Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smut for a Sunday Afternoon/Evening

Doc here with a few filthy images for your Sunday afternoon/early evening.  Consider it an early-bird special.  No coupons please.



New Poll: Who Are Your Favorite Journal Reporters? - Round 1

Doc here with a new poll here at The Journal.  This is Round 1 of "Who Are Your Favorite Journal Reporters?".  All in all, the staff will put up 12 different senior reporters in 3 separate polls and get your opinion.  You can vote for more than one reporter.

We will be starting off with the following senior reporters:
  • Bob in Biloxi
  • Brent in Portland
  • Gloryhole Nancy & T
  • The Good Doctor
You will find the poll on the right hand side of The Journal's home page. Thanks in advance for your participation.


Couple's Flash Report! M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford (with 9 new pics!)

Doc here with another top-shelf Couple's Flash Report for their visit 2/17 from M&S from Hartford, CT.  You'll enjoy this one, or your money back.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

It's M&S from the Art Cinema in Hartford. Another great night at the Art doing the thing we do.

We got there about 7:45pm, and there was already one couple up in the balcony. They stayed for a little over an hour but just got a little touchy feely. Total for the night was 9 couples!

Soon after we got there, got naked, and settled in, 2 other couples showed up. One we have known for about 10 yrs from nude sunbathing,and she is a class A moaner and groaner. Two of us couples started in putting on a good show of fucking and sucking while our sunbathing lady friend was making a lot of noise as her hubby was eating the hell out of her pussy.They usually put on a good show up in the balcony for the couples then go downstairs and put on a show for the guys.

We looked over the balconies edge when they were down there and saw no less than 12 guys jerking off as they put on a great show. After the sunbathing couple went downstairs, the other couple came up and sat next to us under the lights and continued to play.They know how to put on a great show too. During the evening a few other couples came in played for a while and left.

At one point we had both girls bent over and was fingering their pussies as we ate their asses.We exchanged e-mails so I could send them some of the pics they took for us and give her the link to your GREAT site. Hope to see them again at the Art.

Here are some pics of us in the balcony and 3 pics I took of "E" sucking her mans cock and balls. Hope you and the followers like the pics of the things we do.     



Doc here again... Now THAT is a great Couple's Flash Report!  Thanks again to M&S for reports that keep getting better and better.  Keep it up, guys!