Friday, October 28, 2011

Flash Report! "The floyd is Back in Town - Part II" - Daytime Fun @ The Paris Theatre

Doc here with Part II of our good friend floyd's report "The floyd is back in Town".  Part I can be reviewed HERE.

It's daytime in Portland, and floyd awaits the Batsignal from The Paris Theatre in downtown Portland...


The floyd Is Back In Town – Part II

Sorry for the delay in submitting the promised Part II of my daytime visits to the world-famous Paris Theater following my stint out of town, but life kind of got in my way. If you recall my last report, I had just returned to Portland after nearly two weeks away, and on my first day there were not one but two “Red Flags” which indicate couples in the theater. Well,the very next day, Wednesday, October 5th, I was treated to some of the most intense theater sex ever.

I was getting ready to knock off for the day when at 5:08 I noticed a Bedroom Flag, indicating that a couple was in the small room at the right side of the theater.  It has low walls so the penis gallery can watch and a mattress for the couple.  A Bedroom Flag virtually always means hot action.

I arrived at the theater following my short streetcar ride and five-minute walk down Burnside, and was behind another Daytime Regular who was also purchasing a pass.  He must pay close attention to the flags, as I often see him showing up just before or after me during the day. Entering the theater, it was obvious why an additional “Arena Flag” had been posted.  (The Arena is a new area at the Paris, right in front of the stage, with a pedestal with a mattress on top and seats all around.  It is for the more exhibitionist couples and the gang-bang enthusiasts, where the couples areas and bedroom offer a bit more security, if not privacy.) 

A beautiful young girl was stretched out on her stomach, completely nude. A hard looking older dude in a burgundy football jersey was sitting in a theater chair about 8-10 feet away watching her.  I don’t know if Daytime Regular knew her from a previous visit, but he strode straight down to the front and dropped his jeans.  She got up on her hands and knees on the bed and started sucking him off energetically.  There were only about a half dozen guys in the theater, and all of them gravitated to the Arena for a better view, including this reporter.

She continued to suck Regular off as the cocks began coming out.  The guy in the football jersey proclaimed loudly, “I’m the one brought her here.  She’s just nineteen years old.  She wants to fuck and she wants to get pregnant.”  He said this to just about every guy who came close, and in the exact same words.  Not sure what he was on, but it was just a bit creepy.

After about ten minutes of getting blown, Regular walked over to the condom box next to the bedroom and brought back a handful.  He wasted no time in gloving up, and he walked around to the stage side of the Arena bed and bent her over it.  She was indeed very young-looking, with ample tits, a big ass, and a gorgeous face framed by ringlets of strawberry blond hair.  Regular was having a hell of a time getting it in from the bent-over angle, and he wound up sitting down on the padded bench in front of the stage and pulling her ass down on top of him in a seated reverse cowgirl. This gave us an excellent view of her pretty face and her bouncing titties, and when she leaned back a look at her smooth hairless pussy. 

Another regular theater patron hopped up on the arena bed on his knees and offered her his cock.  She leaned all the way forward and sucked him while bouncing lewdly on Regular's cock.  I was sitting in a theater chair at the side of the bed with an excellent view, and I will confess my jeans were around my ankles.  At one point the guy getting blown motioned to me and asked if I wanted a turn on her mouth.  I said, “Go ahead,” feeling that there was plenty of time, since she showed no signs of slowing down.

Eventually, Regular put her back up on the bed with her big ass up in the air and began a rear attack.  He was pounding her pussy from the back, and floyd chose this time to stand in front of the bed, as her face was right in front of me.  Her guy jumped up and said to her,”No more cocksucking! You came here to fuck!”  So I moved back and continued to watch as Regular blew his load and then started dressing.  A few more guys had come in, and I recognized a tall thin middle-aged guy as he started peeling off his clothes. The girl never moved, up on the bed with her ass up, and after jacking himself hard the New Guy hopped up and started fucking her bareback.  He didn’t last but a few short minutes,but one could tell he was loving it. A young black guy walked up and her guy said, “Go ahead, brother, fuck her.  She loves big black cock.”The young guy declined, saying he just wanted to enjoy the show.

At this point there were still a few guys watching but nobody was making a move.  She laid back down on her stomach with a dreamy look in her blue eyes.  Her guy stood up and told her he was going to the car and would be back in about 15 minutes.  He also told her she was to suck no cock while he was gone, and he made her promise.  I had moved to the bench in front of the stage for a better view of her last fuck, and she rolled her head my way and smiled.  I was slowly stroking a fully hard on eat this point. We chatted for a couple of minutes and she asked if I thought she was pretty.  She was, and I told her so.  She smiled again, and looked me right in the eyes.

“Will you please fuck me, mister?” she said in a delicate voice with just a trace of the South in it.

Floyd was not inclined to disappoint, consider how politely she asked, so your reporter saluted in his mind and did his duty.  I quickly donned a condom as she raised her ass once again.  I slipped in easily and held tight onto her big butt while I fucked her.  I had been stroking for upwards of a half hour, so I had no illusions about holding out and just let it happen.  Her guy came back as I was getting dressed and asked me if she had sucked my cock.  I truthfully answered no.  Completely spent, I was dressed and ready to leave when I heard her guy say, “You want to suck cock?  Suck this!” and dropped his pants.  As I walked out she was still noisily sucking him, her ass still waving high.  I have no idea how long she eventually stayed or how many fellows got to doggie fuck her.

Look for a bonus report tomorrow as a flag has just popped up as I’m finishing this.  Daytime action continues to improve at the Paris.



Thanks again to senior reporter floyd for another terrific report from the #1 city in this thing of ours, Portland, Oregon.  We are lucky to have a great 1-2 punch in Portland, between Brent at night and floyd during the day.

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