Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Return of JaxBchBum! Vegas Adult Theater Report

Doc here with the return of one of favorite field correspondants, JaxBchBum.  Rumor has it he was buried in the sand with no escape until 2 weeks ago, when he ventured to Las Vegas.  His report spotlights one of the newest attractions in Sin City, Deja Vu on Industrial Blvd.

Take it away JaxBchBum:
Hi Doc,

A couple of quick reports:

Was out in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and checked out a new theatre - Deja Vu over on Industrial Blvd on the north end of the Strip (Déjà Vu Showgirls, 3247 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas).

Quite the complex with a huge retail store with fantasy clothing, lotions, vibrators, dildos, videos, etc. Also has a "showgirls" area (didn't venture there as figure it would cost some big $$$). They have a theatre complex as well as an arcade. $10 for entry into the theatre. Go down a hallway off the retail store and get buzzed in to the theatre area. There are 3 theatres. The first theatre on the left shows 2 different m/f films on large flat-screen monitors. All the seats are plush faux-leather chairs. Theatre is perfect size and holds about 20  people. Next theatre adjacent is a little bit bigger and shows 2 m/m or m/TV/CD films. Similar seating but holds about 25 people. At the end of the hallway is another door that leads into the large theatre that must seat about 50 people and some of the chairs actually recline and have cup holders. This theatre has 4 large wall mounted monitors and showing a little bit of everything from m/f, m/m, gangbang, fetish, etc. Place is immaculate and if it isn't brand new, sure looks like it. At night, they have valet parking, but think that is primarily for those going to the Showgirl lounge. You can bypass the valet attendants and drive around back where there is plentiful parkng and a direct entrance into the retail store.

Anyway, visited one weeknight and one weekend night. The weeknight I was there from about 9 - 11pm and the place was virtually deserted. I think there were 2 other guys there during that time and they were both in the gay film room. Couldn't believe how empty the place was. Anyway, returned on Friday night about 9:30 and although it didn't get very crowded, the action certainly got a bit hotter. I checked the theatres out upon arrival and I had the place to myself. Went first into the m/f room and had the theatre all to myself. Was there about 10 minutes and some guys came in and moved around from theatre to theatre before settling into either the m/m theatre or the big theatre. About 10, a m/f couple came in and she looked dressed to play with a tight button-up blouse and a short skirt. They went into the big theatre. I gave them about 10 minutes to get settled and then I went there as well. Came in and the couple had sat down on the third row from the back on the outside aisle. It is a deep theatre with about 7 rows of seats with each row about 7-8 chairs across. There were 2 other guys, both sitting on opposite ends of the back row. One guy had his shorts down around his ankles jacking off. I moved down to the row behind the couple to where I got a pretty good viewing angle between the backs of their seats. It didn't take them long to get started playing with one another as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and he was moving his hands from between her legs under her skirt up over her breasts. After a bit of this foreplay, he unbuttoned her blouse and she removed her bra and he would alternate between rubbing her tits and leaning over and sucking on them. They didn't seem to mind that I was watching. One thing led to another and then she got up knelt down in the chair and bent over sucking his cock. He flipped up the back of her skirt showing she had no panties and began rubbing her ass. After this went on for a bit, she sat back down and he knelt down on the floor and began eating her pussy. She was obviously enjoying it as she would let out these low moans from time to time. One of the guys that had been sitting on the back row came down and stood behind them so he could get a good viewing angle. Then she got up, removed her blouse and skirt,he slid his pants down, sat back down and she rode his cock up and down facing him and watching us watching them. I thought she might reach out and stroke the guy standing on the one side, but never did. He climaxed, they relaxed a bit and then she got dressed and they left. An action packed Friday night - at least for about an hour.

Another great report from our favorite beach bum.  I might need to send the I-Team out to Vegas soon for an overview of the scene.  Thanks again Jax!