Sunday, October 28, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! The Lovely Lucy @ The Midtown Theatre in Tulsa, OK

Doc here with another fantastic Couple's Flash Report from someone I'm keeping a close eye on, The Lovely Lucy.  LL has only been in the adult theatre scene for a short amount of time, but she has jumped in with both feet, and right into the deep end.

This report focuses back to Tulsa's Midtown Adult Theater, and has an equal amount of good and bad.

Take it away, LL!


Hello my Doctor,

Saturday night we decided to go back to the Midtown Theatre in Tulsa for another go round.

We had gone a few weeks back on a Tuesday afternoon (report HERE) and had our first official interaction with others. Well I did anyway:). Four hard cocks at one time! I must say it was magical. So going on a Saturday night I thought would be another epic experience...NOT!  Just stay with me here, after my rant there is action to follow.

We go in around 9:00 pm and my husband paid his $6.00 to the man. Due to anonymous tip left by one of your readers, my husband learned there was a couples theatre inside the Midtown. We went into the couples room where it was very clean and surprisingly had a cinema type screen. A couple
men were in there nothing too out of the ordinary. We set there for a few minutes watching the movie and decided to go back to the other room where we had been on two other occasion's. Not much going on there either.

Midtown Adult Theatre
Tulsa, OK

This part of the theatre has 3 different small rooms you can walk into. Of course here comes all the men following us around, making it very uncomfortable to get situated. We walked into the 3rd cinema where I about threw up due to the smell of the place. It had a stench that still burns my nose. There was one man in there and I said" how are you sitting in here and what is that smell"? His reply was "people piss on the floors all the time in here"! Oh my!

We made a bee-line towards the door and low and behold I run into a couple that I have known for years(a business relationship). Needless to say you can see where this is going. The new guy working there noticed my deer in the headlight look after I had a brief conversation with them, and they
left the theatre. He was so comforting and said "hey they are in here too, don't worry about it"! It was his first night working there.

So we went back into the couples theatre, and were followed again. We did talk to a nice man for a few minutes and I couldn't focus on anything except how nasty that room was and seeing people I knew. We walked to the front and asked if we could come back in a few minutes after we went to get a drink. The new guy was unsure so he asked the manager. The manager was very rude and said we had 15 minutes or he was charging again. Now keep in mind we were the only couple in the whole
place. I told him how disgusting his theatre was and his attitude and he probably needed to be in a different field of work, and no wonder no one comes into this place because of poor management.

So that leads us to yesterday, and after a couple pep talks from my husband and my mentor (ed. note: That would be The Good Doctor), I suggested we go back on Monday during the daytime. After all I am no quitter.

So we arrive around 4:30 p.m walk in and the new guy said "Wow I thought I would never see you guys again." He apologized and so did the day time manager. They also informed us that the smelly room is where the gay people hang out and do not ever go in there (duly noted!).

We went back into the couples theatre just one man in there sniffing away at his VCR cleaner and making sweet love to himself (and man was he tugging it). Nothing going on in here, so we moved to the room where we have been 2 other times. We no longer get situated and a tall handsome man
walks in the room.. He had a mysterious and laid back vibe about him. He leaned against the wall and asked if he could sit down. I was already attracted to him and my husband said "sure man, go ahead".

I started playing with my husbands cock, stroking it up and down getting him rock hard. The man stood up and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock. He said "I am just here to watch, unless you want something else". My husband wrapped the back of his hand around
my neck and lead me to his dick. I start sucking on his cock for a few minutes and the mysterious man has moved closer to me and has his cock out. As in the past I get so excited when I see another cock that I went right for it.

He was taking it slow going in and out stroke by stroke . I then turned to my husband and he starts face fucking me until I can not breathe and pulls out his balls for me to suck on. The man was telling my husband how much of a lucky man he was.

I turned back to the mystery man and grabbed him by the waist and made him shove his cock deep down my throat. Then I started working both cocks. Sucking one while working the other one with my hand alternating back and forth. Both of them were to the point of coming. I looked up at my
husband and he came all in my mouth. Then I looked up at the mystery man and he said "I am coming baby" so I opened my mouth and let him shoot his big load down the back of my throat. They both tasted so good, and it left me hungry for more.

We will be going to Dallas in November to check out Exposed (new theatre is Dallas) and return to the Lido(Lucy's Lido report HERE).

Until then keep the cocks rocking and ladies keep an open mind. Our journey into the adult world started 3 months ago. I'm looking forward to see how far it takes us.



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the very naughty Lovely Lucy, as she continues her journey into the dark side of this thing of ours. Keep the reports coming, kind Miss.