Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Report! The Black Hat Turns Two @ Berlin News and Red Barn in NJ

Doc here with an exceptional Flash Report from regular contributor to The Journal, The Black Hat.

Have you been to Jersey? I've been to Jersey. However, I have not been to two of best known adult theaters in NJ.  In this report, TBH hits both Berlin News and the Red Barn, and the results were very interesting.

So sit back, order up a slice and a soda, and enjoy the song stylings of The Black Hat and his reports on two of New Jersey's finest establishments.



The Black Hat here checking in with a report from the great state of NJ!  About two Sunday's back cruising South on the NJ Turnpike, I decided to try my luck at both Berlin News and Red Barn Books both located in close proximity to each other in Berlin, NJ on Rt.73. 

Each has a store and video arcade (sorry no GH’s), have pleasant staff who leave you alone and have both have been renovated. Berlin News generally gets more couples action and is well set up for it.  Its theater consists of four rooms and admission is $10, but you are not allowed to come and go.  If you exit, you must pay again to re-enter. 

Berlin News
Berlin, NJ
The first room has a 42” TV with a seating across the back and side walls in a “U”shape.  The second room is the main theater with a large screen, video projection, theater style seating in rows and a nice section of bleachers along the back wall.   The third and fourth rooms adjoin one another and each has two tv’s with two semi private areas for play.  These play areas are bordered by a 4 foot wall, perfect for viewing the action from.  Inside each play area is a raised circular platform surrounded by padded bench seats on the interior walls. 

On this particular evening, there are probably 25 guys hanging out and one middle age couple.  The woman is slender, blonde and wearing a black leather jacket.  They keep to themselves, likely waiting for others to show and play.  I think about getting a seat in their view and stroking my cock for them but feel the numbers are against me.  After about an hour they leave.  As I say, patience wins the day, but on this evening, there are too many desperate characters on hand and I feel that any couples who do show will be overwhelmed by the crowd so I move on and head over to the Red Barn.

Red Barn Books is located West of Berlin News on the Westbound side of the highway about a half mile down the road in a brick building with ample parking. Theater admission here is $10 and the staff will let you exit to check booths or have a smoke and re-enter without issue.  There is one platform in the center of the theater with theater seating.  On the front left side of the theater is a doorway, through this doorway is a small room and long corridor.  The small room is a mini theater with bench seating.  Go down the long corridor and you will find 3-4 small rooms with a single TV and one bench seat, each is good for 4 to 5 people to play in, these rooms do not have doors,so expect an audience and why not?.

After doing a little re-con, I settle in and get my blood flowing, I bounce around to see if there is any action happening. It’s just guy on guy and the usual parade of admirers trailing me (a slender middle aged guy with well-fitting jeans and a black ball cap). I take a seat in the back of the theater and relax. 

About twenty minutes later a couple in their early 20’s enters the theater and takes seats in one of the back rows leaving the aisle seat empty.  She is a busty and curvy brunette who resembles the actress America Ferrara. They start messing around- kissing, groping and then she undoes his pants and starts sucking his cock.  A few admirers gather behind their row to watch but no one makes a move for that empty seat.  Until I do.

I quietly but deliberately take the seat and keep my gaze forward so as not to intimidate or invade their moment.  Slowly, I turn my head to watch her at work and begin rubbing my cock through my jeans to ensure it’s noticeable as I slouch down to get a better view.  I then pull my cock out and work the head a bit and now I’m standing 7” tall and proud.  America releases her man’s cock from her mouth as he pulls her jeans down and begins fingering her dripping pussy. She looks over, not surprised, as I am sure she became aware of my presence during her cock sucking, but delighted to see a guy comfortable with his own cock in his hand.  She reaches over and begins stroking me. Ah, heaven.
Her guy takes note of her hand around my stiff cock and nods approvingly as I ask if everything is “cool”.  He nods.  I begin rubbing her pubic bone just above her dripping pussy and when he takes a break, I keep the pulse going by popping three fingers into her warm wet pussy. Her musky scent is intoxicating and she begins to thrust to my finger action alternating between her clit and what I hope is her G-spot button.Finally she erupts in orgasm and moans loudly as I pull her hand from my cock as I am very much on the edge with a four day load ready to gush.   By now there are ten guys watching the three of us play and I am still amazed that no one made a move but me.

America gets up and removes her jeans and panties and bends over the platform in the center of the room. This girl has a fabulous large ass.  Her guy motions to me to take her from behind and says that  I must wrap up.  After donning my suit, I ready myself and work my cock head around the pool of juice at the edge of her pussy and then I plunge deep and deliberate.  As I am already on edge,  I withdraw after only three or four strokes as I am so totally out of my mind with red hot lust as an envious crowd of guys keeps watch. 

I re-enter and gain composure and build to a fever pace with my balls banging her ass as she reports that “it…..feels….so…fucking……good! Fuck…. that….pussy……and ….come….in….me hard!”  That does it, I’m done and erupt as I groan and get weak kneed as I clench my ass and pump every last drop of cum into her deep abyss as all her pussy muscles clench my exploding cock.  Before I know what’shappening, America has turned around, now sitting on the platform, she pulls the condom from my still throbbing cock and begins to lick my cock clean like a kitten caring for a new kitten.  I think I may just pass out and then she calls for a new cock, I say “thank you” and retreat to the rest room to compose myself. I return to watch a train of five guys fill America’s sweet pussy and then I continue my journey. Until next time friends, be patient and be cool!

BONUS- The Black Hat’s Helpful Hints- Make yourself the most attractive guy on the scene: bathe, wear clean clothes, don’t smoke or smell of cigarettes, have clean hands and well-manicured nails, have clean breathe, be polite and offer non-threatening guidance to couples- respect boundaries and say “thank you”-- you will be amazed how quickly your odds of success will go up by just using common sense and being cool.


Doc here again... The bonus feature is an excellent point that many regular patrons of this thing of ours may take for granted.  Be the cleanest guy in the room.  It's something I always try to be when heading out... Stand out in a good way. 

Thanks again to The Black Hat for another great report... Keep them coming, sir.

BTW, I need a photo of Red Barn Books.  Looked all over the net, with no luck.  If you have one, or can take one of the outside of the building showing signage, I would be forever grateful.  Thanks!

It's time for you to step up and lose your theater sex report virginity.  Just e-mail your report to Andy Stitzer The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and you'll look like gold.  Plus, I'll be gentle.


Attention Portland! Celebrity Sighting!

Portland, Oregon: Have you seen this man?

Yes, Rose City... There is a Bob in Biloxi.  And he is inside you for the next couple of days.  Intrepid Journal scribe, and excellent driver Bob in Biloxi makes his annual pilgrimage to Portland this weekend.  Even Bob needs a break from the beautiful Gulf Coast, and Portland will be his port of call this weekend.

So if you see Bob, tell him Doc says hello.  That is, of course he isn't knee-deep in a lady or two at The Paris Theatre.

Have fun Bob!


VOTE! New Poll @ The Journal...

Doc here with a new poll for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Reporter Moaning Lisa brought up an interesting angle in her latest report... Her beginnings in this thing of ours.  That got the old resort waiter's mind going... How about a series of "Beginning" reports from our stable of fine reporters here at The Journal?

This is where I need you... Good idea? Bad idea?  The poll is set up on the right hand side of The Journal.  Cast your vote and be counted.  I don't know about you, but I would love to hear how Brent in Portland got his start, or how Major Voyeur took his first spin at an adult theater.  Maybe Jim & Chris would jump in with their first adult theater adventure.

Please vote, and depending on the results, I will take it from there.  Why? 

Because I'm a giver.