Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flash Reports! Sixfoot4 Reports on both Berlin News Agency & Bush River Books

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from regular contributor to The Journal, and expert hedge trimmer, Sixfoot4.

You get a two for one on this one kids, since Sixfoot4 covers both the Berlin New Agency and Bush River Books in this one report.  An excellent value, in my opinion.

So here he is, from parts unknown, and weight unknown, Sixfoot4 and his Flash Report.


Hey Doc,

It's been a while since I last sent you a field report. I started writing you an epic journey of the last 6 months.....but my fingers got tired. Plus I am in San Diego tonight and need to head out to the Barnett Superstore in a few minutes. :) So, I am going to give you 2 of my 6 reports here. One long, one short. Will that work? The others are in the works (don't worry I make notes in draft emails with your name on them....)

Needless to say, I've been busy. However, not too busy to find time to visit some great venues for this thing of ours.  As you may notice, I travel a lot. Sometimes I get the chance to venture out, other times I am wining/dining/69ing clients until the wee hours and unable. In fact, a few months ago you posted that a couple would be at BNA in Jersey. I happened to be in Philly that night, and was soooo looking forward to saying "Doc sent me". Unfortunately, my work night went late and I missed out. Damn the luck. And as I have mentioned before, I have the attention span of a 3 year old, so sometimes I pop into a theater and don't give time for a good story to develop. Usually my loss of 10 bucks....but here are 2 stories to kick off my reports.

~ 5 Months ago - BNA - Berlin, NJ: This place simply NEVER disappoints. Out of my 5 visits in the past year, I am pretty sure I have only been in there once with no woman present. Seriously, those South Jersey folks are c-r-a-z-y fun. I have 3 different stories from here (2 coming later) - let's start with this one:

I pull into the parking lot around 9pm, arranging my car so that I can see the entrance and any possible connections walking in the place. There are maybe 5 cars in the parking lot, I suspect 2 of them are employees. So I wait. Log onto my iPad, and respond to a few emails. No new arrivals, no changes in sight. I play a game of Angry Birds for a few minutes and then think to myself, sometimes you just don't know. What if there is that one hot couple sitting in there waiting? So I lock up, and wander into the store. Nobody at the counter, only one guy mopping floors, who nods politely to me. I ask him if the clerk will return soon... I need change for a $20 to pop $10 into the automated theater entrance. He smiles wickedly and says, "I don't know when he will be back...there are 3 couples back there right now, and he is checkin things out." Excuse me? WTF?!? My jaw could have hit the floor. So this guy (very friendly by the way), says "if you give me the $20, I'll let you in and get you change when the clerk is back". I would have given him $50 to get back there knowing what he had just told me....

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ

I let my eyes adjust to the darkness, anticipation building. Front theater and two front "sections" are empty. Was I just taken by the guy mopping floors?? Nope. I walk to the back, look over the wall to my left, and see the hottest blonde, on her knees, topless, in jeans and heels, going to town on an older guy. Hot "C" titties, little waist, beautiful blonde hair, and working it! BOING! (Can I get in on this, please, please, please?) One guy, I assume the clerk, is watching. I quickly glance over the wall on my right, and see a couple sitting together, not playing, but watching a woman get worked over on a sex table in the doggie position by a large, older BBC. The woman watching is in a sun dress, with large ample tits, very cute, her man's hand rubbing her thigh. The woman on the "Sex table" (Hell, that is the best term I can come up with...) is a larger woman in black thigh highs, black negligee, very large tits, and is giving it her all.

Bad news #1....the 2 beers I had at dinner are calling. I rush to the restroom, clear the piping, ensure cleanliness, and sprint down the hall back to the play area. Bad news #2... Blondie is getting off her knees. NO! NO! NO! I get a great view of her body, and her face. She smiles politely at me as she pulls her t-shirt over my objects of desire. My heart dips. She looks like one of those hot Russian wives. I am telling you, she is the hottest girl I have ever seen in an ABS. Stunning....and knowing what she just did...well, let's just say I could have married her on the that very moment. She takes the hand of a gentleman, and leaves me to my dreams. *Sigh* Time to check out the other table....

Sundress girls, now has her ample, and very nice tits, out for show. Lucky for me, there are only 2 other guys in the room, watching the table dance that is happening with this well endowed black guy and the woman who is obviously enjoying him. There is a seat open next to sundress girl, and I slide into it. She smiles. Good sign. I ask if I may touch. She nods. God I love big tits. They were heavy with smooth skin, and taut nipples. Into my mouth one goes. I can see out of the corner of my eye, hubby is deep in her pussy with 2 (or is it 3?) fingers. Her hands find my crotch, and the erection left by the hot Russian wife. Her moans are right in my ear, and hot! I have to get out of my jeans...I stand up, only because I had to adjust to get it out, unsnap, down zipper, (no undies/boxers - smart huh? ;) and her hand finds my cock. She literally pulls me to her mouth.

