Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Report Update

D.B. Cooper. The Umbrella Man. Jimmy Hoffa. Amelia Earardt. And in some circles, some claim Dr. Emilio Lizardo.  Gone. Vanished. A ghost. 

Friends of The Good Doctor, the very cool Khal & Khaleesi (AKA @MotherofallSquirters ) , have even hypothesized that I have been taken hostage by a vast right wing conspiracy with a ransom so high no one is paying up.

Not so fast my friends...

The Good Doctor is still here, kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. And I still have some bubblegum left in the tank.

The 12-14 hour days at The Good Doctor's practice (in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college) have taken a toll on editing time at The Journal. But I am laying low this weekend, not having to host adult theater events in Chicago or Hartford. 

Keep the cards, letters, adult theater reports and pics coming in. They will get published. People will enjoy them. And most likely when not wearing anything below the waist. 

Please stand by...

Thanks for your patience!



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Visit Announcement: Jamming Jackie and Special Friend at Adult World in East Greenbush NY Friday 4/29

Doc here with a very cool Visit Announcement for a Friday nooner at Adult World in East Greenbush, NY from regular contributor Jamming Jackie.  It looks like you'll need to skip the Burger King drive through and spend your lunch break elsewhere.

Take it away, sir!


Hi Doc, 

Jamming Jackie here with a request for an announcement on your blog if you could my good friend behind the aviators. 

This Friday April 29th at approximately noon Jamming Jackie will be bringing a special friend to Adult World at 275 Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush (listed as Rensselear in the database).  She is looking to be very naughty and would like the choir boys lined up and ready to have some fun!

Thank you my friend and I hope to have a great update for you after the fun with this thing of ours.

Jamming Jackie


Doc here again...There you have it.  A fun lunchtime served up on a platter for you, the good readers of The Journal.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Box Score: Mardi Gras Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on April 23rd

Doc here with the Box Score from Saturday night's HUGE Mardi Gras Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 4/23/16.

There were plenty beads and boobs in attendance Saturday night, as well as a lot of first-timers to 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

The party had a great vibe as well, considering the amount of people who came in during the party who also just celebrated a Blackhawks victory.

Here are your statistics:



The next big event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater is Saturday May 21st: School's Out Party!  Make sure you join us for this HOT naughty schoolgirl party!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

UPDATED 4/23 at 10am: TONIGHT! The Next Huge 15th Ave. Adult Theater Event in Chicago: Mardi Gras Party on Sat. 4/23rd at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

UPDATED SATURDAY at 10am: Doc here, and I could not be more excited about tonight's huge Mardi Gras Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!  The Party Room looks GREAT, the Voodoo Lounge area is decorated, and Spring is in the air!  

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and ready to pick up my amazing physician's assistant, The Lovely Jen for a great evening at 15th Ave!  

The Swag Bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door (starting at 8pm with your paid admission) came out great, and here is a sneak peak at them:

As I mentioned in the last update, my good friend the legendary StuntSlut Simone is returning tonight along with Mr. S for more monkey business and hijinks at tonight party! This gorgeous brunette is ready to party... The big question is...Are you?

StuntSlut Simone

StuntSlut Simone

The Good Doctor loves hosting these events at 15th Ave., and this one is one of my favorites.  So remember, bring your beads and let's have a great adventure tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL. 

Get here early couples so you do not miss out on the Swag Bags. 

See you tonight!



Updated 4/22/16 at 9am: Doc here... Just received a communique from way ourt of town that the amazing StuntSlut Simone will be attending Saturday's huge Mardi Gras Party at 15th Ave!  If you have never met her, you should. If you have, you know you need to met her again. 



Mardi Gras at 15th Ave - A Couples and Singles Event in The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL. Saturday April 23rd 2016 at 8PM. Hosted by The Good Doctor.

15TH AVE. MARDI GRAS SWAG BAGS FOR THE FIRST 50 MALE/FEMALE COUPLES!!! (with your paid admission. Sorry, no passes accepted). A $50 retail value inside each Swag Bag! Get here early so you do not miss out on these bags of naughty delights.

Ladies, show us your sexiest Mardi Gras outfit! We will be having our sexiest outfit contest WITH PRIZES, so do not miss out on this special event!

PLUS! M/F couples and single females receive preferred parking in our rear lot!

