Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flash Report: Liz @ 15th Ave in Melrose Park on 9/3/11

Doc here with a great report from that "new to the scene but couldn't tell by her actions" naughty girl, Liz.  Liz has taken quite the liking to 15th Ave Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  So much so that she turned that place on it's ear Saturday night.

Here is her report, in her words...


Hi Doc,

Wanted to give you a report on an incredible Saturday night at 15th. My play partner and I decided early in week we were going to try a Saturday night for a change. We connected with another couple who planned on meeting us there but in the end became just her.  No disappointment on my end or his on that last minute change.

He arrived early, and found one of our good friends "f" there as he was leaving.  "f" was told not to leave because there was a treat arriving shortly with Liz.  When I got there our girl "T" was talking to my man and "F" met me as I parked.  We all introduced ourselves and made our way in, took care of admission and I proceeded to show her around.  We went back into spa and our private room there were several men waiting around and were happy to see some women arrive.

Well, small talk in room in getting to know her comfort level and her boundaries so "F" could assist her.  Entered the theater and went to couples section, were I whispered give it 2 minutes and all those men in spa will be here.  Sure enough BAM! the place was filled.  Knowing it was her first time we positioned the men on the outside and her and I next to each other.  Shortly after some touching of each other I took initiative in play and sucked my man, & it didn't take "F" long and they duplicated scene. 

While we women were taking care of our partners, I started playing with her pussy, indicating it was all good.  Soon I had my top off, as did she, our skirts were up to reveal our wetness and all sorts of sucking was going on. I stopped and stroked my man, and she did same, while we did some serious kissing and fondling of each other.  Before I know it "F" has her skirt up taking her deeply from behind, we are kissing, & she is stroking my man.  She then starts sucking him, I am playing with her great tits and rubbing her as she is being pounded.

Our men take a step back and I notice she is now on to several other men, sucking nicely some cocks while getting them to express their appreciation. Not up be out done, I proceed to do the same.  I say between two of us and not counting partners there were 8 happy men.

We leave and go shower off and breathe.  While in shower, "T" and I decide neither of us can reach those special spots alone and help lather each other up.  Kissing and lathering each other, we can see men have packed the shower room and have crammed locker room. 

So we finally rinse off and think about going into steam room, I open door and decide it's too hot for me. However, "T" is the eager beaver and goes in with 4 men not including "f". I decide with my man to go to room for some down time.  Not long "T" & "F" come back to room hot and satisfied.  "T" and I start sucking our men, and I stop and decide I was going to eat her nicely waxed wet pussy while she takes over on my man. 

She is tasting so sweet and getting so wet, "F" starts to fuck her and my face is still there licking her as his huge cock is going deep.  He is pounding that wetness and my face still buried deep while she is sucking my man and making sooo many moans.  She cums intensely and I decide I need air, so I go outside with my partner and leave the two of them.

Early after leaving the theater I noticed that the room next to ours had a couple. Well now there were two couples entertaining with the door open.  The area was packed with men wanting to watch their action and by sounds of women in there everyone was having a good time!  I have to give my hats off to the two of them because it was pleasure time in that room for a long time.

Upon returning from outside we got back to our room and the two of them must have been at it the whole time.  We suggested we go to the TV room in our towels.

My man, "T" and myself go to the TV area for some air and after not long, a gentleman I have entertained previously came in and went right to work at giving me a back rub (which men if you don't know by now sure way to a woman's pussy!!!  Trust me!)

I whisper I want his cock, knowing was a magnificent one it is.  He quickly obliges and I work it like my life depended on it. I look over and "T" has graciously jumped right in on making sure my man is not left out.  Soon the cock I am handling lets it go shoot onto my tits.....Needing a quick shower, I leave, and try to shower only to be greater by 2 men desperately wanting attention. Never to turn down a smooth line, I take care of business.  When I return my partner is eating "T" while she is having her faced stroked by another man.  And there are about 8 men all watching.
I sit away from the action enjoying the scene and chit chatting with others.  Finally our good friend "b" shows up.  I love "b"s enthusiasm for helping a woman in need, or in this case mid-orgasm.  He quickly steps in for my man and " T" goes right to work on him.  By this time there are probably 15 or so people in area.

Soon we tell then let's go to room, trying to make our way through throngs of men still lined up for our new neighbors. We go back to room and all get busy pleasing each other in several positions and partners......

We take a break outside and go into theater where we find another couple having some serious fun.  One woman is getting pounded from behind while sucking on another woman's tits. We once again sit in couples section and watching this is turning "T" and I on so we start rubbing and fingering each other.  Soon our tops go down and according to "B", the man pounding his woman eyes popped out when he saw my tits come out. At that point he kept a good eye on my tits! I tell "B" to eat "t" and he gets in position.  With me sucking on her tit and rubbing her, she is getting very excited.  Short time later, she and the woman in front of us make it known that they have been satisfied. I get up and notice the man I pleased in TV room and a couple a few rows ahead.  I go up from behind and rub her tits while he fingers her.  She cums nicely!

The 5 of us go back to our room where it was multi-play and cumming.

Our night comes to an end 4.5 hours later.  It was a busy night for everyone and a great night with some good friends.  I have decided major action on a Saturday.  Hoping schedules work out for this weekend.  It should be busy as it is free to couples, single women and CD-TVs. 



Liz is becoming quite the force of nature in this thing of ours... When The Good Doctor was talking with one of the regulars at 15th on Friday night, he mentioned Liz and had a huge grin on his face while talking about her.  Word of mouth travels fast at 15th Ave, and Liz is on the tip of most tongues.

Thanks again to Liz for a HOT report on her Saturday evening... I wonder what is next for her?