Now - picture this - she is sitting on a bench like seat, that has a wall behind her that goes about 5 feet up. I straddle her face, put my hands atop the wall, my eyes trying to get the best view they can of the action, and I am enjoying her warm wet mouth, when I feels a tap on my shoulder...yep, let me repeat that....a tap on my shoulder...and I swear on my favorite porn site...the guy that was mopping floors outside the theater was giving me my $10 in change!! Doc - please tell me what a proper response would have been? (Ed. note: You chose well)

I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry. I told him to keep it, as nicely as I could, possibly between a grunt or two. He thanked me politely, and then disappeared into the darkness.   (I couldn't help but smile, and did thank him for his honesty as I left). There is good in the world my friend.. You just have to find it at your local ABS....

I proceeded to refocus my efforts, grabbing her heavy woman towers with reckless abandon, enjoying them swaying as her head bobbed, up and down. I decided at the last minute I wanted to cum on them....I asked quickly, she pulled me out of her mouth, started jerking me, I took over, stuck a finger from my free hand into her hot mouth and that was all I needed...I exploded on her big tits with a nice 3 day storage of man load.  And, you would never have guessed this I bet.... about a minute later, mopping man showed up with a stack of paper towels, and spray cleaner for the table. He handed some of the towels to sundress girls to wipe away my most recent masterpiece. Don't let anyone ever tell you that BNA does not take care of its customers. I have witnessed the service!

Literally there were 7 people in the theater. Hubby of sundress girl, stood up and announced "We are going to the Red Barn to check out the action there." I guess not enough guys for his taste, and one of them was already spent. :) They left, and I stayed behind to watch the woman on the table get worked. This was obviously set up, because two more black gentlemen showed up and each got their turn at her. They exchanged friendly banter while she was flipped and flopped on the (now clean) sex table. She never even looked my way.... she had her preferences, and I am always okay with that... I did enjoy the show though, and then headed out once the place became unbearably hot from all the sex....

Two more outstanding experiences from BNA coming soon.....

~ 3 Months ago -- Bush River Books - Abingdon, MD: Stopped by there while on I-95 through Maryland and Virginia. It was a Thursday night around 10pm, big storms were in the area, lightning was everywhere, but yet the parking lot seemed pretty busy. Went in, walked through the booth area....and was literally accosted by no less than 3 men in about a 5 minute walk through. The place is a maze of booths in the dark, one guy "bumped" into me, another gave me the whisper whistle to get my attention, and another guy followed me the entire time. Too creepy for me. I didn't even want to pay for the I left. And got caught in a massive summer storm, that delayed my arrival into Baltimore. Too bad I couldn't have found something to keep me in the theater while the storm passed, but I was just too creeped out. It could be that the booths are confused fellas and the theater is a couple safe venue, but I didn't stick around to find out.

I also spent 2 glorious business weeks in San Diego last month and have reports from (only one of which is what we want to hear, but more on that later):
Adult Depot (Kurtz St)
Jolar Cinema
Barnett Adult Super Store

As I mentioned, I am off to Barnett in a few minutes, so maybe more to come. Maybe not. Depends on whether or not I can maintain focus if the action is light...




Doc here again... Value has never read so well, my friends. Another 5-star report from Sixfoot4, and I am looking forward to his San Diego adventures.  Keep up the fine work, sir.


IMPORTANT UPDATE! Breaking News! Cathy Does Portland's Oregon Theater Sunday September 2 (w/NEW PICS!)

IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/2/12 AT 5:44 CDT: Doc here... Cathy will be only visiting The Oregon Theatre tonight, 9/2/12 at 6pm PDT.   Family matters will prevent her from returning Tuesday.



Doc here, your humble boccie ball expert, with a friendly reminder to you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters. 

Sunday night September 2nd, should be red letter days on your Portlandia calendars. Why, you may ask?  Well, none other than Cathy (from will be hosting a video and still pic shoot at Portland's Oregon Theater (3530 SE Division Street), starting at 6pm both nights.

Last Saturday night, Cathy ran the table (along with the lovely Mia) at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. Load after load was milked onto the boobs, mouths, faces, legs, and tummys of Cathy and Mia. If your over/under was 50 loads for the night, I hope you bet the over.
And guess what Portland?  Now it's your turn to show Cathy what you have in the sperm bank, time and time again @ The Oregon Theater. And to get you in the mood, how about two never before seen pics of Cathy sucking cock at Cts Adult Theater last weekend? (Note, these images are high resolution, so please click on them!)
And when you see her, tell Cathy that Doc sent you.


Have fun Sunday night, Portland!