Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Case You Missed It: The Art Cinema's New Website

Doc here with an "In Case You Missed It"... This past Tuesday, The Good Doctor along with his partner in crime, Looking Glass Alice, were pleased to announce the brand new web site for Hartford's awesome Art Cinema. is the new internet home for information on one of the countries best adult theaters for couples (and singles alike).

In the words of internet superstar Cathy from, "More couples need to know about The Art Cinema. It's ideal!"

Make sure you check out the web site, and in particular information on a special Valentine's Event on Saturday February 9th @ The Art Cinema, including a special appearance of a certain internet Doctor and his partner in crime.  More details on the site and in the days to come.


Flash Report! Nanner Hits Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a terrific Flash report from senior Journal scribe, Nanner.  Nanner does an excellent job of covering the San Diego scene, and this report does the job of painting what the SD scene is all about.

Take it away, Nanner.


Visit Date 1/16/2013
My Dear Doctor:
Hope this message finds you and your readers well.
I ventured out tonight to the Barnett Theater in the Midway District of San Diego.  I had stopped by earlier in the day during a late lunch break and picked up a 4 hour ticket.  At that time the theater crowd was all male doing the normal shuffle between right and left theaters. No action other than the two guys playing with each others parts in the back row of one theater.  I left noting the sign stating couples free on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Now, as I have learned before a little east at Jolar, couples nights are the best night to stay away from the theater because many couples do the same.  Regardless, I left work and had a hour or so left on my ticket, so I stopped back by Barnett.  Upon arrival there as a group of fellas sitting around the theater.  One older gentleman was snoring in the middle row and sort of killing the vibe with his loud occasional snores.  Fortunately theater staff announced a ticket check and came in checking expiration times.  The sleeping fella opted to just leave rather than produce a ticket.  So kudos to management for patrolling every once in a while.
Well as it was approaching 7 PM I heard the door click open and in walks a couple.  He was dressed in a suit, and she was  thin, blonde, mid to late 40's, and wearing a long coat.  They went into the theater next to the one I was in.  As I was giving them a few moments to get settled in another couple arrived and surveyed the theater I was in.  They looked as if they were a while from playing so I decided to check out the suit guy/blonde couple next door.
I walked into the next theater and found the woman sitting in lingerie in one of the front seats.  Her man was adjusting a front row seat, and positioning a pillow in front of his seat.  He had his lady stand up and then kneel on the pillow in the front row.  He sat in the chair and she buried her face in his lap beginning a lengthy blow job.  Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you this was the most attractive woman I have ever seen playing in an ABS.
She continued her blow job as as the penis gallery watched from a respectful distance.  The couple from next door even came over and watched for a few before they headed out the door.  Now I had a dilemma, watch a BJ being given (and hoping that something may be shared) or head off to watch my SDSU Basketball team play UNLV (and unfortunately lose).  Since I had taken care of myself a bit earlier I had basketball on the brain and had to jet as it was getting near tipoff.
Hopefully a few other readers were present for the remainder of the Barnett story and can fill us in about what happened after my departure.  Sorry I had basketball on the brain.
Doc here again... Many thanks to Nanner for another quality adult theater report.  Keep them coming, sir.
Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor is in need of reports!You know the deal: Email me your report at , and I will edit and format your report, and even drop in a pic or two.  You just supply the pen name (for first timers) and we are off and running.
Be large. Be a reporter here at The Journal.