Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flash Report! MILF Soccer Mom @ Deja Vu in Ontario, CA by Darknight

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from California-based senior reporter, Darknight. This report is intense, and those of you who enjoy Bob in Biloxi's reports will really enjoy this one from DK.

Enjoy this latest report from the newest member of the senior reporters here @ The Journal.  Here is Darknight...


Hi Doc,

Here is that report I promised. So about a 5 Sundays ago I saw a post on Craigslist regarding a Milf soccer mom and hubby heading to Dejavu in Ontario, CA for some fun at about 10pm. I headed out around 9:30 got there 15 min early, and after about 45 min I started having doubts.

Then a couple entered... She looked like a tall version of Penelope Cruz with long dark hair to the middle of her back she wore white tight mini skirt and white low cut jersey top displaying lovely cleavage C cups, no bra and protruding nipples poking against the material. The guy was a dead ringer of Tiger Woods. They immediately payed for the theatre, received wrist bands and were buzzed in. I did the same and sat behind them, as the couch was taken so she sat on his lap on one of the big leather recliner again the left wall.

The guy in the seat across from them pulled his pants down and immediately started stroking his cock. They sat and watched the movie and the guy for about 10 minutes then got up and left the theatre. Stroking guy and myself followed them, as there were only about 5 of us guys present. 

They went to  booth #2 this has a gloryhole on each side. I took booth 1 and stroking guy took booth 3. I peeked through the hole and Tiger was on his knees licking her pussy with her white thong panties pulled to the side while she sat moaning and stroked the cock presented at the hole belonging to stroker.  She then leaned over and started sucking on the strange cock, and the stroker lost his load within the minute. She smiled at Tiger as come rolled  between her fingers and down her arm dripping from her elbow hitting the floor as she continued squeezing the last few drops.  The look on her face was priceless they cleaned her arm with wet wipes from her purse and left the booth.

Then they went directly across the hall to a private booth with no holes. I thought that was it for the night, then the door opened and and Tiger stuck his head out gave me a head wave, motioned me over and asked me if I wanted my dick sucked. I thought for a half second and said sure!

I stepped inside their booth and she immediately squatted down and  went to town on my cock. He kept cheering her on saying things like "suck that big black cock baby you nasty slut" after about 5 minutes of Tiger now finger fucking her, he asked if I had a condom and if I wanted to fuck her. After my YES!, he took the seat as she bent over and placed her head in his lap he pulled her skirt over her ass she slipped her whit silk panties off and let me slide my now condom covered hard bronze cock inside her tight wet pussy. She was totally turned on with every inch going in. I started fucking her slow and then hard with deep stabs, and her sounds were muffled by Tigers dick in her mouth. He kept saying "she loves it she likes getting fucked liked that", as I started hammering it home with long hard slapping strokes.

She raised her head from his lap and started getting more vocal with louder moans, and this put me over the edge as I blew my load in the condom. They thanked me and we exchanged names and numbers.

I then learned this was their first time doing this, but they talked about it for years. I will be meeting them tonight at a close by casino lounge, where they have a room there. Its her birthday... don't know if I should share that episode as its not in a theatre.

Well Doc, that's it in a nut shell. Hope you and my fellow brothers and sisters of this thing of ours enjoy this episode... Until till next time...
Darknight peace out!


Doc here again... A big thank you to Darknight and his latest from Southern California.  Keep up the great work sir!


Flash Report! Has Cupid's Arrow Struck Bob In Biloxi?

Something is afoot with Bob in Biloxi...


Hey Doc,

Another report by proxy. At around 4:30pm an out of town couple arrived at the theater, she was tall and very skinny dressed to play in a micro mini and some sort of top that was not really a top at all, it merely covered up her small tits. She proceeded to entertain the few blacks that were in the theater, fucking/sucking all that wanted it. She and her man stayed about 30 mins or so and left.

Later on, the fireman couple I wrote about some months back arrived, they didn’t play again. Her deal is she likes to watch the goings on inside. It was the same thing she did last month whenever they entered. So it may be that she’s still getting her feet wet. They have also been known to actually play at the ABS, but not the theater. Speaking of the ABS, totally dead with couples. Only a happy fellow affair Saturday night.

A couple of regulars/semi regulars showed up, but none played. Very late in the night a smoking hot young couple showed up. No one had ever seen this lady. Dressed to the nines, she was definitely checking out the scene. Lets hope she returns and loses some of her wardrobe and inhibitions!

Relatively slow night for playing on the Beautiful Gulf Coast, but couples in attendance none the less, and that is always a great sign of things to come!

On the home front, Bob’s been trying (and succeeding) in keeping up with a beautiful early 40’s smoking hot babe. Our bouts carry us late into the night (past 3:30am CDT) she’s doing an excellent job of cycling Bob’s baby batter into a very well formed and sweet little pussy. While she is NOT into this thing of ours, she is an awesome fuck and has what I call, a 1-900 sex operator voice!! If our weekends proceed as the last couple have, it will be time for this dedicated reporter to retire from “this thing of ours” and pursue the more traditional route of relationships. Time will tell, until then I remain your faithful reporter on the beautiful Gulf Coast !!


Bob... Please remember to send out "Save The Date" cards... You will want a big turnout for the wedding. Just imagine what that guest list would look like: Brent, floyd, your posse, The Good Doctor...

Can't wait.