Piper The Gloryhole Princess

Doc here, a man who some say is so powerful that pumpkins carve him, with today's Pic of the Day Double Shot.

About two months ago, Piper The Gloryhole Princess, shot a video of her dressed as a roving reporter for The Journal of Adult Theaters while in Phoenix.  She was in search of the "elusive gloryhole." She even had her Journal of Adult Theaters microphone (with Good Dr. Logo) attached.

Well, both Piper and Her Perverted Man have provided The Good Doctor with two stills from that visit to share with you, the good readers of The Journal.

Couple's Flash Report: Art Sin, Emma, Head to the Art Cinema, Get Head

Doc here, a man some say will never wear a scarf because his mustache is solar powered, with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report.
First time contributors Art Sin & Emma visited Hartford's awesome Art Cinema this past Friday, and have filed this report to The Good Doctor's Journal. 
This is the second report from this HOT evening, the first being from Houdini & Miss K. If you look closely at both these reports, they do describe their interactions. I found this fascinating, and I hope you will too.
As my friend Gemini says, this is a two cans of Fresca report...
Take it away, Art Sin & Emma...