Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flash Report! Fantasy Unlimited in Seattle by Work 2 Much

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Work 2 Much. W2M's report focuses on Fantasy Unlimited in Seattle, WA (address information located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).

Aside from the Blast from the Past reports from Nina the Bakery Slut, we have heard next to nothing about this venue lately. Well, that is about to change folks, since W2M is here to save the day (with a tip of the cap to Underdog).

Here is Work 2 Much and his Flash Report...


Hi Doc,

I came across the Journal a few months ago and I’ve been enjoying all the reports so I figure it’s my turn to share some information.

Fantasy Unlimited
Seattle, WA
I’m spending a few days in Seattle and checking your database I saw Fantasy Unlimited (2027 Westlake Ave, Seattle WA) was near my hotel and needed an update. Fantasy is located above Little Darlings a gentleman’s club and a lingerie store. They are currently remodeling and when finished will have a theatre, video booths and peep show. I went on a Wednesday night from 8:30 – 10:00 and cover was $10 for the theater. The main theatre has 6 love seats, a few chairs and a 60” screen. There are a few smaller theaters with smaller screens, 3 – 4 chairs and a curtain that can be closed. The video booths had partial doors and it looked like normal drywall walls between them, I checked a few and didn’t see any gloryholes.

I spent a little time in the main theater and was a little uncomfortable, there was plenty of seating but a few men standing on the side of the room and kept looking over at me.

On my way out I stopped and had a short conversation with the man behind the counter, I got the impression that it’s mostly a place for men but he did say they get women every once in a while and they put on a good “show”. When I asked about the peep show he said when construction is done they’ll be open but until then I should go down stairs to Little Darlings.

I hope this helps.    

Work 2 Much


Thanks again to W2M for his first report here at The Journal.  Keep the reports coming, sir.

Speaking of reports, I need your reports desperately. If you have been witness to some adult theater monkey business worth reporting on, or would like to submit a profile of a theater you have been to, then I am your Dr.  Send the reports to I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all you get the byline.

Fun? Yes.  Rewarding?  You bet.


PSA: April Special @ The Twin Cinemas @ Buford Highway in Doraville, GA

Doc here with a Public Service Announcement from the owners of the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway  (address information in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) in suburban Atlanta (Doraville to be exact).  Looks like April has a special at TC at BH...


Hello Everyone !

We wanted to let you know about our special THANK YOU during the month of April.
During the month of April on Tuesdays admission will be $10.00 all day!

This gives us an opportunity to THANK EVERYONE for your business!
We hope to do more things in the future.

Also, we have put a suggestion box in the lobby for anyone to offer comments
related to our operation.

Thank You
TC at BH .............

The TC at BH is a classic adult theater, and you should consider it your civic duty to visit there and check out what the new ownership has done with the place.

Have fun and play safe!