Thursday, October 27, 2011

UPDATED! Coming Attraction to The Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron: JS & Wife Visiting Saturday 10/29/11

UPDATED! 10/28/11 @ 12 Noon: JS has requested that anyone who is planning of joining them Saturday morning in Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, or has feedback from the visit, are welcome to contact this hot couple.  They can be reached at

Doc here with a Coming Attraction for those of you dedicated to this thing of ours in the Akron, Ohio area.  Here are the details of the visit, courtesy of new contributor, JS:

The Downtown Adult Cinema
44 S. Case Ave,
Akron, OH

Saturday October 29th, 2011

Arriving between 9:30 and 10am

Notes from JS on the Visit:

Hello Doc,

First time contributor to your blog. I am an avid reader and appreciate the time you put in with this.

This coming Saturday (10/29) my wife and I plan to visit the Akron Cinema on Case Avenue. I have been there a few times before and this will be her first visit.  We have talked about it for some time, and I think she is ready to attend. It will be a morning visit, as we will be passing through Akron on our way to visit friends. We will be traveling in from Columbus and plan to arrive at the theater between 9:30 and 10:00 am and stay for a few hours if all goes well.

I hope the guys aren't pushy since she is pretty nervous about this outing. We ask that all guys be courteous. I don't know her limits: we might just play, or she may be open to more.  If any other couples or women are available to attend, that may help her nerves.

We are both in our mid-30's. She is a small thing: 5'1"...105 pounds but packs a good punch.



Doc here again... I hope all the guys who are lucky enough to attend on Saturday morning are kind and courteous to this terrific couple.  As always, remember your fundamentals...Be patient and good things might happen.  Be too pushy, and good things will disappear. For good...  Hopefully another couple or two will also attend, and make this a nice distraction from the usual Saturday morning cartoons.

If you go see them at the Downtown Adult Cinema, tell JS and The Mrs. "Hello from Doc".

Bottom line: Treat this couple with the respect they deserve, and who knows what may in your future.


Coming Attraction Alert! Melinda @ CTs in Gary Tonight @ 7PM

Doc here...

Just a friendly reminder that Melinda will be in the CTs Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway, in Gary, IN after 7pm Thursday night 10/27/11.

She describes herself as older, large breasted lady, long brown hair, and likes cocks of all sizes and colors.  A gang bang is on the menu...

Here are two pics of her:

Disclaimer: The Journal does not guarantee any visits by anyone.  Things can change at the last minute, and appearances might not happen. 

Couples Flash Report! Abe Lincoln Takes Mary Todd to Deja Vu in Springfield, IL (Honest)

Doc here with a dynamite first-time report from our 16th President, Abe Lincoln. Abe and his best gal visited Deja Vu, in Springfield, IL (location information at the end of this report, as well as in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

I have been hearing good things about this place, but this is the first report.  So sit back, crank up the patriotic tunes on your hi-fi, and enjoy Abe's report...


Hi Doc,

I took my lovely 28 year old BBW lady friend to the theater and booths at Deja Vu in Springfield IL over the weekend. My "Mary Todd" was dressed to accentuate her pendulous breasts, with a great cleavage-revealing shirt, paired with a skirt that was just long enough to be legal.

Arriving around 10:30pm, we started out browsing the nicely laid out video/toy store. She was getting anxious to play, so we paid the clerk the $5 to be buzzed in to the theater/booth area/
The 5 or 6 booths are laid out in a row along the hallway, with the theater door being directly across from the  entrance door.

I put a dollar in the bill acceptor at the theater door, and the electronic lock released to allow entrance.
We had read about this place on other sites, but none mentioned how small the theater really was.
It had seating for maybe eight in the back row, with four seats in front, and a small love-seat sized couch against either side wall.

She and I sat on the couch that was farthest from the door, and watched the movie. It was standard fare, played on what looked like a 42 inch flat screen TV. I let loose her tits from her shirt, and tweaked, twisted, and pinched her nipples, getting her warmed up nicely. Meanwhile, she freed my cock from my pants and was returning the favor, stroking me while we watched the movie and watched by the few guys in the theater.

