Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blast From The Past: ORicHard's Total Recall Of A Philly Tail

Doc here with another Blast From The Past from our good friend ORicHard from Portland.  This BFTP is centered on Philly, and a walk down Loss of Memory Lane...

Blast From The Past:
"Down Loss of Memory Lane"

Does anyone remember the little theater in Philly that seated about 30 and had live sex shows on the elevated stage? The Troc(adero), particularly when Virginia Ding Dong Bell was performing, and me any my friends were in Cream Row in the balcony, was my venue of choice, but this little place in center city was more daring. The name escapes me since I last visited it in the mid-80’s. I’m hoping a loyal reader has better recall since I’m having a Cain moment.

The stage was about 8x12 (theater was about 12 feet wide) with an almost exclusively male audience who mostly came to watch with only a few actively stroking. The shows were always different, from strippers, to lez acts, to intercourse on stage, to my favorite: nude wrestling. At times the performers circulated in the audience to help with keeping us at full attention.

I remember being surprised the times I went when couples were actually screwing on stage- showing off in all kinds of positions, and then circulating among us. No way was that legal, and I was always semi-waiting for the cops to arriveand bust us all.

My favorite experience there involved a couple of black woman who stripped down on stage and dared any in the audience to wrestle them.I knew the only way I was going to get close to their luscious tatas was to volunteer. I jumped up and headed toward the stage.

The larger one of the performers helped me up and took me behind the stage where I stripped down. The she helped me back to the stage where we proceeded to actually wrestle. I was hoping it would be a turn-on to reach between her thighs and to squeeze herlarge boobs, but that was not to be the case. She was incredibly strong and, to the other patrons’ delight, I ended up just trying not to embarrass myself, never getting close to hard.

After rolling around for about 10 minutes, sheasked me if I’d had enough, and I said that I had. The audience applauded, and she led me backstage so I could put clothes on again. Being somewhat frustrated at this point, I asked her back to my hotel room. She said just to hang around until the place closed and she’d go back with me.

We bundled up at closing time and I walked her back to my room. Both of us were anxious to complete what we had started, and immediately showered and hopped into the large bed. No wrestling this time, just great sex with a BBW who was plenty intelligent and fun.

Damn, what was the name of that little theater?



Doc here again... I like the twist ORicHard is giving us with his Blast From The Past reports.  Those of us old enough to remember the 70's and 80's in this thing of ours, remember a very different time.  Shows like the one described above were common in big cities with adult theaters and ABSs.  This was the time of the pre-Meese Report.

Thanks again to ORicHard for another nice walk down Loss of Memory Lane...

Do you have an adult theater report?  Yes? Good, because I need them...Bad. Just e-mail Kreskin The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and you get the byline and the glory.


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Most Excellent Portland Adventure

Doc here... Our good friend and excellent driver, Bob in Biloxi, has returned from his excellent adventure to the Mecca of this thing of ours, Portland, Oregon. In the true spirit of a senior Journal correspondent, Bob elected to take a vacation to the Pacific Northwest instead of some warm beach in the Mexico. 

Why, you ask?  Because Bob is one of us.

So I suggest you sit back, pop open an umbrella, and enjoy Bob's excellent adventure to Portland... It's a good one!


Hi Doc,

Enclosed please find “Bob’s Most Excellent Adventure to Portland”. The weather was down right tolerable, cool, sunny during the day, mist (Portlanders call it rain) during the night. Almost perfect weather. I will be including some pictures with this report as well. I will try and follow it chronologically starting with Wednesday the 2nd of November.

Wednesday, November 2nd: 
Arrived at the Paris Theatre fresh off Continental Airlines. There was a tall blonde lady with huge tits in the couples area, and she was blowing her man, then stopped and came out in the general section. She pointed to three guys (I was one) and had us follow her back to the Oasis where she proceeded to blow all three hard then had us suit up for her as she assumed the all fours position on one of the benches. I got lucky and went first.

