Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flash Report! Apt Butler Hits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Apt Butler.  He hit San Diego's Jolar Cinema, and for his first time visiting , did just fine by my book.

Here is Apt Butler and his report...


Hey Doc,

I've been reading for awhile, and I decided I should probably contribute to the cause. I may not be your usual contributor, but here it goes. This story is from a few weeks back.

After just becoming a legal adult, I was looking for something to do with my new power when I found the fantasy booths at Jolar's. I went in one Friday night feeling out of place and not knowing anything about this place. Luckily, one of the gorgeous ladies doing the shows helped me out and explained what went on. I went in a booth, paid my dues, and walked out.

As I was leaving, a couple was just exiting as well. The woman was a bombshell with nice D's and a great pair of legs. Her man stopped me and asked if I had been in the theaters, and I told him I had not. He told he and his wife would like to see me there the next night. Now, not knowing anything about adult theaters, I went to Google, where I found this lovely blog. I read a few reports, tried to learn the rules of the game and headed out to Jolar's around 9.

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
I bought my ticket and was informed that it was couples night, so I was in luck. When I walked in the theater, I got a great number of looks from all the occupants, which scared me off into a back seat. I hung out for awhile and received a few offers from some of the guys to help me out, but that's not my thing. I was about to get up and leave, when the couple from the night before walked in and gracefully sat in the back near me.

The crowds quickly swarmed around, but the wife motioned for me to move over next to her. She immediately disrobed and took her hubby into her mouth, jerking me off with a spare hand. Unfortunately, the crowd started to get a little rough, and I got moved out of the way, not getting to finish my turn. The couple left after awhile, and I decided to try my luck with another couple that walked in a few minutes earlier. Once again, I was pushed away by many of the older gentleman and not given a turn.

After this, I thought the night was over, and decided to get up to go. Luckily, as I left, a man sitting by the exit told me a couple was looking for a younger man in one of the booths. This got me excited that it was finally my chance. I walked towards the both, and exhaled a sigh of relief when I saw that a stunning older woman was sitting naked waiting for me. Her husband welcomed me in and the wife quickly began taking off my trousers to get her hands on my growing member. Obviously very experienced, she got me off while sucking her hubby. The two thanked me, and I left the theater feeling quite accomplished.

Apt Butler


Doc here again... Congrats to Apt Butler for a fine first time report from The Jolar Cinema.  Keep on sending reports in, sir.