Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field Report: Amber Aldrich on Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY

Doc here with a Field Report from one of the most popular reporters on this blog...Amber Aldrich.  Her last article on "Pink Girls" is still the most read report in The Journal's history.

This report deals with an adult theater back in The Good Doctor's old stomping ground in Upstate NY: Video Liquidators #3 (1770 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo).  This theater opened well after The Good Doctor headed to The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college, so I have never been there to scout the location.  However, we are lucky that Amber has indulged us with her report.


On a Saturday night, October 9, I attended Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY.
Video Liquidators is a sex boutique/bookstore with two attached theaters. The
smaller theater is open to all, the larger one was designated as couples only.
As I have been asked a few times about this venue, here is my official review.

I had been to this place twice before and didn't enjoy it. But this time I did.
When we first arrived we went right to the couple theater, and were hit on by
another couple as soon as we walked in. We grabbed seats near the back and began
to play with the other couple. As my eyes got adjusted to the dark I saw the
couple we were playing with were about 30 years old, and there were about 10
couples in the theater, most of whom were engaged with other couples. Despite
it's couples-only designation, there were numerous single men in there,
presumably sneaking in from the smaller theater.

Video Liquidators
1770 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY

My husband, Phil, was escalating quickly with the other woman, however her
husband remained flaccid even after prolonged oral stimulation. Numerous
attempts to penetrate me failed. I would blow him until his erection felt rigid
against my lips, then quickly turn around and bend over the back of the seat,
however in the short time it took to get into position he lost too much
rigidity, even with the prospect of going bareback.

Eventually he did manage to get his soft penis inside me. Ladies – when faced
with this common problem the trick is to pull back on your pubococcygeus muscle
(this will dilate your vaginal tube open) and try to remain perfectly still.
Fight the temptation to assume now that he's FINALLY in everything's ok. The
vagina has a natural tendency to tighten up around a penis upon penetration, and
this will cause a guy like this to lose the little erection he has. Squeezing a
fully erect penis keeps the blood in and hardens it more, but squeezing a
partially erect penis forces the blood out and kills the erection. This is why
guys like this lose it as soon as they put a condom on. So keep that tube open.
If you're in the position where you're bent forward with him standing behind you
(the most common position for intercourse at an adult theater), a sharp
butt-high arch in your lower back will open you up even wider inside.

Also, a lot of women make the mistake of thinking if they moan and groan and
pump themselves on him, he'll feel "stud-like" and get harder. Unfortunately,
the opposite happens. He's already self-conscious about his meager erection, and
by overreacting (even in a positive way) only draws more attention to it. So the
best thing to do is just stay perfectly still and quiet, and wait to feel it
harden up inside you. Then you can relax the PC muscle and let it clamp down. As
the guy's getting close to cumming little tiny quiet moans are very reinforcing
to guys like this, but loud, ruckus "oh fuck me daddy, fuck me hard" is
counterproductive and will actually set back his approach to orgasm. Guys don't
really want to hear this, especially guys that had a hard time getting up.

This technique worked on this guy and he was able to fuck me to completion.
Again ladies – they can't wear a condom. So if you want to play safe, use a
female condom. A word of advice – put the female condom in before you get to the
theater and don't let anyone know you're wearing one. The taboo of him thinking
you're taking him bare adds a big "kick" to his hardness.

In a short time a second couple approached us and asked if they could join in.
The four of us said yes, and we started playing as three couples. Again, the
male half had an erection problem. Now I admit I don't have Halle Berry's face
or Angelina Jolie's body, but those who know me know I carry my weight well, I
have silky smooth skin, killer legs, and I look 20 years younger than I am. So I
will not take the blame for not being enough inspiration. He was completely
unable to penetrate me, and I didn't feel like blowing him to completion, so I
gave up on him.

He apologized for what he called "performance anxiety", blamed it on the single
guy staring at us and jerking off from the row in front, and joined my husband
with his wife. Ironically, the single guy had one of those erections so solid
that it angles upward and pulsates. While my two men were occupied, I gestured
for the single guy to get behind me. Needless to say, he didn't go flaccid, and
he was quite thankful to have that painful erection dispatched.

After a brief discussion, the other couple thought it would be fun to experiment
with the mob scene in the smaller (male dominated) room. Almost immediately upon
entering we got mobbed (as expected) and the other woman felt uncomfortable.
Nevertheless, she decided to stay for a "try". We went to the front row where
there was an open area where the men can congregate. The men surrounded us and
closed in fast. Hands went on the legs and under our skirts and she felt
claustrophobic. We retreated back to the couples-only room.

We played there with four other couples, and ALL of the couples men had erection
problems. The single men who snuck into the couples theater were able to fuck me
no problem. I find this interesting, and am trying to rationalize why this trend
exists. We played in the couples theater for about two hours, then Phil and I
went back to the single's theater. There is an open area in the back of that
theater with a dark far corner. We went in that corner and I took the mob. No
erection problems there. My biggest problem was only having one pussy. A lot of
grope-and-jerk guys, presumably too shy or too impatient to wait for pussy.

I'd say there were about 25 guys in the single theater, 10 couples in the
couples theater, and maybe 5 guys who snuck into the couples theater. At one
point a lady came into the couples theater and threw the single guys out. They
came back a few minutes later. They were all perfect gentlemen, and they were
the only ones who had real erections.

We will be going back to VL at the end of December, and hope to have that nice
combination of couples fun and GB intensity.
Thanks for the stellar report, Amber!  As always, great info from our friend
from north of the border.

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