She was a vocal lady, as was her male companion. He was really giving her encouragement, but I got the sense she didn’t really need any! As all three of us did our best to best her, as she was extremely wet and the sloshing sounds of her enjoyment could be heard clear to VooDoo donuts. This mini-gang-bang went on for about 45 minutes. As each guy finished, they exited the theater except for me,  as I was enjoying watching her. She finally called “uncle” after the last guy dumped into the raincoat. They left shortly after that and she had a big smile on her face.

It was getting late, so I headed over to Mr. Peeps (122nd) and low and behold a small BBW in a short mini was catching her mans cock doggy style. If you’re not familiar with Peeps, it is state of the art glory hole sex. (See pics below). She caught me  “peeping” and maneuvered around so she was facing the hole. She then tapped her finger on the hole (universal sign of feed me your cock) so I did and was witness to her oral skills for almost 10 minutes before she stopped.
Mr. Peeps
122nd Street in PDX

Pull out time, I bent down and she asked if she could come over and fuck, since she was too short to back up to the hole. Why yes ma’am! Her dude stayed in his booth and she trotted over to mine. She almost immediately dropped to her knees and resumed her excellent blow job. As soon as she started working it good, she pulled out a condom and rolled it on with her mouth (that was pretty cool), then stood up and faced the screen so her man could take in the show through the hole and proceeded to almost run me out of the booth backing her ass up.

But Doc, I held my ground... Every time she pushed back, I pushed forward. Onward as deep as I could go, and I was rewarded with old familiar “wet pussy” sound with the distinct female “I’m getting into this” moaning and groaning. I must have fucked her for 30 minutes, only stopping to fed dollars into the video machine. Finally I just gave the money to her (since she was closer) and she would feed the machine while getting fucked. After we were done, she gave me back the leftover dollars!! How cool is that?

Thursday, November 3rd:
I caught the 11:45 Red Flag at The Paris. She was a small brunette lady, kind of “throw’d off”. She would giggle and laugh for no reason, then go back to moaning and groaning. The first guy up started fucking her mouth, she really seemed to enjoy that. I stepped beside him and I guess he looked down and saw my cock, because he moved her hand off his leg and placed it on my cock where she started stroking me. (Nice guy huh?) Anyway he blew all over her face (and eye) and chest. As soon as she cleaned up, one another guy bent her over the table and started fucking the shit out of her, I was next and she was just all into it by then. Bob left another full condom in the Paris waste basket.

Friday, November 4th:
I believe this is when your three senior field reporters met and commenced our first G3 Summit at The Paris. The G of course stands for guys. 3 would be, well three of us. I was kind of an informal summit broken up every once in awhile by couples entering and leaving. I believe we adjourned around 12:30am. I saw no need to stay, in that the couples were playing among themselves without audience participation. That’s nice for an hour or so, then you feel kind of left out, not to mention outnumbered.

There was a beautiful dark haired lady with killer tits and ass and put on a helluva show with her man. (that is one lucky bastard!). Brent was his usual cordial self (probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet), Floyd seemed to have a handle on the happenings and also seemed like a really nice guy. We all seemed to agree on the same things and had basically the same outlook on theater behavior.

Back to Mr. Peeps for Bob, and I just get lucky there Doc. This time a blonde was sitting in her truck toking on a number when I pulled up. She asked me if I was going inside and I replied I was. She asked me if I would show her the ropes, and that she put an ad on CL and nobody responded, so she thought she would check it out herself or maybe meet someone there. She told me she had been there for about 20 minutes and was about to leave when I pulled up. I guess none of the other 10 cars in the parking lot sufficed? She wanted to experience the glory hole thing and was asking a million questions.

When we got to the back, she had kind of a doe in the headlights look, so I told her just go in this booth and locked the door. I went into the adjoining one and handed her 5 bucks through the hole and told her to put it in the slot. She did and started pushing buttons to find a video she liked. After she settled on one, she looked at the hole (and me) and this wild ass bitch started taking “ALL” her clothes off!!

After she was completely nude and started playing with herself and asking me if I liked what I saw? Duh, she was about 6ft tall medium boobs and a huge ass! Long cow girl type legs and a very nice shaved pussy. I fed her my cock and she took to it like a fish to a worm!

