Monday, November 28, 2016

Flash Report! The Organist's Mid-Summer Visit to the Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here, a man who some say has hair so aerodynamic, NASA has committed to a study of it to determine it's use it high altitude test flights.

File this report under "Better Late than Never", and it's all The Good Doctor's fault. Newly anointed senior reporter The Organist filed this report with me in the late summer, and it dropped under my radar for editing. Not good. 

The Organist (who I finally had a chance to meet at the HUGE Halloween Party with his awesome girl at The Art Cinema in October) who could not be a nicer guy, does a great job painting the picture of a fun evening at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford. 

Tickle those ivories, sir!


Hey Doc! The Organist here. 

This past weekend had a definitely busy Saturday night at the Art! Many couples played on the main floor. I heard that there where ten couples on the main floor, and I only counted about seven. 30+ couples overall and a couple of single ladies. There was so much energy going on it almost set off a bit of sensory overload.  LOL! 

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Praha 1 in Prague, Czech Republic in July, 2016

Doc here, a man who some say once entered a Czech dumpling throwing contest in late 1986 somewhere near Akron, Ohio, with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

At the huge Gobblefest Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago in early November, a gentleman walked up to me early in the evening and introduced himself. He stated that he used The Good Doctor's Database of Adult Theaters to help plan trips to different theaters across the US. He also told me that he travels internationally, and has hit some fantastic places across both ponds. 

The Good Doctor has been looking for more international reports, and what this nice gentleman explained to me was music to my ears. I gave him my card, and asked him to consider submitting reports from these exotic locales. He said he would think about it and went about enjoying the rest of the debauchery going on during Gobblefest.

This past week I heard from this gentleman, now known by his nom de plume The Traveler. And within a day, the following report hit my in-box about Praha 1, a great sounding adult emporium in Prague, the Czech Republic. And it sounds like it is all sorts of awesome!

Please welcome to the rogues gallery of Journal Reporters, The Traveler!  Take it away, sir...



Prague is a beautiful city to visit in the summer months. During my last visit, I was wandering the old city on a warm sunny July day enjoying the wonderful architecture and local beer. I had taken the time to do some internet research before I started my walk and found a club that featured a gang bang themed program starting early on a Wednesday afternoon so I decided to stop by. The name of the club is Praha 1 located on Jungmanonova Street. It is one of the half dozen swingers clubs that are located in this fabulous city. This particular club is open to single males on most days so it was a perfect fit since I would be going single today.

The club is located a short walk from some of the most popular tourist sites on a street lined with small businesses and apartment buildings. I actually walked past the club several times before I realized the entrance was in a small courtyard of the building and since the club had no signs that marked its location you must be careful to check the building numbers. 

Following the instructions on the website, I called the club from my cell phone once I arrived at their door and told them I wanted entry. It only took a few minuets for a man to arrive and let me in. He collected my 40 Euros provided me with a towel and showed me to the locker area where I disrobed. On future trips I would be more prepared with my own towel and flip flops but what they provided was adequate.

The locker room was adjacent to the bar where I found several men sitting on bar stools and a single couple at a small table in conversation. I ordered a beverage and continued my exploration of the club. 

In a large room just off the bar was a nicely appointed lounge area where I found three more couples sitting on sofas enjoying food from the buffet table and cocktails. The couples were a mix of ages ranging from mid-thirties to mid-fifties and all attractive. I spent a few minutes in the lounge relaxing and adjusting to the naked sexual atmosphere of the club. Since it was still early afternoon, I decided to take my time to explore the club and wait for things to develop.