Monday, May 9, 2016

The Good Doctor's Mailbag: Power Rankings

Doc here with the latest edition of The Good Doctor's Mailbag.

The Good Doctor's Mailbag is a forum for you, the good readers of The Journal, to ask me questions about this thing of ours, affairs of the heart, or a solid meatball recipe.

It's been a minute since our last edition, but let's jump back on this horse, shall we?

"A" from Fort Lee, NJ writes

Hey Doc.  I have always been curious...How do you figure out the Adult Theater Power Rankings each week?  You are doing an amazing job for all of your readers, but it doesn't seem like there is enough data out there in the form of reports (at least not published) to rank between 5-8 theaters.  

Great question "A". The Power Rankings are based on the following:

  • Published intel during the week in question on the net.
  • I have back-channel contacts in just about every city with a major adult theater, and I am in touch with them weekly. This is either from the theaters themselves, or reporters/friends on the ground in those cities.
  • Social media platforms (excluding Craigslist). 
I hope this answers your question, "A"!

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