Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Amelia Earhart Mystery Deepens

Doc here, a man who some say would be shot on site if he ever enters Bolivia again, with hopefully a clarification of a recent news item that you may have seen.

Even though The Good Doctor is a world traveler, he has never been to the Marshall Islands, let alone on a dock overlooking the Jaluit Atoll.  And he had no knowledge of the Amelia Earhart disappearance in 1937.
I hope this clears the air. 


Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Hits Odyssey II in Battle Creek, MI in April 2017!

Doc here, a man who some say lives, breathes, and eats The Merengue, with a informative Flash Report on one of the more mysterious adult theater/ABS combos I have come across in this thing of ours, Odyssey II in Battle Creek, MI. Luckily for us, senior Journal scribe Dry Clean Only has taken one for the team, dropped a few shekels, and has reported by To The Good Doctor.

What say you, Dry Clean Only?



I've learned that it's a team effort in this thing of ours.  Without the couples, we wouldn't be here.  Without the infrequent appearances of the single ladies, our imaginations would be dimmed.  Without the theaters (and their owners who seem to be fighting a gentrified city hall more often than not these days), there would be no common meeting ground for friends and strangers alike to soak in the scene.  Without a captain, the team falls apart.  Thank the Gods for our teammates, in this thing of ours, and especially our valiant Captain, Dr. Lizardo!

In the spirit of teamwork, I put a few hours of unexpected free time (and $100 for the rental car) to use in an unexpected city (thank you, Delta) recently to do some fact checking on an establishment our Captain hasn't received a solid report on recently.  Unfortunately, timing wasn't great:  It was an unusually warm and sunny April day in Northern Michigan (85deg!), and my hour of arrival was late afternoon --- neither of which lend themselves too well to small town theater hijinks. 

But, I knew a reliable report was needed in our database for teammates considering a swing through Battle Creek, MI, so I took one for the team. 

I found Odyssey II at 567 East Michigan Ave in Battle Creek, MI to be in a well-kept, off-the-beaten trail backside of an industrial manufacturing campus.  The front of the building housed a "Spa", the back housed "Odyssey", and next door was a VFW Post.  Both buildings had about half a dozen cars each out front.