Once I had her sufficiently heated up, she leaned over and proceeded to suck my dick vigorously.
I grabbed her reddish-brown hair, and pulled it to the side so the watchers could get a good view.
Reaching over, I slid a hand up her skirt to be greeted by her soaking wet panties, which I pulled to the side, giving me access to diddle her clit.

I could tell I was doing a good job by the muffled sounds of encouragement from her cock-filled mouth. Before she took me to the point of no return, I lifted her head from my crotch and gave her a nice wet kiss of thanks. Still with my hand buried under her skirt, I moved my head down to lick, suck and nibble her nipples. The combined efforts were soon rewarded with my hand getting drenched as she had her first orgasm of the evening.

She called for a time out to cool down, so we got our clothes straightened out, and headed back out to the bookstore. A few minutes of browsing and a quick trip to the restroom later, she was ready to go again.

The clerk, who obviously knew a theater slut when she saw one, once more buzzed us in, saying  "have fun!" with a smile. We perused the case that displayed the videos playing in the booths, as I fondled her tits through her top. She unbuttoned the shirt herself this time, allowing me access easily.

I pulled from a pocket of my cargo pants a pair of nipple clamps with penis-shaped weights. Her eyes lit up when she saw that I had thought to bring along her favorite tittie accessory. Once I had them firmly in place, I took her hand and led her to one of the booths that have a glory hole between them. (from what I could tell, there are two full sized glory holes between four different booths, and peepholes between some of the others).

Dropping $10 in the bill acceptor, I sat in the chair with her kneeling between my legs.
As I pulled and twisted the chain, she worked my zipper down and pulled my dick out to give it oral attention once more.

I soon noticed a large black cock pushing through the wall, needing the service of her mouth. I pointed it out to her, and she left my cock to tend to it. This was her first black dick, but she went at it with vigor.  It was great to watch her suck and lick it til he shot his load in her mouth.

She let it run down her front over her tits as well. It wasn't a minute afterwards that it was replaced with another cock, this time a white one. She gave it the same treatment as the one before and was soon rewarded with another load, this time sprayed across her boobs.

Once again, it was  no time before one more was pushed through the hole with the same result, half in her mouth, half on her tits. After the third cock, there was a lull which allowed her to play with mine for a few minutes.

Just as  I fed another $5 in the machine, another black cock came through the hole, this time being an uncut one. I told her to stand up and bend over instead of kneeling for this one, and got behind her to giver a good fucking while she sucked this one. I yanked her soaking wet panties down and tossed them aside so I could bury my cock in her bald pussy.

With every thrust I gave her, she was impaled on the other end by the cock coming through the hole. I pushed deep in, dumping my load as I heard her gagging on the load being shot in her throat. Once I was finished, I allowed her to pull back and catch her breath.

Both of us knew we'd had enough and were getting our clothes straight to look semi-presentable (which on her part, with cum soaked though her shirt, and her panties MIA wasn't easy). She walked out beside me, with her head held high,still wearing the nipple clamps.

The clerk again gave us a knowing smile as she thanked us for coming and asked  us to return soon.
Needless to say, next time we are in the area, we plan on returning. My lovely lady needs a bit more training, and I plan on having her get fucked by any and all who want her.

My ultimate goal is to turn her into a three-hole slut with no limits. We may be reporting in next from Quincy, Decatur, or East Saint Louis, and hope someday to get to the holy grail of Illinois theaters, 15th Street in Melrose Park.

Side note to The Good Doctor:
Deja Vu is a combination strip club/ABS/theater located at 3220 Lake Plaza Drive, Springfield IL, 62703. Hours are Mon-Thurs: 12pm-3am, Fri-Sat: 12pm-4am,Sunday: 6pm-2am
no couples section, but definitely couple friendly. (Ed. note: I have added this info to the dB)



Doc here again... Thanks again to Abe (and Mary Todd) Lincoln for a GREAT report!  This is exactly what a Flash Report should be... Establish the setting, introduce the main characters, and dive into the action.  Bravo Abe!

Now it's your turn.  Send in your adult theater report to Buck Swope The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and make the report look great.  You get the glory and the byline.  Abe did it, and so can you.