BYOB Event

Your Invitation:

Male/Female Couples: $30.
Single Males: $50.
Single Females & Trans Girls: $15.

Join us for Mardi Gras at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Saturday April 23rd at 8pm!


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Box Score! Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema Saturday April 16th!

Doc here with the Box Score for last night's great Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema event in Hartford.

It was a very playful crowd at the mighty Art Cinema, featuring a lot of first-timers which is always great to see!  Guests as far away as Pennsylvania, Vermont, and NJ attended, in addition to the folks a little closer to The Art.

A big hats off to the security team at The Art Cinema, who did a fantastic job. The additional security cams inside and outside The Art provided a safe and fun environment for all concerned.

Here is your Box Score for Mardi Gras at the Art:

Couples: 75
Singles: Dozens and Dozens

The next big event at The Art Cinema is Saturday June 25th:  Beach Blanket Bango.

Here is your first look at the poster for the event:

See you in June for Beach Blanket Bango at The Art Cinema!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

UPDATED 4/16/16: TONIGHT! The Next Amazing Art Cinema Event in Hartford, CT! Mardi Gras at The Art on Saturday April 16th at 7pm!

UPDATED 4/16/16 at 12 Noon: The big day is here folks!  Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema is tonight at 7pm!  The weather is gorgeous in Hartford, and the stage is set for a big one tonight!

Swag bags are complete, and they are fantastic!  Remember, these bags of cool things for all your senses will include two very cool Mardi Gras Masks!  Here is the catch... You have to be one of the first 50 male/female couples in the door starting at 7pm (with your paid admission - No passes accepted). 

Here are the swag bags!

Mardi Gras at The Art Swag Bags
There are also some new surprises at The Art Cinema for tonight's event... The 2nd balcony stairwell will be open to ease access for COUPLES ONLY to the awesome VIP Couples Balcony.  Security will be posted at both balcony access stairwells to monitor authorized traffic up to the balcony.  At no point are single males allowed up into the Couples VIP Balcony.

This is going to be a big one folks, so do not miss it!  Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave., Hartford. 

See you tonight!



Doc here with an update on this Saturday's HUGE Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema event in Hartford.

More capital improvements are under way at The Art Cinema  as we speak. Just this week, the 2nd stairway leading up to the Art Cinema's VIP Couples Balcony is being prepared to open for the party Saturday night.  This will add additional secure access to what is arguably the wildest scene in adult theaters across the country. Don't take my word for it, couples... Check it out for yourself.

Remember, the first 50 M/F couples in the door starting at 7pm Saturday night get a Mardi Gras Swag Bag with your paid admission. The Good Doctor will be handing them out in the lobby during my meet and greet from 7 until 8pm.  We always run out quick, so get in early so you do not miss out on one of these babies!

Next update is Friday... In the meantime, get your rest, as you will need it for Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema , 255 Franklin Ave. in Hartford, CT. 


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! A Wiki-Leaked Letter from JP's Slut Toy at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Friday 4/8/16 with PICS

Doc here, a man who some say believes in the freedom of information and power of the people. He also believes that meatballs are one of the 7 natural wonders of the modern world. 

This report has been long overdue. The incredible JP's Slut Toy ( AKA to government agencies as @fitlilslut ) filed a confidential memo to her personal server located in a restroom on Chicago's west side, and a hacker group discovered this dossier from this past Friday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

Needless to say, it is a scandalous document filled with tawdry details, copious amounts of lady juice, harsh language, and an insanely hot blonde.

The investigative arm of The Journal, The I-Team, has the moral responsibility to publish this document and photos to empower the people...

...and also possibly get squirted on.

Here is this confidential memo from the awesome JP's Slut Toy...


Dear [Redacted]

Thanks for reaching out. I wish you gals had planned girl’s night for Saturday night, I would have totally been in!! How was [Redacted] for dinner? Did you wear the slutty open cup bra under your top? Did any guys say anything? I know Master is talking to [redacted] about another meet up at the dungeon. Don’t be surprised if you think you are heading for the movies and wind up tied up and blindfolded at the dungeon while you listen to them force orgasms from me till I pass out.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Grand Finale Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Sails Off into the Sunset with a Visit to Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH on 3/24 and 3/25/16!

Doc here, a man who some say hates saying farewell, with the swan song report from senior Journal scribe and my good friend, The Oral Reporter.

