Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flash Report! Pegasus in Raliegh, NC by Alex Bangedherhard

Doc here with an oustanding Flash Report from Alex Bangedherhard.  Alex found himself taking a break at Pegasus in Raleigh, NC, and this is his tale...
Take it away, Alex!
Dear Doc!
Seeing your need for reports, I thought I'd take a 15 minute break from my job as a professional B.S. communicator to tell you about a nice hookup last week at Pegasus. Lunchtime is SO hit and miss in "this thing of ours." However I was running an errand last Tuesday and just happened to check craigslist. Turns out a woman had posted she was headed to Pegasus for a bit of fun. Now, usually I don't take much stock in a single female posting about going to the bookstore/theater. However, I was nearby and figured what the heck.

I pulled in and there were maybe a dozen cars - not looking good. I went in anyway, paid the $5 and went through the turnstile. I checked the two straight mini-theaters but there was no sign of the female and there were a few guys milling around so I thought the post might be a hoax. There are 5-6 booths next to the mini-theaters and all doors were open. So I headed back to the other booth area. It's a winding hallway, and the first 4 booths are wide open - nothing. The very back has 7 booths. All with GHs except 1. Nothing there. As I headed back up the hallway I ran into her walking back my way. She was early 20s, black and slim. Very cute. I said hello and she did the same. We both gave a look and slipped into adjacent booths. Her mouth was immediately at the hole and I obliged. After a couple of minutes I asked if I could join her and she said yes. She started right where she left off. I reached into her shirt and found some very perky tits.

We were talking and I asked if she'd been there long and played with anyone else. She said one guy and the rest must have been gay because she was getting no attention. Then she looked up while taking me all in and said "but I'm glad you're giving me some." There was no need to rush. I asked if she'd been there before and she said twice. I asked if I could finger her and she stood up to reveal a semi hairy bush. She was wet and tight. She asked if I had a condom - I did not (I only play with condoms) and she said she only plays that way too - ok back to getting blown - which I didn't mind. She was running her tongue all over my balls as I was stroking it and then she deep throated me hard and that was it ... I gave her a HUGE load. She thanked me and gave me her email.

Doc, Pegasus has picked up the last couple of weeks. I've found myself swinging by at lunch just for a looksee and it has paid off. Not sure what the activity has been on weekends or evenings as lunches just seen more convenient.

I'd love to give a full report on the other stores here in Raleigh but I just haven't been able to make it out. Capital Blvd News and Video was doing great for awhile as they had closed off part of the store and labeled it as a couples theater but that has since been reopened back into the regular theater and as I understand it - gone downhill. Raleigh may not stack up to other great locations or REAL theaters - but there is action here and as we have all learned - patience pays off in "this thing of ours."

Well Doc that's all I got. Back to work.

Andy Bangedherhard
My sexual preference is often. ~Author Unknown
Doc here again... Thanks for Alex Bangedherhard for an excellent report from a new theater to my my eyes, Pegasus.  Keep up the fine work, sir!

Flash Report! Jake on Deja Vu on Inudstrial in Las Vegas

Doc here with a first time report from Jake.  Lady luck was on his side in Las Vegas, and his visit to Deja Vu on Industrial was productive.
Or was the lady he saw at Deja Vu a contestant on "Cash Cab"?
Here is Jake, and his report from Las Vegas...
Deja Vu on Industrial
Las Vegas, NV
Hey Doc....As you know the action in Vegas is very hit or miss and mostly on the miss side. I still have some luck at the Deja Vu on Industrial as that is probably the best theater in the city now that Babes is gone. Well I decided to check in out this past Friday 9/21 when I saw a post of a possible couple arriving after 11pm. Now given most of the time the posts do not come to fruition, I was gonna give it the old college try.

When I arrived I parked in the back and the lot seemed pretty full but with the strip club attached that can always be a crap shoot. I paid my $10 and walked in. When I got to the back theater I noticed a circle of guys, which is usually a good thing. As I got closer I noticed a hot blonde being fingered by 2 gentleman. This was looking very promising.

As I got even closer she had her tits hanging out which were a very nice size and she was loving the attention. Now is when I noticed the most unusual thing that I have seen in a theater to date. I noticed that she was on the phone! She kept her cell phone up to her ear the entire time and seemed to be taking orders by the person on the other end! As things progressed her pants came down and she let some guys dine but she did not do anything to any of the guys other then kiss one and jerk off a few others but wanted no part of them finishing on her. 

Doc here again... Thanks to Jake for his account of the fun at Deja Vu, and his Cash Cab observation.