Friday, October 18, 2013

A Follow-Up Message From The Chairman On The State Of The Journal

Just as I suspected, through the ashes of one empire, a second and greater empire emerges.   Standing tall with a mustache some say has pleased over a thousand women and a leisure suit without a wrinkle. ....The Good Dr. is slowly rebuilding.   
It's only a face page at this point, but I'm sure the Terminator-like Dr. is searching for a new power source, rebooting his CPU and is on a mission to bring all his fans the best information in "this thing of ours".    

The Chairman

A Quick Message From The Chairman

This is the Chairman, husband to the CEO.  I know most of you don't care who I am, and some of you really want to show my wife some care.  ;-)  I'm not the official PIO (public information officer) but I will share what I know. 

The Lizardo 3000 was found abandoned the other day.  The car was dusted for prints and a note was found.  It appears a small group called "The moral minority" have him captive and are making him watch Lawrence Welk marathons.   A very kinky SEAL Team 69 is set to raid the complex where the Good Dr. is being held.  After being debriefed he will be back to his usual antics.  I would expect the blog to be back up and running by Friday...maybe Saturday.  

Lets all be patient hope for a full and safe recovery.  Yellow ribbons are tied on most trees around the liberal arts college in the valley. 

The Chairman