Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flash Report! Riddick Hits Bush River Books in Abingdon, MD

Doc here with a terrific first time report from Riddick

The venue is Bush River Books & Video in Abingdon, MD (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Hopefully this will be first of many reports coming from this location, and from Riddick.

Here is Riddick and his report:


Hello Doc,

Here is a report from Bush River Books & Video in Abingdon, Md.

This place had a incident awhile back (ed. note: a priest was arrested for indecent exposure), but I figured I would check it out anyway.

Bush River Books
Abingdon, MD
I showed up right around 9pm there was a couple outside - older and a bbw with a nice face and perky tits. I heard great reports form this place in the past, but wasn’t sure about making the trip out there.

So I ventured in and lurked for about a hour.  They have locking peep booths with interconnecting gloryholes. Usually a place for gay men to trap each other. I will get back to this later. 4 Theaters: two straight,  two gay. And a incredibly old selection of porn up front LOL.  Great management - they were awesome.

Well the couple outside informed me you can rent a private viewing room for two hours for about 10 bucks a hour.  Then they moved inside and got one of those rooms. I walked in a few seconds behind them, saw the room, and the guy waved me in. The girl stated I could jerk off and cum on her tits. Ended up she gave me a condom and asked me to fuck her.  We fucked, and I took the condom off so she could suck me a lil bit until I came on her tits.  I was impressed with the private room... Not the highest quality but nice to fuck in.  She is a regular there.

So I lurked a bit more then a guy came in with a hot athletic blonde with a master choker. Thery went to a booth but I thought nothing of it. Until...

...I realized it had a hole adjoining the other booth.  So I got in, stuck my dick through the hole she sucked it.  I fingered her pussy and ass as well. The guy fucked and creampied her in there.  Then that was the activity till I left.

I would like to see this place end up jumping again. So much so that I am going back tonight!


Doc here again... Thanks to Riddick for an excellent first time report from Bush River Books and Video.  Word of caution about this place: LE has a pretty close eye on this business. Have fun, but be cautious.


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's (By Proxy) Weekly Report

                                                    Doc here with this week's Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi.  Regular readers know that Bob recently suffered an injury to his hind quarters from cupid's arrow. This injury, while not life-threatening, is serious enough that he has not been to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater that often over the last several weeks.  However, he is getting reports by proxy from his panal of scouts who were there, and he has sent those along to The Good Doctor.

The following report is one of those...

Take it away, Bob...


The hits just keep on coming... This report is my proxy since I’m occupied on Saturday nights now.

One scout called at midnight and left a message that 6 couples showed at the theater last night. Two couples were reported attending the ABS as well down the street. According to his report, at least two couples played in the theater, one in fact played for over four hours!! But what seemed to amaze this scout was the amount of attractive couples showing at both places.

The one that stayed over four hours according the scout did everyone in the theater that wanted doing, and some hit it 2 or 3 times! I will get more details if available and submit another report.

But as it stands here, the couples traffic at both places seems to be on the rise! And that’s always a good thing!


Doc here again... Thanks Bob for the update.  It seems even in Bob's absence, the couples continue to visit and enjoy the beautiful Gulf Coast's natural wonders - The Gulf Coast Adult Theater and the ABS down the street.