Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Check Out The Rialto Report's "The Lost Theaters of New York: Then & Now"

Doc here, a man who some say was the Tiger Beat Dream Date of May 1975, with a recommendation on a must-read for those of you invested in some degree to this thing of ours.

About three years ago, The Good Doctor started research on the lost adult theaters of New York City in and around The Deuce  (42nd St. between 7th and 8th Ave.). It was within this condensed patch of real estate that a bulk of NYC's adult porn palaces were located. 

In the mid-late-80's The Good Doctor made his first trip to NYC during a very hot mid-July day. I was working just north of New York City as a teacher as part of an internship, and by chance a few colleagues and I scheduled a day trip to The City. And during this trip found the The Deuce.   

A Map of The Deuce's Adult Theaters
(Source: Defunct Grindhouse Website)
Walking along 42nd Street, I remember the Bryant and Victory theaters specifically, even though we passed what seemed like 50 theaters.  However, even though the magnetic pull to go inside any one of them was impossible to resist, I was with the group of co-workers, and we kept walking.

I never did get back before the area was gentrified, the theaters closed, and the bulk of them demolished. 

Thanks to the amazing work of The Rialto Report, one of The Good Doctor's favorite web sites, they have revisited the sites of The Deuce's adult theaters, with a then and now profile theater by theater.  And it's all sorts of awesome! It is the best of it's kind I have seen to date, and it's a must read!

Check out this great report of "The Lost Theaters of New York" by The Rialto Report HERE .   And do The Good Doctor a favor... Please leave a comment at the bottom of that report saying that The Good Doctor from The Journal of Adult Theaters sent you.  

Congrats again to The Rialto Report!