Monday, July 27, 2015

Flash Report! H. Houdini at Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV

Doc here, a man who some say was pulled over by a West Virginia State Trooper for having good dental work, with a dynamite Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, H. Houdini.

H. hit one of the most elusive adult theaters in the country, Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV. Reports are very few and far between on this place, so getting one from none other a trained magician was a treat.

So sit back and enjoy the song stylings of H. Houdini and his visit to Fritz the Cat.



As I stated in my previous email, I have recalled the 1st Marine Division from the search and rescue mission dubbed operation "Where's Lizardo?" and am back on the road working and looking for field reports for you.

Monday this week took me through the "Wild and Wooly" State of West "BY GOD" Virginia. Although it was early afternoon, what trip across I70 would be complete without a stop off at the Dallas Pike Exit and Fritz the Cat Bookstore(?) if nothing more than a reconnoiter mission for the database. 

Fritz the Cat
Dallas Pike, WV
First off, you really can't call it much of a bookstore anymore. It is more of a head shop with an adult theater and video booths attached to it.  

I didn't expect much and ended up just hanging out talking to the clerk and sitting in my pick-up for a couple of hours. The store was clean and tidy compared to the last time I had darkened their doors some 10 years ago or more.  

I jump into the pick-up and getting my seat belt on when wouldn't you know, a couple pulls into the spot next to me! Music thumping, she's wearing a short sundress with no bra and as they exit the car she looks at me smiles and says "Hi!" (on a side note: I don't know what kinda air freshener they had, but it had the smell of a skunk that pissed on a Christmas Tree).

My intuition was that they were there for the "Tobacco Accessories", but what the Hell, I'm already here so back in I go.  Back inside, I do not see them in the store proper, so I head to the "Man Cave". This what they have called the video booth section. Danada! That leaves one place, the theater. 

Flash Report! The Black Hat & The Weary Traveler at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 6/30/15

Doc here, a man who some say isn't that guy, but who knows a guy for that thing, with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Black Hat.

The Black Hat, along with fellow Journal scribe The Weary Traveler, visited 15th Ave. Adult Theater at the same time, on June 30th, and TBH has submitted this report to the news desk here at The Journal.

In this report, you'll hear how veterans of this thing of ours game plan and approach the scene, and also you hear how one asshat almost screwed the scene up for everyone. 

The title of this report is awesome, as is the report!...Thanks for the shout out, sir!

Without further ado, here is the Black Hat and his top shelf report.  


The Black Hat and The Weary Traveler Meet while Spreading the Gospel According to Dr. Emilio Lizardo

Dear Doc and friends, 

I once again found myself in the Chicago area on business on short notice and decided to roll the dice on a Tuesday (6/30/15) evening visit to 15th Ave.  Readers may recall my last visit to 15th Ave this past February, also on a Tuesday night, found me enjoying time with Vickie (the Vixen) and Victor.   And while my new friends from that February visit were absent (and missed), there was plenty to see and do on this cool June evening.

First, I made the acquaintance of fellow Journal scribe The Weary Traveler.  I was hanging in the booth area, comfortably seated and was listening to TWT regale myself and some other patrons with his recent experiences at 15th Ave and elsewhere around the country.  He and I share some common territory and the subject of the Journal came up and we both explained our contributions.  It is always nice to meet others from the Journal who enjoy this passion and are on the same wavelength when it comes to behavior and approach in an adult theater.