Monday, November 28, 2016

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Praha 1 in Prague, Czech Republic in July, 2016

Doc here, a man who some say once entered a Czech dumpling throwing contest in late 1986 somewhere near Akron, Ohio, with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

At the huge Gobblefest Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago in early November, a gentleman walked up to me early in the evening and introduced himself. He stated that he used The Good Doctor's Database of Adult Theaters to help plan trips to different theaters across the US. He also told me that he travels internationally, and has hit some fantastic places across both ponds. 

The Good Doctor has been looking for more international reports, and what this nice gentleman explained to me was music to my ears. I gave him my card, and asked him to consider submitting reports from these exotic locales. He said he would think about it and went about enjoying the rest of the debauchery going on during Gobblefest.

This past week I heard from this gentleman, now known by his nom de plume The Traveler. And within a day, the following report hit my in-box about Praha 1, a great sounding adult emporium in Prague, the Czech Republic. And it sounds like it is all sorts of awesome!

Please welcome to the rogues gallery of Journal Reporters, The Traveler!  Take it away, sir...



Prague is a beautiful city to visit in the summer months. During my last visit, I was wandering the old city on a warm sunny July day enjoying the wonderful architecture and local beer. I had taken the time to do some internet research before I started my walk and found a club that featured a gang bang themed program starting early on a Wednesday afternoon so I decided to stop by. The name of the club is Praha 1 located on Jungmanonova Street. It is one of the half dozen swingers clubs that are located in this fabulous city. This particular club is open to single males on most days so it was a perfect fit since I would be going single today.

The club is located a short walk from some of the most popular tourist sites on a street lined with small businesses and apartment buildings. I actually walked past the club several times before I realized the entrance was in a small courtyard of the building and since the club had no signs that marked its location you must be careful to check the building numbers. 

Following the instructions on the website, I called the club from my cell phone once I arrived at their door and told them I wanted entry. It only took a few minuets for a man to arrive and let me in. He collected my 40 Euros provided me with a towel and showed me to the locker area where I disrobed. On future trips I would be more prepared with my own towel and flip flops but what they provided was adequate.

The locker room was adjacent to the bar where I found several men sitting on bar stools and a single couple at a small table in conversation. I ordered a beverage and continued my exploration of the club. 

In a large room just off the bar was a nicely appointed lounge area where I found three more couples sitting on sofas enjoying food from the buffet table and cocktails. The couples were a mix of ages ranging from mid-thirties to mid-fifties and all attractive. I spent a few minutes in the lounge relaxing and adjusting to the naked sexual atmosphere of the club. Since it was still early afternoon, I decided to take my time to explore the club and wait for things to develop.

I continued my exploration of the club. To my surprise it was quite large. I found a very nice shower area and sauna, restrooms and the first of many play areas. The play areas varied in size but all were open to allow viewing and easy participation. In one room, I found a Saint Andrews cross with a 40’s something blond strapped on it while her husband pleasured her. They were intent on each other so I moved on with my exploring. A few steps farther I found a play area with a gloryhole cabin. I open the door to a very dark cubicle that was big enough for two. It was empty now but I would be sure to stop back latter. I climbed a flight of stairs and found a very large group play room that clearly had been active shortly before I arrived. One couple remained and were very open to some quick fun. I didn’t want to get too involved because I still had hours to enjoy what was to come. 

Back at the lounge I took a seat and over the next 45 minutes watched as several more couples arrived. By now some of the couples had finished their drinks and were beginning to make their way back to the play areas. I could feel the excitement build and decided it was time to follow them. I found the blond from the cross now playing with several men, her husband at her side. She was attractive and very into the oral gratification she was providing and receiving. I almost stopped to partake but decided to check out the rest of club. I could always come back.

When I reached the gloryhole cabin a man was standing pressed against the wall and by the sounds of his moans someone in the cabin was giving him a very good blowjob. I stepped up to the unoccupied hole and tried to see if anyone was on the other side of the wall. It was so dark I couldn’t make out any shapes or movement. Then a slender feminine finger with red nail polish brushed the rim of the hole. It was such an erotic gesture that I immediately feed my cock through the hole and was engulfed in a warm talented mouth. For ten minutes I enjoyed one of the best BJ’s I have ever received. Finally it came to an end with me weak legged and totally satisfied.

