Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blast From The Past! Fantasyland in Tampa by SandJ

Doc here with a great Blast From (Tampa's) Past by regular contributors SandJ.



Hello Doc,

In Spring of 2007, I happened to be in Tampa for a conference that started on a Monday. I was able to go there on the Friday before and as luck would have it, Delta Dawn was having one of her Trailer Trash Sluts parties. It was in a hotel on the east side of Tampa so I got a room there and showed up at the party early in the evening. Delta is our kind of lady; she loves to suck, fuck and be filmed.

When the party started, it was just Delta, a couple of guys, and one other young female. Later many others showed up, filling two hotel suites.   As people filled in, everyone threw a few bucks into a had to meet expenses.

Since some of it was to be filmed, I signed a model release and the camera man assured us that faces would be blurred if desired. Delta went over a few simple rules, such as "You can cum ON me, but please don't cum IN me". Simple and to the point.

After a while she started taking on guys and my turn came along for a nice cock sucking. My idea was to go for a while, then take a break so that the fun would last.
So after a few minutes, i tried to pull back from her hot, wet mouth, but Delta would have nothing to do with it. "Where are you going?" she asked and then proceeded to suck me dry. Being new to the filming process, I just let it fly. The camera man nicely said "You have to warn me when you are coming." Oops.
Believe me, Trailer trash is just a name, Delta is a classy lady and she can suck with the best of them. I may actually be in one of her posted videos, though I don't really know.

Since I was in the same hotel, I think I went back to my room for a break.

I decided to check out the party again after a couple of hours, and when I arrived the place was packed. I worked my way to one of the bedrooms where there were two women on the beds. One was getting screwed and the other was the beautiful female half of a Fort Myers couple who said: "If someone doesn't fuck me right now, we are going to the theaters!". Again, certainly to the point. I guess the guys were shy as she was nice looking and horny. One older guy who looked amazingly like Uncle Fester jumped in, pushed her legs back and fucked her hard.

I wandered through the other rooms and watched, but while I talked with folks, I didn't partake any more.

Later as I was getting hungry, I decided to head out and grab something to eat and afterwords checked out Fantasyland in Tampa. While checking out the action, there was one small room with a couple in it, where the lady was sucking all cummers. The line was long and I couldn't see the couple and it would be a while until my turn came again. I saw a guy with a football shirt from my northern state and I said something, but he was more intent on his place in line. After a bit, it was announced that the lady needed a break and a smoke.

The couple came outside and lo and behold, it was the Fort Myers couple. Here was my chance. I went out, struck up a conversation, and told them that I had seen them at the hotel party. They told me that she wasn't getting the action she needed so they did head for the theaters. After the break, they headed back into one of the larger theaters with me, their old party buddy walking in right along side them. Guess who was first it line for my second bj of the night. It also was a good one, after which I thanked them, and hung out watching for a while.

I know Tampa has slowed some, but I have had some great times there.

If folks enjoy these accounts, I have some more.
Thanks for all you do.


Doc here again... Thank you for the report from Tampa and Fantasyland, SandJ. Yes, things have changed in Tampa, but checking out Fantasyland's own website might provide some insight into Tampa's best adult theater scene.

And yes, please send along more!


Flash Report! Tomkat (On The Prowl) @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with the return  of one of my favorite reporters here at The Journal, Tomkat (On The Prowl). The Art Cinema is his destination, so what did he find?

Hi Doc,

I finally got a break for my other 8 lives. Opportunity knocked and I answered on Sunday afternoon. I climbed into the Catmobile II and took that long drive cruise down I-84 to the Insurance Capital of the World. But, I wasn't seeking indemnity. My quest was for something along a more personal line. I arrived around 3 p.m. and parked on Franklin Street. I stray cat strutted into Hartford's  Art Cinema I handed $12 to the clerk and leapt into that lascivious labyrinth of lust and lewdness.

I took my seat and let my eyes adjust. My feline night vision kicked it revealing nothing but pole cats. Most of them were into the M4M thing.
The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
(Hi Ernie!)

Shortly before 6, an Asian couple arrived. He looked to be mid to late 40's with salt & pepper hair and well-dressed. She was a very pretty kitty indeed. She was petite with long black hair, a black sleeveless top, a tight silver skirt. Her glasses gave her that sexy librarian look.

He tried to steer her toward the GP seats down stairs. She gestured towards the balcony. So, upstairs they went. I and a couple other pole cats went down front to enjoy the show. They sat in back. They were silhouetted by the lights at the back of the balcony. They would sit and cuddle for a while, then her head would go down his lap and come back up for air a few minutes later. They would cuddle for a while then repeat the cycle again.

During this time, another couple came up to the balcony. Couple #2 initially sat behind the Asian couple. Then couple #2 moved toward the center of the balcony where the lighting was non-existent. After about 30 minutes, they left. I got a look at them on the way out. He was a regular. She was wearing jeans. I don't think they were playing.

After almost 2 hours, The Asian couple came down stairs and took seats among the pole cats. The pole cats, kept a respectful distance, at least initially. The couple sat and cuddled for about 20 minutes. Then she went down on him again. At the point the pole cats started leaned over and many started jerking off. I think this must have freaked her out. They suddenly got up and left the theater. End of the show.

I made my exit about 8:30 and made that long drive back to the Bay State. I gotta find a way to get down there on Friday and Saturday nights.


Doc here again... Friday's are good at The Art. Saturday's are better.  I wise man from the East told me this...  Thanks again to Tomkat for another terrific report!