Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Night Of Couples & Single Females FREE At 15th Ave Adult Theater In Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a quick note... Tonight is the LAST NIGHT of FREE ADMISSION for M/F couples and single females at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Adult Theater at 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL. Take advantage of this great deal!

Also, I have it on very good authority (them) that P and F, an amazing couple, will be there tonight between 8:30 and 9PM tonight.  F is a hottie, and not to be missed!

If you happen to be there, and see a guy who looks as though he has just finished his rounds, it might just be The Good Doctor.


Blast From The Past: Lifeball Shoots 100% at The Belvedere Theatre in Atlanta

Doc here with a refreshing Blast From The Past report from first time contributor, Lifeball. His "Blast" focuses on the late, great Belvedere Theatre in Atlanta.  It was his first visit to an adult theater, and his timing could not have been better.

Lets have Lifeball tell you his story... And it's a good one!


Hey Doc been reading your blog and the stories for sometime now, and must say thanks. Saw you guys have been looking for new stuff and I have a older story, but it was good years ago.

About 5 years ago, driving from a business meeting one day, had come across what seemed to be a adult theater. I had been reading and looking at different websites about the theaters, though didn't know where to find any or even if Atlanta had any. When I saw this theater, I decided to stop.

Being a young basketball coach and it being summer and having no practice, I had nothing to do. 12 in the afternoon what harm could come from checking it out? As I walked in, it  seemed like a run down old regular movie theater but the decorum was pretty. Could have looked like something from a movie.

The Belvedere Theatre
(circa late 1990's)
There was an Asian lady working - She did not ask me for money, just asked to see ID.

After walking down the corridor saw a woman blond BBW sitting on a bench with her man. Image a Drew Barrymore add 50 pounds that was her. She was dressed in a short black dress, with high heels on and a blouse that showed as much cleavage as she could show without being completely topless.

What a sight I thought... Did I just get lucky on my first visit? They seemed to be waiting, so I took a right and walked into the theater. As I walked into the theater, it was fairly big. Again, looked like a regular movie theater - no love chairs, no couches, just a movie theater with porn showing. I sat down to let my eyes adjust and began noticing a group of people on the bottom row in a circle. So I decide to venture down and see what was going on.

As I walked down and got closer noticed it was a circle around a lovely BBW, and she was fucking and sucking about three guys with another 3 or 4 just watching. Man was she going to town. She wasn't the prettiest of ladies, but damn was it sexy as hell what she was doing. Guys were taking their turns with her and just exploring her. Pulling on her nipples hard as they fucked her and she sucked everyone.

Me being new to this and only seeing something like this in movies, I just continued to watch. Every guy in there was in there late 30's and 40's - there was even a real old guy who I think was her Master. I was just watching in awe not knowing to pull my dick out or run lol. Then this guy tapped me on the shoulder and said "dude your going to take a turn or just watch." At that moment I don't know what kicked in but I pulled my BBC out and just stuffed it in her mouth. What a rush it gave me having this women take my dick in front of all these guys! It was crazy because I had no nervousness anymore.

The Belvedere Theatre
(after closing, before fire in the plaza)
My dick was hard as a rock. You know I've read you have some guys that cant get it up due to the crowd, but I was harder than I had ever been. And I wanted to explode all over her. Another guy then tapped me and said "dude fuck her pussy don't hog that mouth." And without thinking I pulled out and slid right into her. No condom - just all meat. The old guy said "fuck her raw squirt all the cum you can inside her."

The encouragement sent me into overdrive I began fucking her as hard as I could. Pulling on her nipples as hard as I could, listening to her hummm and moan with ecstasy. After about what seemed to be 10 min I exploded inside her and my cum dripping down her leg. After i was done i pulled out, pulled up my pants and started walking away.
Belvedere Theatre - Far Right
(after plaza fire in 2010)

As I'm walking up the isle, I see the first couple sitting and she is sucking a BBC while her husband is eating her out.  Damn I thought I missed out on Drew LOL.  When I got in the hall, I started talking to some guys and they told me that these two women play a lot at the same time you just gotta catch them - look up certain websites and you'll find them.

Later that month I found the BBW I fucked and she was having a hotel party. You know I went! The Belvedere is now closed... Doc, man that one day was amazing. Have not been to a theater since. I shooting 100% now - don't know if I wanna mess that up. LOL

I'm all about sure things and I've heard in theater game that is hard to come by. Hope to be able to go again though because I had a blast.



Doc here again... Thanks to Lifeball for an oustanding first-time report on this thing of ours.  The Belvedere was a classic adult theater, and it is surely missed down in Atlanta.  At least you have the recently re-opened Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway for this thing of ours.  Many other cities and towns cannot say the same.

Do you have a Blast From The Past you'd like to share with the good readers of The Journal? Just e-mail Raoul Duke The Good Doctor at and I will edit and format your report for you.  It's been awhile since we had a Blast From The Past, so I am glad Lifeball broke the streak.  Now it's your turn.

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