Thursday, April 3, 2014

House Call! The Good Doctor on the St. Patty's Party at 15th Avenue's Private Room in Chicago on 3/15/14

Doc here, a man who some say is magically delicious, with a House Call Report on the St. Patty's Day Event on March 15th at The Private Party Room on Chicago's west side.

As I type this report from 36,000 feet above the Midwest, the images of an incredible evening are still as fresh as there were Saturday evening.
The lead up to the event was encouraging, as the buzz surrounding the St. Patty's Party was high. Traffic on both their website and The Journal was building each day as we got closer to the event, which is a good predictor of a big night.
The gift bags which were given out to the first 30 couples, were our best yet. As the Bob Barker of adult theater events, I wanted this evening's gift bag to special. Included were a cool cocktail glass with drink recipes, a coupon for a free couples admission for the theater/spa, a new XXX DVD, chocolates, candy, condoms, lube, and a new novelty that might even glow in the dark. These bags were valued over $50, and were put together with care by Bob, Natalie, and The Good Doctor himself.