I needed to rest and get my energy back so I walked up the stairs to the large group room and found it very active. There were three couples along with half dozen or more single men. I laid down on the room size mattress a short ways away from the action and watched. It was clear to me that the gang bang theme for today’s program was very popular. Each woman was engaged with multiple partners and as one man finished another would take his place. Being a voyeur I was really enjoying the live porn and it was bringing me back to life.

I started to feel more energized so I headed back to the lounge for a quick beverage. More couples had come in and were relaxing on the sofas so I had the pleasure of watching a group of naked people while I finished my drink. Time for me to go exploring again.

I didn’t want to join the crowds in the larger group play areas so I went looking for a couple in one of the smaller rooms. The second room I looked into proved to be very promising. 

A couple was slowly fucking in a cowgirl position. The wife was a curvy brunette with very large breasts and a very pretty face. She had a few extra pounds but not fat. She lay on her husband and slowly worked his cock into her pussy. One man was lying next to them slowly stroking the wife. She appeared to be enjoying his hand roaming over her body. I laid down next to the couple opposite the single man. I began to stroke the woman as well and soon my hand was massaging a very large breast with a soft nipple. 

The man opposite me had moved to her round butt and she clearly was enjoying the attention he was giving to her ass. She reached into a bag that lay next to her and removed a tube of what I guessed was lubricant. She handed it to the man stroking her ass and spoke to him in a language I didn’t understand. He took the tube and put some of the contents on his fingers. As I watched he began to massage the thick liquid around and into the woman’s ass. Once he finished he applied a condom and pushed into her ass. She moaned in pleasure as he proceeded to double penetrate her. He didn’t last long. With a loud groan he finished inside her ass. The man mumbled what I think was a thank you and left. 

The woman then turned towards me and handed me the tube and said something I didn’t understand but I could guess what she wanted. I lubed up and was soon pushing into an extremely tight asshole. I didn’t last very long either but it felt great and I said thank you in English as I left. She didn’t understand but the smile on her face said it all.

As the afternoon progressed more couples came into the club and the play areas seemed to always be in use. I watched for a while longer and I could tell that as long as all play was safe very few boundaries were being set. Unlike some clubs in Europe who hire professionals to attend some of their programs, the couples at this club were a nice mix of tourists and locals who were all in the lifestyle.

As my day was coming to an end (my stamina having been tested), in walked a beautiful tall brunette who looked like she could have been on the cover of a magazine. I couldn’t leave without at least quenching my voyeur appetite so I followed her and her husband into the play area. They were clearly experienced in the lifestyle, knew what they wanted and took little time to begin. 

This beautiful brunette played the submissive role for her husband. He offered her to several men (unfortunately I was not one of them) and we all got to watch her perform some unbelievable sexual acts. Watching this beautiful submissive being directed by her husband as strangers used her body was a great ending to a wonderful afternoon. As I left I could only imagine what the evening would be like, since the club still had 6 hours before it closed for the night.

Note: Shortly after my visit, the club relocated to a new location a little further from the old part of the city on Sturova Street. I am told that the accommodations at the new location are very similar to the location I visited only nicer. The gang bang program is still on their schedule for every Wednesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 am. In my opinion, it is very much worth the cost of a short cab ride.

~The Traveler~


Doc here again... Wow, where to begin?  First of all, a huge thank you to The Traveler for an excellent eye-opening report!  Great job, sir!  The Traveler has some future reports coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Traveler mentioned in his report that Praha 1 has moved since his visit in July. It is now located at:
Praha 1 
Štúrova 1701/55 
Prague, Czech Republic

Their website is: . Check it out for more info on the club.  The Good Doctor has also added it to the Adult Theater Database.

And here I was, planning my vacation for 2017.  Goodbye Scranton. Hello Prague!