In his last lap around the adult theater racetrack, The Oral Reporter hit Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio for a two-night visit and has filed this, his final report.

In the annals of The Journal's rich collection of contributors, no one has contributed more reports than The Oral Reporter. His travel schedule rivals The Good Doctor's, and I was lucky enough to run into him on a few occasions at one of our dens of carnal delights. He is a great guy with an excellent approach towards couples and singles alike in this thing of ours.

If I gave out ambassadorships for The Journal, he would the first one in line to get one.

Without further ado, please welcome back for the last time, the silver tongued scribe known as The Oral Reporter.


Hi Doc,

This is kind of a follow up report from the previous visit on the 17th of March. 
This report deals with the two nights of the 24th and 25th of March at Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio.

Thursday night as I have previously reported is Couples Free night. This Thursday it was a great night at Past Time Video, a total of 8 couples came in.

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH
I arrived after the first 3 couples had arrived and had left. I was told by Jake when I walked in that the first two couples that had arrived there were no single guys in the theater to play with. This is two Thursdays that couples came in early and didn't have guys to play with. Guys watch the announcements being sent out by Past Time Video when a couple comes in, get out there and make yourself available to the couples.

I arrived about 5:30 PM and in very short order, couple #4 arrived at just after 6PM this couple was a very nice couple, they did not play in the theater right away, but went to the Booths with the glory holes.

I was the second one in the booth and was played with for awhile until they went back into the theater. The booth play warmed them up enough to get them started in the theater. This was a newbie couple and a new item the newbie couples are offered at Past Time Video is an illuminated wrist band that is Green in color. This tells the other people in the theater that they are new and should be given some space. 

Reminder! A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Access to the Adult Theater Database

Doc here with a public service announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Lately I am getting killed in requests for editing access to my Adult Theater Database. This morning alone I have received three.

The database is designed and published as a read-only document. This gives me 100% control of the validity of it's content, and frankly keeps rogue knuckleheads from fucking it up. It took years to compile, and I update it as soon as I get intel from the field.  

If you see information on the dB that needs updating, or there is a new location that deserves listing, e-mail me that info directly to .  

Be specific in your information:
  • Exact name of the location.
  • Address (including state)
  • Hours
  • Couples friendly?
  • Is it a theater, ABS, combo, etc.?
So pretty please, with sugar on top. Please knock off the Google Sheets requests. Send me the intel directly.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Field Report! Brent in Portland Visits Secrets in Des Moines, WA

Doc here, a man who some say knows what is in the box, with a great Field Report from Secrets in Des Moines, WA courtesy of the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland

Secrets (address in the adult theater database) is fast becoming a destination in the Pacific northwest, and the diligent work of C&M (the owners) is apparently paying off in spades.

Take it away Brent, and what say you about Secrets?



I went to get petrol for my Scion xb yesterday, missed the exit for the Delta Park Arco Station, and found myself in Vancouver. I figured ,as long as I was in Washington, I'd drive up to Des Moines, exit 149b and check out @Secrets.
Des Moines, WA

Upon arriving, around 8:30, I was greeted by the gracious C and M, the couple that owns and runs Secrets . The PNW Kid, a regular contributor to Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal Of Adult Theaters was also there and, after introducing himself, told me I had just missed a couple- She had played with a few of the boys including his truly. I was thinking this could have been the couple that advertised on the Topix Forum, Human Sexuality, Wives Having Sex In Adult Theaters.

There were at least 8 couples @ Secrets last night while I was there and lots of action. Some of the action would have made Mr. Wizard blush. Lets just say the Secrets staff is on the cutting edge of women's sexuality and robotics. The place is clean, well run and the guys, for the most part, respect a woman's boundaries. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Visit Announcement! Femcar at 15th Ave. Adult Theater TONIGHT 4/5 at 8pm in Chicago

Doc here, a man who some say is the last indigenous creature from Ceti Alpha V, with a very cool Visit Announcement for tonight, April 5th at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

The legendary Femcar, along with her friend J will be taking in an evening performance at 15th Ave. this evening at 8pm.  They are looking for several like-minded guys and hopefully some like-minded females to join them this evening for some Tuesday fun.

Lizardo Nation... I need to to represent strongly for this invite.  Femcar is a force of nature and to be missed. 

