Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! CVE In Gastonia, NC by Beast & Betty

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from first-time contributors, Beast & Betty.


My wife and I went to CVE in Gastonia, NC a couple of weeks ago and will be going back again in a couple of weeks from now. I can give you our tale if you like, but it is pretty tame as this was our first time ever going to a theater (although we are readers and fans). CVE was not as restrictive as the database led me to believe. I chose the names Beast and the Betty for us, because I (husband) am 6'5" 265lbs, and the Betty is a tight little a-cup beauty with waist length dark hair and is 5'3 and 115 lbs.

We walked in, paid our couples fee and were granted admission to the theater area. The screens were playing hard porn, and there were several people in each theater. Nearly all the patrons were male and very well behaved, which was perfect for helping with our first timer jitters. We passed one couple exiting a theater on our way in to see the layout, and also noticed another woman in one of the theaters sitting with a guy, enjoying the action on screen. After a quick walkthrough of the 3 screens in this area, we went back to the entrance and were buzzed into the couples theater.

Gastonia, NC
The place was empty and then she says lets get a seat and relax. She was wearing a short skirt and tight fitting t shirt and sneakers, and sat to my right in the front row, crossing her sexy, well shaped legs slowly as she sat back to watch the action on screen. I was wearing loose fitting shorts, and soon felt her hands tugging at my zipper.

She reached in and pulled me out through the opening. It took two soft tugs of her hand, a wink, and a smile to have me almost fully erect. (First timer nerves slowly going away.) She then lowered her head into my lap, taking half my length into her warm, soft mouth with her undulating tongue. A few seconds of this had me at full mast. About this time, we hear the buzzer and cover my lap as she sits back. The door opens and in walks the couple we passed in the hall in the other theater area a few minutes earlier. They took seats behind us and off to the side.

We watched the movie for a few more minutes, and I soon felt her hand lifting my shirt off my lap and reach for my cock again. She was soon back to the slow, sensual rhythms with her mouth and tongue. I slid my hand down her side and over her thigh, pulling the side of her skirt up. She rolled her hips sideways in the seat, giving me fuller access to her moist, pulsating pussy and ass. As I slid my fingers slowly up and down her wetness, I realized that I wasn't going to get any harder than I was, and told her to come sit in my lap.

She sat back staring into my eyes, smiling, then leans in and whispers "No, I am going to finish you off, now, with my mouth." I feel her warm breath on my cheek, and then her soft lips and flicking tongue moving down my neck. Somehow, I get a little harder. She starts again with her slow, sensual combination of flicking tongue and twisting neck, then moves me all the way into her throat, taking me all the way into her. In what felt like far too short a time, well, when the Betty wants, the Betty gets. And the Beast fully tamed.

Beast & Betty


Thanks again to Beast & Betty for a terrific first-time report!  Great job guys, and please keep the reports coming in!


Couple's Flash Report! Tyreese and Angel @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a first time Couple's Flash Report from new contributors Tyreese and Angel.

They visited 15th Avenue Adult Theater on 4/12, and this is their tale of fun and wonderment.




I'll keep this short. My wife and I are new to this thing of ours but had a blast at the 15th Avenue Theater and Bookstore on Friday April 12th. We went there on a Thursday before but I just played with her tits in the theater then she finished me off in a private booth after we walked around to check out the place, that being our first time.

But this time on 4/12 wifey was a lot more comfortable. She gave me a blow job in the theater for a bit. A few guys stroking and watching from their seats. Then we walked around for a bit. A few t-gurls showed up and we watched the one of them sucking cock and getting flicked in the theater. Then they went to the room behind the screen. We watched them a little while longer before finding out this place had a gloryhole! We were all excited when we saw it and went inside a booth ASAP!!!

She sucked me for a while but it wasn't long before a cock popped up through the hole. Wifey asked me if it was OK and I told her yes. She smiled and sucked that cock and stroked it until it came all over her hand. That one disappeared then another one came through. That one she sucked really well. He didn't cum on her because he pulled back and came on the floor. After that we left.

We got down the street (literally) and turned around to go have more fun. We watched the t-gurl a little while longer getting fucked and sucking three dicks and this turned us on so we went back into the booth. Wifey sucked 3 more cocks. Only one cumming. She got down on her knees and sucked this one really good. He came all over her neck and tits.

My wife is a sexy Latina BBW. Dark hair and beautiful face. I am black, heavy set, with a fat dick. After she took enough cocks she wanted me to open the door so the group in the hallway could watch me blow my load on her face. So I did. I came really hard with all those guys watching and it was amazing. Shot it in her hair and all over her face and mouth. I could hear signs of approval coming from the hallway.

We will be back again... And again and again. This was our first real experience and we loved it. We still get a little nervous but open up more and more each time. We found out about that place through this site so I thought it was only fair that we shared our story with you. Going again maybe this weekend or next week for the couples night. We would love to talk to some veteran couples to get more info and hear some stories. Thanks... hope to see you there.

Tyreese and Angel


Doc here again... A little birdie told me that Angel has been chomping at the bit to read her report on The Journal.  Well Angel, here you are!  You have arrived!  Hopefully one day I will run into you guys at 15th Avenue!

Keep up the solid reports, guys!