Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Plenty O'Toole Hits The Green Door Theater in Bethlehem, PA (with 11 PICS!)

Doc here with a great first time report from freshman scribe, Plenty O'Toole. Along with his friend, Shelly, they hit Bethlehem PA's Green Door Theater (address in the dB).

Along with this report are 11 pics of the sexy Shelly both in the report, and in the gallery at the end of the report.



For those of you that never heard of it, The Green Door is a discreet adult theater near the new Sands casino and hotel in Bethlehem PA. The set up has several booths, some with gloryholes, 2 theaters And some smaller private rooms in the back of the building...

The Real Shelly
Last wed night I took my extremely attractive slut Shelly for her 1st visit, the crowd somewhat small, we walked around to familiarize ourselves with the layout before taking a stadium seat in the theater. Shelly dressed in an extremely hot tight skirt, see through shear rose top unbuttoned to show off her 36D tits, thigh highs and some fuck me pumps!!!

Sitting in the theater we became very comfortable and I spread her legs for all to see her shaven pussy and extremely tanned body... She laid her head on my shoulder and began to rub her clit with one hand and my  now stiff cock with the other.

A small crowd began to form around her and I whispered in her ear to stand up and bend over the row of seats in front of her so everyone could watch me bend her over and begin to fuck her!!!

As she moaned louder and louder, an extremely attractive transsexual and another gentlemen volunteered to suck her erect nipples as I continued to slam her pussy from behind. She moaned as they bit them harder, and harder to the two of them as her ass began to turn a rose color from the repeated slaps I inflicted on her... I could feel her pussy tighten she was getting closer and closer to cumming.

Shelly #2
I pulled my cock out and now rubbed her clit hard and fast because no one knew except for me what was going to happen next. Fingering her faster and faster I grabbed a hand full of hair and yanked her head back, she moaned "I am coming, I am coming" as she squirted all over the floor. Without hesitation I slammed my cock deep inside of her, the tranny at this time moans out there is cum all over my stockings!!! I keep fucking her over and over making her squirt repeatedly before giving this amazing slut a break before moving to another room in the theater.

We walk around a little more and decide to go into a private room in the back but decide to keep the door open for all to see. She instantly drops to her knees, unbuttons my pants and pulls my cock out for all to see. Devouring it deep down her throat it isn't long before we have a crowd outside our door... The hot tranny and the guy that sucked her nipples earlier decide to join us. I pull her up off of her knees and turn her around so she is bent over facing the tranny and other guy. I whisper in her ear "now it is your turn to return the favor I want you to suck the her tits" the transsexual quickly pulls her perky B cup tits out for her to suck as I am fucking her hard from behind!!! Once again I play with her amazon pussy for all to see and once again she begins to squirt all over the place, simply amazing!!!
Shelly #3

With an audience for the most part of older gentlemen we decided to walk around a little more, as we walked down a long hallway we where pleasantly surprised by being passed by another younger couple, a tall gentlemen and with his red headed girlfriend or wife... We made the turn and now where walking in the hallway with all the booths and had seen the other couple at the end of the hall approaching us. I motioned for my slut to go into a larger booth and as the walked by invited them in...

Once inside she began to suck his large cock and Shelly dropped to her knees and began sucking my still stiff throbbing cock...

Each of us forcing out cocks deeper and deeper down their throats. I move Shelly back to sit on the bench next to the red head, they are sucking cock like in unison, deeper and deeper, before we pull our cocks out and push the women back. Now they are leaning next to each other on the bench and against the wall. He dives head first between her legs and I take Shelly's leg and drape it on his back spreading her legs farther apart, fingering her vigorously. I make her squirt over and over until we both stand and have the women begin to suck our cocks again. The red head now reaches over and begins to play with Shelly's tits and before long with my cock deep in her throat she begins to suck her nipples. Shelly willingly sucks harder and harder and I know she was enjoying this...

Shelly #4
With all of us now growing extremely hot in the booth I see the couple look at each other and hintingly gesture that try want to switch and have Shelly suck his huge cock and her do the same to mine. They ask and without hesitations gorgeous slut Shelly is reaching for his cock and we swap blow jobs... I encourage Shelly telling her to suck that huge cock and suck she did, repeatedly tell her to enjoy it!!! This is what we are here for!!!

The red head begins to deep throat my cock and hold it, she is very talented with no gag reflex, he is now telling her suck his cock and that she craved my cum. She was sucking my cock faster and deeper then ever I felt myself begin to tremble as she held my cock deeper in her throat with him encouraging her to take my load that was the prize she wanted!!! This made Shelly crazy! I saw her pace quicken on his cock with both our hands resting on the back of their heads with pressure forcing them deeper with every thrust!!! She takes me deep in her throat one last time and holds it. I can't take in anymore and I cum, and she swallows, her pace never skips a beat. It feels amazing, as she sucks my cock continuously waiting for Shelly to finish him. Shelly now with a hand on his cock and mouth devouring it is sucking faster and faster I hear him moan he is going to cum, and she continues and with a final thrust as she swallows his load. We are all amazed (and covered in sweat). We took  a minute to catch our breathes and exchange contact information before leaving!!!

