Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Returns (with a Doctor's Note) For Memorial Day

Doc here with the return of The Dark Knight Bob in Biloxi. Robert offers an explanation for his whereabouts, and then dives into the nitty gritty of this week's fun on the beautiful Gulf Coast.

Here is Bob, with his excuse in hand, and this week's Cruising The Coast Report


Hi Doc,

Well, I guess the readers of your column/blog know that we in “this thing of ours” can’t stay gone very long.  My Saturday nights are still spent with a lovely female creature who is all but insatiable (until one of us passes out), but I digress. The first part of this report is by proxy, the second part is live and in color.

Saturday night saw an abundance of couples in our little theater on the Beautiful Gulf Coast. The indoor activities included most of what one could expect at the Grand Mecca of this thing of ours (The Paris in Portland). The thing that made it extra special was the beautiful ladies appearing, as one of our semi-regular couples related the following report. In all 15 couples showed up, most of course were there for the purpose of checking out the scene, but a good number played.

Bob's Plate
There was one instance where an elderly gentleman (not really being a gentleman) decided he would try and bully his way next to another couple seated near this semi-regular. This did not pan out when he tried to push his way down an aisle and was rebuked. Of course this started a pushing and shouting match that wound up in the lobby under the management’s care. There is still no accounting for good manners or common courtesy for some people and the only way to curtail this behavior is to confront it.

One of our loyal readers emailed me Friday to let me know they were going Saturday night and invited me to meet them. Of course being infatuated as I am now, I had to decline to take care of business at home. This same couple that the quasi gentleman tried to get next too was not deterred and advised me via email Sunday morning they were going to attempt another try at the theater. This is when I learned of the above sad situation. Armed with that knowledge, I suggested the ABS first, we agreed to meet at 8pm.

I called the couple that ran interference for this new couple, and invited them to join me at the ABS. They are semi-regulars at the theater, fairly new to the ABS scene, but seasoned swingers none the less. They arrived shortly before 8pm and we talked in the parking lot about Saturday night events (it seems it was a wide open affair for most of the night).

This couple rode their Harley to the ABS (good way to save gas) and the lady (whom I’ve been with a couple of times) was dressed in a blue jean skirt and red top, no panties (on a Harley, how cool is that?). After chatting for a few minutes our couple from the theater (the one that emailed me) showed up. The lady is very pretty, 20’s, blonde, nice perky tits, dressed in a flower print dress. I went inside the ABS to scope out vacant booths while they talked.

Once inside the blonde couple went into booth 3, myself and the Harley couple went into booth 4, as you may remember one of the scouts and I renovated the holes to a more user friendly configuration. As we peeked through the hole into booth 3, we noticed that the blonde lady was completely shaven and was already sucking her man’s cock. Always a good sign!!

I stuck my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her tiny hands and warm wet mouth, she was making an unsuccessful attempt to deep throat me, but was getting an A+ for effort, as this lady had exceptional talent. While I was busy at the hole, the Harley couple lady was seated in the chair and started blowing her man. Every once in a while she would reach out and caress my ass or reach between my legs and tickle my balls, and yes, she is a very nice lady too!  Every so often the blonde lady would stop and back her ass up to the hole and rub my cock on her steaming pussy, (that felt wonderful) then go back to sucking and licking.

Meanwhile, Harley lady decided I needed her pierced tits on my back. Now I don’t know how many readers have had a pretty lady rub her tits on their back, rub her soft hands around their ass, while their cock was stuck through a gloryhole with another pretty lady on the other side blowing them, but it is a wonderful experience!! I couldn’t stay long, because it’s a work day here and with a two hour drive back home, I needed to unload and get the fuck out of the way ASAP. ( I wish I could have played longer) but I started jacking until I unloaded on her side. She (the blonde) graciously cleaned me up with her hot ass mouth. Damn that felt great!! Thank you ma’am !! 

As I exited, the Harley lady hub took my place and I bid them farewell. I do not know what happened after I left, but I do know that both wound up back at the theater.

That’s the report from our Beautiful Gulf Coast - hot weather, hotter ladies! I think this summer will be a banner year for playing in “this thing of ours” if only manners are adhered too and common sense applied.


It's good to have you back, Bob! Great report as always, and a nice twist on the gloryhole scene at the ABS down the road from the Gulf Coast Theater.

You can next see Bob in the new PBS series, "This Old Porn House", where Bob renovates tired old gloryholes into a user friendly social gathering spot.  Check local listings for times in your area.


Field Report! Act I and II Cinema in Denver, CO by Work2Much

Doc here with a Field Report from long time contributor, Work2Much. He does a great job painting the picture for us on Act I and II Cinema in Denver, CO.

Here we go, with the latest from the Mile High Club City, and Work2Much...


Hi Doc,

Here is the overdue Field Report I promised for the Act I and II Cinema in Denver, CO.

I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago and had some free time on a Saturday night. After checking the good Doctors Database I saw I wasn’t far from Act I and II Cinema (address available in the database).

There was plenty of parking in the back with the entrance in the front on a fairly busy street but this didn’t bother me because I don’t know anyone in Denver. There are actually 3 theaters, 2 straight an done gay. Admission is $8 for the 2 straight or $16 for all 3. I arrive about 10:30and paid for the straight theaters. It looked like this was once a larger theater that was cut in half, both theaters have an aisle down one side with about 12 - 15 rows of 5 or 6 seats. My favorite feature of this theater is the small screen showing the lobby so you can see who was coming and going. Unfortunately for me that night no ladies came in. There were several people milling about between the theaters but after 2 hours I called it a night and made my way back to my hotel.

After I kept hearing a buzzing sound I finally figured out that the attendant had to buzz people into the gay theater.  I don’t think anything was going on in the gay theater either by the way some people were bouncing between the 3 theaters.

I’ll be back on the road in a few weeks and when I plan my trip I’ll be checking the database for places to visit. I know there is no guarantee I’ll find what I’m looking for, but half the fun is in the hunt.


Doc here again... yes, the hunt is the exciting part for me as well (especially in a new city or theater). Thanks again to Work2Much for his report...