Mr. Peeps
(courtesy of Bob in Biloxi)
Someone needs to marry this bitch, she had talent and no problem backing up to the hole and shaking the wall at the Peephole! I let the next guy in my booth as I exited, I have no idea how many guys she sucked or how long she stayed. But I like to remember I was her first glory hole cock!! Then again, she may have been full of shit and just told me that. I don’t really care, I will choose version 1.0.

Saturday, November 5th:
The Paris was no dice for Bob...I left early because of the asshole factor: too many guys and not enough women playing. There were two transvestites in, that I tell you Doc, in the low light of the theater really passed for women. Good looking women. I thanked Brent and another black guy he was sitting next to for setting me straight. Otherwise I would have hit on one and both of us would have been in for a nasty surprise! I wished I had a picture of that one TV, as I would have sent it too. : You be the judge,  as it sure fooled me.

I left around 2am, there were couples there, but the ones I thought were hot, were only playing among themselves. Back to Mr. Peeps... Yep, ran into a 22 year old punk rock chick and her punk rock BF. She was getting her freak on and mine off, I think she had a tongue ring too?

Sunday, November 6th:
Caught the 3:55 Red Flag... OMG, sleek looking blonde, wearing nothing but a micro mini and knee high, spiked heel boots. When I arrived she was being probed by a tall bald headed guy, while she sucked another dude. At first I didn’t know who was in charge of this little minx, but soon it was apparent the guy she was sucking was her boss. The bald guy was probing with both hands (rubber gloves) one in her pussy the other in her ass, and she was getting into it too! Four guys were there when I arrived, one little brown fellow was stoking... Her dude caught him and asked if he wanted to fuck her ass. Si. He stepped up to the plate (gloved up), and I swear he lasted all of 5 seconds!! The dude looked at him and asked, “Is that it senior?”, to which the guy nodded "si".

The guy spotted me and asked if I was ready (Oh yeah!). He told me to go easy on her and only fuck her ass (Okie dokie!). I slowly worked it in and started long dicking her as she started really moaning and pushing her ass back to me. Her dude was talking shit to her and told me to fuck her hard (Roger that!). I started really putting the cock to her and she steadily became louder and louder when all of a sudden she started convulsing and clenching her ass and let out a loud moan. He was like, "yeah baby you love it up the ass huh?". Bob blew into the bag and retreated.

Next up was the bald guy. I was resting on the couch behind him, he pulled out what appeared to be a foot long dick almost as round as a baseball bat, and Bob is saying to himself, “ain’t no way” that cock is going into that little lady.

Bob was wrong. That lady’s ass sucked that huge dick in like it was nothing. But she did moan louder for him than she did for me! Guess she loves big things in her ass. After he got done, they moved to the exam table. I got another shot with both the rubber gloves and another condom. This time in her pussy and finished in the ass. (which was incredibly shaped as well)  So it was a "Two-fer for Bob Sunday"!!! She was a hot lady too!!!

Monday, November 7th:
Tourist stuff: Portland City Café 30th floor, overlooking, yep you guess it, the Paris Theatre! (see pic.)
Later was a CL meet at the Blue Spot, and she was pretty cool. A slim brunette with enhanced boobs... wonderful head!!

Tuesday, November 8th:
Tourist stuff: Lloyd Center shopping. Peeps with a cute little Asian girl that gave awesome head!!

Wednesday November 9th:
Trip back, and will be on the beautiful gulf coast for Saturday.



Doc here again... In these tough times, America needs a hero.  Bob is my hero.

Great job Bob on giving us the blow-by-blow on your week in Portland.  I am glad you had a chance to convene the G3 Summit with Brent and floyd (who sent the bulletin to the news desk from The Paris) as it was happening.  Thanks again for taking us on your vacation with you.

Do you have an adult theater report (or vacation report for that matter) that you'd like to see on the Journal?  Just e-mail Jimmy Olsen The Good Doctor at, and I will edit and format your report, while you get the byline and the glory.