And as always, if you attend tonight at 8pm, remember to tell them Doc sent you.


Final Results! The 2016 Journal of Adult Theaters NCAA Brackets Tourney

Doc here, a man who some say has climbed the ladder a few times after a hard fought game, and has cut the fishnets off a hot blonde... 

It took a last second buzzer-beating 3 pointer to determine the top team in the tourney.  And in the end, it was Villanova who is the top team in the land. 

Here are the final results in The Journal's NCAA Brackets Tourney:

Congrats to Everett Fairfax for winning the whole damn thing.  E-mail me directly and we will set up your delivery of the very rare Lizardo Journal premium coffee mug and a pic of the ol' Doc himself.

Congrats to all that played...And I am still shocked that I actually placed above The Wet Beavers.  That girl is a handicapping machine. 

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Box Score: 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Eyes Wide Shut Party on 4/2/16 in Chicago

Doc here, a man who some say once ate 51 tacos in 14 minutes, with the Box Score on this past Saturday's Eyes Wide Shut Couples and Single Females Only Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago this past Saturday night.

It was a great night for a ton of new couples and single females that attended.  The vibe was terrific, the sexy outfit contest was competitive and fun, and there was dancing galore.

Here is your Box Score for Eyes Wide Shut:


Thanks to everyone that attended the party.  The next huge event at 15th Ave. is Saturday April 23rd @ 8pm: Our 3rd annual Mardi Gras Party. 

See you there!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

TONIGHT! 4/2/16! The Next HUGE 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party! Eyes Wide Shut on Saturday April 2nd at 8pm in Chicago! Couples and Single Females Only Event! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here with a final update on tonight HUGE Eyes Wide Shut Couples and Single Females Only Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave. in Melrose Park, IL.

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and ready to make the trip into The Windy City for tonight's event. As always, The Good Doctor will be your congenial host and MC for the sexy outfit contest at the party, and will have the Lovely Jen (in her amazing outfit for tonight) on his arm as his Physician's Assistant. 

A few reminders for the event:
  • It's BYOB.  We have refrigerators and coolers to keeps your beverages cold.
  • Swag Bags for the first 40 Male/Female Couples, starting at 8pm.
  • The Sexy Outfit Contest begins at 10pm.  Great sex toy prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 
  • M/F Couples and Single Females only inside the Party Room itself. However, the rest of the facility is open to everyone, including couples and single females.  Couples must be upgraded at the party admission price starting at 6pm. Single guys and T's must be upgraded to the Spa package price staring at 6pm if you wish to stay beyond 6pm. 

The Good Doctor will be giving tours to first time couples and single females starting at 7:45pm until 9pm. Just ask for Doc at the front counter when you arrive. 

It's going to be a great night with a great theme!  Enjoy the mystery of Eyes Wide Shut tonight at 8pm at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.  See you then!



Doc here...the swag bags for tonight's Eyes Wide Shut m/f couples and single females party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago are done!  Mysterious things await the first 40 M/F couples in the door starting at 8pm in your swag bags!

Flash Report! Khal (from Khal & Khaleesi) Takes in a Red Headed Matinee Performance at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 3/29/16

Doc here, a man who some say once played a piano blindfolded, in a great hall, surrounded by masked strangers.  Some were having sex. Others were watching. All enjoyed cannoli. 

Khal (the taller half of my freiends, the amazing Khal and Khaleesi) , ventured solo to 15th Ave. Adult Theater this past Tuesday, and what an afternoon it turned out to be.

This is an outstanding report folks... But don't take The Good Doctor's word for it.  Take this for a test drive...

I now direct you to the starting grid. Wait for the lights to go off, and then drop into 1st... 

Please welcome back to The Journal, Khal.



Khal, here. Good to be back writing for The Journal again! This report will be from a different perspective. No Khaleesi. No squirting. No flooded theater floor. No Melrose Park Water Dept. on site to drain the parking lot of the #motherofallsquirters liquid passion. This time I'm just a single guy hoping to see some action.

So, it was through a series of fortunate events that I found myself with no place I needed to be and nothing important to do on a recent Tuesday. Of course, my first thought was, "Time for a third visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater with Khaleesi!" Unfortunately, her schedule would not allow for it.

