Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blast From The Past / Brent's Theater Tails: The Glory Hole Babe

Doc here with a trip down memory lane with Brent from Portland.  This Blast From The Past had a little of everything in it: The late great Jefferson Theater, The Paris, and the subject of this report, "The Glory Hole Babe".

Here is the repost from Brent's terrific Yahoo Group:


This short memoir is from July, 2005. I haven't seen "The Glory Hole Babe" in years but she was quite active around town back then. She was a beautiful blond who loved to suck cock and swallow cum, usually at Portland area adult bookstores, but sometimes at The Jefferson Theater and even a few times at The Paris. I miss those sweet lips. The first part of this story is about some unexpected Sunday action. The second part of the story is about The Glory Hole Babe:

One of the things I like about "adult theater sex" is walking into a theater on a slow night and happening upon some unexpected action. That's what happened tonight. I walked into the Jefferson Theater,
here in Portland, Oregon, USA. There were men standing by the half wall that divides the couples' section and guys standing against the far wall. I peaked around and saw two young lads and three young women.

The Jefferson Theater
circa 1982

At first , I thought all five of them were together, because all five were fucking and sucking with amazing passion and enthusiasm. I learned later that another couple had been in earlier and had played with equal zest. They didn't come in together but currently all the couples were on the same sexual wave length.. It was the exhibitionist, electric, exciting, nasty, unconventional, continuously- climaxing, moaning and groaning wave length that crackles occasionally in dark rooms across America.( Wherever people gather together in union, I'll be there, Ma.)

None of us were invited to participate in the little orgy but it didn't matter. The first couple was a young black guy and his cute girl friend. He was powerfully built, like a linebacker. She had reddish brown hair, an innocent farm girl face and a youthfully full body. They were both naked and he was going down on her and fingering her. She sucked him for a while. After about ten minutes of pussy eating, dick sucking and general fooling around, the young black guy got on top of her and slipped his penis into her hot wet cunt. She wrapped her legs and arms around him and they started to fuck.
Meanwhile, the other stars in the couples section were putting on a fantastic show. One guy was naked. He was average looking,in shape but not buff. He had a nice sized cock, over 6" but less than 10. He looked like he could have been a cop or the manager of Home Depot.

One woman was cute ,with light brown hair and had a nice pair of tits. The other girl was wearing "fuck me" high heels and a purple Betty Page wig. She was very pretty. She had a thin dancer's body. Her breasts were small and round...

The best thing about the 40 minute period in which these three fucked and sucked each other was the moaning and groaning of the two women. Whether they were eating each others pussies or using their fingers on each other, their orgasmic sounds were out of this world. I heard the name of God uttered more times at the Jefferson Sunday than was heard in some churches...

The man fucked both women. While he fucked one woman she would eat the other woman's pussy.
The bigger girl got fisted. With a thumb in her ass to boot. It made her climb an invisible wall of pleasure. The girl with the purple hair made "waa waa" noises whenshe sucked her old mans cock. Each time she had a little orgasm and his dick slid back into her mouth.The noises were like comedians makes by slapping their cheeks...

The Jefferson Theater
circa 2006

The girls were very wet ... percolating wetness.The three loved the attention. One of the girls kissed one of the guys who was watching, smack dab on the lips on her way out. It was a warm appreciative kiss, a "thank you for watching" kiss. You could tell they were stoked by their performance.

The incredible blonde who lives to suck cock was at The Jeff on Friday/ Saturday around 3 am. Some people know her as "The Glory Hole Babe." The stories of her cock sucking prowess are legendary.
The men who got to be with her on Friday told me it was like they had been to Blow Job Heaven. The Glory Hole Babe (and all the women that play in adult theaters) should never be taken for granted. Rich and powerful men live their lives and never experience anything better than her cock sucking . Even a poor, homeless, bum, if he can come up with the money to get into the theater, can get his cock drained by this beautiful blond, on any night that she is horny and in the mood to suck strange cock.

Sometimes the brightest things happen in the darkest places.


Doc here again... The Jefferson and The Paris Theaters in Portland each had their own distinct vibe.  This doesn't mean one was better than the other...Just different.  And we thank God every day that Brent is there to document the best moments for us.

Do you have a Blast From The Past or a Flash report from your local adult theater you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  E-mail The Good Doctor directly at I will format, edit, and drop in a few pics if possible for you...All you have to do is provide the report. It's easy, and you won't hate yourself in the morning.

Trust me... I'm a Doctor.