For a 1st visit we were hoping for some quality cock, but the place has a huge amount of potential!!!

 Plenty O' Toole

Gallery (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Doc here again... Thanks to Plenty O'Toole for this great first time report!  Shelly is smoking hot, and I can't wait to see what's next for you two.

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful's Club Sesso Adventure (w/Exclusive New Pic!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the insanely hot Hawaiian Eyeful and her fiancé'. They made a trip to Portland, Oregon's Club Sesso, and this is their report.
Take it away, Hawaiian Eyeful!
Hello Doc,

Portland Oregon is one of the most liberal places to live if you enjoy living the life which we call “this thing of ours”. We have the Paris Theater, the Oregon Theater, many adult arcades, lingerie shops, as well as Portland‘s Most Famous Sex club founded by the legendary porn star, Ron Jeremy.  This club is known as Club Sesso.
Much to our surprise when we arrived at Sesso a little after 9:00 pm the club was already packing people in.  We were greeted by “Jorge”, whom I had first met and also have had the pleasure of several sexual encounters at the Paris Theater.  By the time 10:00 pm rolled around, it was hopping.  From our viewpoint on the 2nd floor, my man and I were sitting on the couch watching people dancing on the 1st floor and getting a great view of all the single men and couples entering the club.   Many were dressed for Mardi Gras, some casual, some sexual and then some just wearing their thong. 
By now, I was ready for some action and knowing that it was Gang Bang night with guys circling around us, watching us, my fiancé’ and I decided to leave our seats and  headed  to the room off the main hallway, which also had an adjoining bedroom where others could watch and enter.  We left our door from the hallway open knowing that it would send out the invitation we were looking for.
It wasn’t long before we had a crowd observing from the doorway, windows and adjoining room.  I continued sucking my fiancé’s cock and in just a few short minutes the first man of many joined in. While my fiancé’ began to suck my succulent breasts,   I turned my attention to the man who had just joined us placing his cock in my mouth.    As I began swirling my tongue on the tip of his head and sucking deeply, I felt his cock growing harder and longer.   He then prepared himself with a condom and entered my wet hot pussy which was so ready to be fucked.   It was just a matter of time when I felt my body releasing my wet juices onto his cock and bed.   As he felt my release, he could hold back no longer and his throes of desire were fulfilled.   He then thanked me and onto the next man I went.  
Hawaiian Eyeful and her Mardi Gras Beads.
While  sitting on the cock of one man and giving him my “hula dance” like there was no tomorrow, another man standing in front of me began thrusting his cock deep inside my throat.  Men who were watching were fondling their wives/girlfriends’ breasts.   Some men were stroking their cocks and other women were pleasuring their own intimate places.    It felt like the whole club was watching me in action.   Before I knew it, there was a load released into my mouth.  After the 1st  half-hour I took a break to catch my breath so I could enjoy myself again.  Fortunately, the last man I had just fucked, stayed around and offered to give me a foot massage.
 My fiancé’ then began picking other men to fuck me, suck me, lick me, finger fuck me and anything else that I enjoyed.  I began the next half hour with a man’s cock in my mouth and another man licking my cunt and clitoris.    In just a few short minutes I felt my juices explode onto his face.  He didn’t miss a beat and continued to lick me out till there was no more to enjoy.  With the screams of my excitement, the cock in my mouth released its load.
In just a few short minutes a young gentlemen climbed onto the bed and pushed his nice size cock in my mouth.  As the cock -whore that I am, I again began sucking vigorously.   As his arousal became apparent, he asked me if he could release his load onto my tits.  “Of course”, and with that he pulled out unloading onto my tits where I could feel his wetness dripping further down my body.    
I then turned my attention to the man fucking me doggy style who wanted me to call him “daddy’s girl”.   So, daddy’s girl I became.   As his wife watched nearby, he began pulling my hair and slapping my ass.  The dominance and power of control brought my already wet cunt even wetter squirting in every direction.   Once again, my screams of ecstasy could be heard throughout the building.  I continued to pleasure myself and many other men in various positions, rotating from cock to mouth , to cock to pussy servicing as many as I could for the next half  hour.  With cum flowing out of my mouth and pussy and my body saturated with sexual pheromones, one could only imagine the satisfaction received.
I went home that night with plenty of beads around my neck and a very hoarse throat.  Just a few reminders of the throes of passion experienced on this Mardi Gras night!
Hawaiian Eyeful once again wishes to thank you for the respect and courtesy shown.   May each of our sexual fantasies be fulfilled with each encounter we share.
The Hawaiian Eyeful
Doc here again... A huge thank you goes out to the Hawaiian Eyeful for this and past stellar reports!  Each successive report gets better and better, and I for one cannot wait until the next one.