Yes, a trip to 15th Avenue with Khaleesi would be incredibly better than one without, but I decided to carry on solo. Why not? I love the sexual energy of the theater and I'm most definitely a voyeur. Maybe a couple shows up and something happens.

I arrived around 10:30AM. It sounds early, I know, but when I think back through all I've seen on solo visits to 15th Avenue, some of the most hardcore, depraved activity has taken place in the late morning or early afternoon. Thinking about, it's probably stands to reason that a couple arriving early at a XXX theater is probably a motivated couple. (Woke up ready to get freaky and didn't want to wait!)

On this particular morning it was quiet. There were maybe a dozen guys milling around or pacing between the spa and the theater. I sat in the theater for a while - the video playing featured a collection of MMF threesome scenes and it held my interest - and I spent some time watching TV in the spa. Occasionally I went outside to stand in the glorious sun that Chicagoland was enjoying that day.

For the single guys reading who haven't been to a XXX theater... This is part of the game. Like anything else in life, you don't just show up and succeed. It's not a brothel. You won't pay for your day membership and then immediately be presented with a beautiful woman to pleasure you. Waiting and patience is part of the game.

Eventually I decided to take a lunch break and drove to a nearby spot. My thought was that it was 3:30 and couples with the day off would've likely already been there and it was a little early for after-work couples. I was back at 4:00 and saw a few guys waiting in their cars the parking lot. That's a sure sign there are no women to be observed inside. I went inside anyhow and took a seat in the theater again.

After maybe 20 minutes I got up again and was ready to sit in the spa area for a while, but just as I was leaving the theater, that's when I saw a woman walking in from the front door to the counter. Right away, I knew she wasn't there to ask directions. She had long, red hair and a nice figure propped up on long legs. She wore a red dress that would be appropriate pretty much nowhere other than a XXX theater, black stockings and - in her words - "Fuck me" boots.

Friday, April 1, 2016

International Flash Report! The Aussie Cumslut's First Gloryhole Adventure on 10/27/16 in Cannington, Western Australia

Doc here, a man who some say was once voted the USA's Goodwill Ambassador to Tasmania, with a great International Flash Report from the newest contributor to The Journal, The Aussie Cumslut.

This naughty 24 year old young lady has just made her first trip to a gloryhole location, with the twist being it was in Cannington, Australia.  

Will the results of this trip to an Australian gloryhole spur visits from legendary gloryhole girls such as Piper the Gloryhole Princess, Jean (from Jean & Scott),Velvet Skye, Gloryhole Nancy, and Koral?

Well kids, sit back, pop open a Fresca ( Hi Gemini, and the official soft drink of the Journal of Adult Theaters), and enjoy a gloryhole adventure from down under from The Aussie Cumslut.


Hi Doc :o) It's nice to meet you.

So the other day I decided to go to a gloryhole and write about my experience.  The adult store I went to was in Cannington, Western Australia, and my visit was on Thursday 10/27/16.

I was dressed in a tight low cut top and a mini skirt, Wearing black panties and a bra.

The adult store I went to is about a 45-50 minute travel from my house, I left my house around 10am. I got there at almost 11am and walked in. I was hesitant at first as the person behind the counter stared in my direction as the door bell rang. I felt nervous and almost left but I decided I came this far, lets do it. So I walked around looking at items on the shelf pretending I didn't come here just to suck cock.

UPDATE - FINAL WEEKEND! The Journal's NCAA Brackets Tourney - Final Four Edition

Doc here with the latest update on the Journal of Adult Theaters NCAA Hoops Tourney.

It's been a rough ride for most, with upsets galore early, buzzer beaters, meat beaters, and the like. It's been brutal.

But, in tourneys like this one, the baby batter cream always rises to the top. 

Here is the latest rankings of our brave participants, battling it out for a Lizardo coffee mug and a photo:


God's speed this coming weekend.



Doc Roundball here, a man who some say knows as much about college hoops as he does about knitting, with the first round results in The Journal of Adult Theaters 2016 Brackets Tourney.

Friday was a brutal day for everyone's bracket, as a record # of double-digit ranked teams beat their favored opponents.  Yes, I'm talking to you, Michigan State. 

Here are the rankings after 1 Round (click to ENLARGE):

The Shockers, Team Flood Warning (Khal & Khaleesi), & The Spam Javelins are looking good. What will Saturday bring?  

In the wise words of Clubber Lang: "Pain"