Saturday, December 17, 2016

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Kino Labyrinth in Vienna, Austria in August 2016 w/PICS

Doc here, a man who some say embraces the wiener-schnitzel life, with another GREAT International Flash Report from regular Journal scribe The Traveler.

The Traveler has filed his second Vienna, Austria report, this time featuring a cool as fuck on-premises club called Kino Layrinth.  And good God, this place looks awesome!  I have inserted several pics from Kino Labrinth's website for reference in this report. 

Once again, soak in this report's details...A Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and some spicy tacos (Hi K!) are suggested for this reading. 

Take it away, The Traveler!


Hi Doctor,

Today's report is on Kino Labyrinth in Vienna, Austria.

It was a beautiful Tuesday evening in Vienna and I was looking forward to a new adventure. I had tried a few of the lifestyle clubs and found that during the week they were not very busy, so I decided to try a kino (porn theater) and the one I choose was not your usual porno kino. 

Kino Labrinth
Vienna, Austria
Before I arrived in Vienna and I had done some internet research on this club and was intrigued with its unusual style and appearance. It didn’t seem to fit neatly into any of the usual categories of porn theater, lifestyle club or sauna club so I had to check it out.
I was on a train headed for Favoritenstra├če 164 and after a short trip I arrived at my station. From there I had a short walk thru a typical Vienna neighborhood of small shops and older apartment buildings to get to my destination. Kino Labyrinth was brightly lit and not difficult to find. Once you reach the building you walk down a flight of stairs and enter a very small porn shop with very few items on display. Behind the counter was a friendly woman who gladly took my 14 euros and buzzed open a door that lead me into the club.

I entered into a small bar and lounge area where several men were sitting and enjoying beverages. The woman who greeted me was at the bar and offer to serve me the complimentary beverage that comes with your ticket purchase. I declined wanting to check out the club before I settled into the lounge.

The club was designed to give you the feeling you are in a dimly lit underground cave on a path that twists and winds through a maze of play areas. I left the lounge and started down the winding path and almost immediately I came to a group of about six men standing around what looked to be the shell of a car

Kino Labyrinth
On the inside of the car on a large mattress was a naked couple in their early 50’s. At each window was one or two men with their hard cocks pushed as far into the car as possible. The thin shapely brunette inside the car was moving from cock to cock sucking each for a few minutes and then moving on. She also kept her hands busy stroking cocks that were within her reach.