Monday, May 7, 2012

Flash Report! Ctfireguy on The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a great first time report from new contributor, Ctfireguy. His recent trip to Hartford's Art Cinema was a hot one, and here he is to provide his accounting of the scene.

This adult theater is at the top of The Good Doctor's must visit list for 2012.  The reports from reporters like M&S, Tomkat, The Captain (who is MIA btw... Where are you sir?), and others show that this is a premier destination for this thing of ours.  Address info for The Art Cinema is located in Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database.

So sit back, and enjoy the latest from Hartford and The Art Cinema...



Ctfireguy here... I was recently at The Art Cinema on a Friday Night. There were 6 couples in the balcony area, and two came downstairs for the single guys. So it was a great night!

Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
One lady that was walking around was giving blow jobs and her husband /boyfriend was in tow. She was about 5’10, sexy, blond, nice tits looked kind of like the woman on Modern Family, but with bigger tits. She blew guys and let them cum on her face or tits.

A few of the regulars and I waited for this blond and her husband to come downstairs (they usually stay upstairs). She looked like Heather Locklear from TJ Hooker, and had a hot tight body. She came downstairs, stood in the lobby, and started to make out with her hubby. She was making eye contact and I started to rub my crotch and they made the walk (which means to the section that allows guys to stand and watch).

The couple got down to that row and he was rubbing her through her clothes. Then he pulled down her pants, and told us she likes to watch guys jack–off. This went on for about 10-15 minutes, and numerous loads were shot! LOL! She had an incredible body and loved to show it off he pounded her hard. They were done and the owner turned on the house lights, and she looked even more beautiful in the light.

If you are in CT you have to go to the Art Cinema, it’s a place you have to experience. The staff is awesome and it is couple friendly and the single guys are very respectful. The regulars control the action downstairs so it is safe for the couples that do come down.

Doc, on a  side note I have been in this “thing of ours” for several years, and like you always say If you have patience you will be rewarded. So guys don’t be pushy with couples !



Doc here again... Stories like this from The Art Cinema in Hartford are not uncommon.  With every report, it's legend grows and swells (like some of it's patrons). So kids, if you find yourself in Hartford, do the right thing.  Visit The Art Cinema, and tell them The Good Doctor sent you.

Reports are still needed badly.  Please, oh please, submit your reports to The Good Doctor at First time reporters, please also include a pen name (just like Ctfireguy did).  I'll do the rest of the heavy lifting.