Sunday, September 23, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford 9/21/12

Doc here with the return of one of my favorite couples, M&S from Hartford.  After a short break away from the balcony at The Art Cinema, they have returned...

Take it away, M&S!


Hey Doc,

M&S here coming to you from the always fun Art Cinema in Hartford.  After a leave of absence do to sickness,(S) and I decided to go the Art so I could get my prescription filled in the darkness of the balcony LOL.

We got there about our usual time at 8 pm. As we were walking towards the door, a good looking couple was leaving. Paid our admission,talked to Ernie a bit before starting our evening. We headed upstairs to our favorite seats under the lights. Ernie said there was one couple already up there.

When we got up to the balcony, we saw the couple down by the balcony railing. He had her bent over and fucking her good so the guys downstairs could watch. After about 15 minutes, he put her on the stairs and fucked her some more.

Around 8:30pm, the good looking guy and very hot blonde got dressed and as they left said to us the place is yours.So for the next half hour we sucked and fucked in the completely empty balcony. At 9 pm in comes a young black couple, and she was built like a brick shithouse.They sat in the last row of the dark seats to the left as you enter the balcony. The only action we saw for the next hour was her talking, then he finally put his cock in her mouth for a quick blowjob.At 10 pm they left and we were alone again, so after some more great head from S, we went to the railing to take a few pics.Then we went back to our seats and decided to call it a dead night.

Hasn't been that dead up there since our first visit back in May of 2011. On the way out we chatted with Ernie and that is when he informed us of your scheduled visit next month. Looking forward to it.

Here is a pic of S by the railing.

Your faithful followers, as always