Monday, February 11, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! T2Please & Alicia Hit Summit St. News in Warren, OH

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from first time reporters, T2Please & Alicia.  They visited the terrific Summit Street News in Warren, OH, and this is their report.
My Good Doctor,
Although I am an avid reader, this is my first contribution to your superb blog. Hopefully this piece will add to the allure and mystique of this thing of ours.
On a cold a dreary Friday in Northeast Ohio my girlfriend and I ventured out to Summit St. News in Warren in the middle of a work day. Arriving around Noon, we were enthusiastically greeted by the owner Ken who is best described as a very nice man and who promptly gave us the full tour of the facility. The store appears to be housed in a former warehouse style building. The storefront is a video/toy store with a main theater and a video booth room. He also has a private room available for couples who can either chose privacy or invite others to join. In addition, a second private room is currently being built with an adjoining side room with what looks to be gloryholes being constructed! (Fun!) After the tour Ken led us to the main theater and buzzed us in. I shook his hand, thanked him for his hospitality and we parted company new friends.
 At this time my girl, who will be known as "Alicia", was clearly creating a stir among the patrons. Being in her mid 30's, she has curly black hair down to her shoulders, a beautiful curvy form with nice large breasts and sexy "fuck me" hips. The most striking feature is her beautiful face enhanced by her olive skin as she is of South American descent. Under a full length sweater she was wearing a leopard print camisole, skinny jeans and high heels. I think what all the men could sense, however, was her was clear she was there to be fucked and wanted others to watch!
We entered the theater - a nice room with multiple leather couches. There were about 5 men already sitting around the room. We went directly for the front couch, sat and became comfortable. Soon we began making out, I pulled her sweater off revealing her full breasts, slowly I pulled her camisole up, un-hooked her bra and began licking and sucking her nipples.
Summit Street News
Warren, OH
At this point I heard a buzz and another patron walked in and boldly stood next to us and asked if we wanted company. Alicia said no, but I kindly told him he can watch and stroke for the lady. As he pulled his cock out, the other patrons moved closer to watch. It was then that I moved to the floor in front of her, undid her jeans, and slid them to the floor to gasps from the patrons as they saw her sexy body and lacy thong.
It was then that I received the greatest compliment from her, as I pulled her thong off I found a smooth Brazilian waxed clean pussy (love that) and a completely soaking wet cunt dripping just for me (go me!). As I touched it, she then said "now you". I stood and stripped for her and then dropped to the floor to suck her clit putting two fingers inside. Soon she was ready to be fucked and turned over on her knees exposing herself completely to all the men around. I played it for the audience and spread her ass for all to see, I could not help myself so I slapped both cheeks hard and stuck my tongue deep in her ass.
Being totally hard and aroused, I shoved my cock inside her to the appreciation of the audience...I fucked her until I was close to cumming, so pulling back I sat on the couch and begged her to suck my cock. Dropping to her knees on the floor she began what may have been the best blow job of my life as our friend cheered us on giving me the high five.
Main Theater - Summit Street News
To finish, I wanted her on her back on the couch. She dutifully laid back exposing herself completely to all, much to their pleasure and hers. I took her missionary until my cock was ready to explode...I pulled out and blasted all over her pussy.
At this point one would think I was done, but inspired, I then went down on her eating my own cum while licking her clit. I put two fingers in her and slid my pinky up her ass, she laid back and enjoyed the pleasure while our friend stroked his cock to orgasm. It was then that I knew it was time to dress as for our first time together at a theater it was best not to overstay our welcome. (lmao) 
Alicia and I thanked our friend for being a good audience, nodded a sign of thanks to the others as we left and went to the car. I took her back and rewarded her with a fabulous lunch with the knowledge of what we had done and the scent of sex permeating from our bodies.
Doc, I hope my first submission was worthy as Alicia and I plan future excursions!
T2Please & Alicia
Doc here again... Many thanks to T2Please & Alicia for an outstanding first time report from Summit Street News.  We are looking forward to your next reports!
Summit Street News is one of the top adult theater/ABSs in the country right now.  They provide a great atmosphere for couples and singles alike, and is extremely couples friendly.  Management is top shelf, and very accommodating.   You owe it to yourself to visit Summit Street News if you are in and around Warren, OH.