Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flash Report! A Crazy Evening at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Saturday in Chicago 12/20/14 by Meathead

Doc here, a man who some say apparently picked the wrong night to stay home, wrap Christmas presents, and drink 7 Bloody Marys when just up the giant mega-lane expressway, a crazy night was unfolding at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.   

The Good Doctor first met Meathead and his partner in crime, Nawtnurse, a few weeks ago at a medical conference (and by "medical conference", I mean swing party) hosted by the international man of mystery Charlie (of Charlie's Angles fame).  Meathead is a great guy, and was very considerate at the medical conference.

Meathead is a great guy, and as it turns out, is a long time reader of The Journal. And as far as Nawtnurse is concerned, she is smoking hot! Please check out the epilogue of this report with something juicy coming up regarding her. 

Please welcome long time reader and first time contributor, Meathead to The Journal family...


Hello Doc,