Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flash Report! Nanner at The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, CA

Doc here with a great Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Nanner.

Take it away, sir!


Dear Dr.,
I found myself out running errands on Thursday night and passing by good ol' Jolar in Eastern San Diego.
Well I figured why not pop in and spend a few minutes, I had 30 minutes or so to spare.  So I dropped in and purchased a $10 4 hour pass from the clerk.  Thursday night's clerk is a friendly lady who is nice to engage in small talk with.
Anyway, I popped into the theater and found a crew of guys in the straight section and a second crew of guys in the confused/gay section.  I always check out both upon arrival and tonight illustrates why.
I found a seat back in what has become known as the straight section and within 15 minutes I hear the sound of the theater door being opened for a longer period of time, as if more than one person was entering, and then a couple walked across the front of the straight theater and straight into the confused side.  The couple was led by the male, holding the hand of the female, and walked at a quick pace. They were younger, I wouldn't be shocked if they were in their late 20's, and she was a shorter, thin, attractive Latina.
The Jolar Cinema
University Avenue, San Diego
After a few minutes I headed over to check out what was going on.  I observed the couple sitting in a middle row, and the female was quite interested in fondling the males lap.  A theater patron sat right next to them working his own junk.  Well the couple got up after a few, didn't seem offended, but departed the theater.  Not being interested in either the gay porn, or the tranny porn, I headed back to the straight side.  
A few minutes after returning to the side with good porn, I departed the theater and walked the booth area.  I located one booth and determined that was where the couple had wandered to.  I could tell she was on her knees pleasuring him, and could hear moans and sounds of a belt clinking.  I remained in the area monitoring things, both the couple in the booth, and if any more couples were arriving (none did)
After about 10 minutes the couple left the booth and made a bee line straight to the theater.  I gave them a minute, not wanting to be hot on their tail, and then headed back into the theater myself.  I found the couple in the back row of the gay/confused side again her playing with him.  There was a lot of interaction between the two of them.  Some kissing, some jacking off, even a little oral action, but then they got up and departed the ABS completely.  They seemed to be interested in the open play aspect of things, just a little new.  Hopefully they return and open up a bit more.
All told I was there for less than 45 minutes.
Doc here again... Many thanks to Nanner for another quality report from the front lines of this thing of ours.  Keep up the great work, sir!