Friday, August 19, 2011

Flash Report! Brent Reports On The Paris Theatre in Portland 8/12 Through 8/14

Doc here with a recap of last weekend at The Paris Theatre, in The Rose City of Portland, OR by out good friend Brent.  I heard a rumor that there was a motion before the city council to change the city's nickname to "The Bukkake City", and that it is under consideration.  I guess the power of Kitty's Bukkake Blasts is causing quite the groundswell of support for this motion.

Here is Brent's eloquent review of last weekend...


Lately, I have had an urge to ask people if they ever had sex with a hand puppet! Ladies, how was it? Did your hand puppet use its tongue on you or did it just scrunch your pussy with its big puppet lips? Men, did your hand puppet swallow or did you blast a load on its furry little face?  Do you and your hand puppet talk afterwards? Have you considered seeking Psychiatric help?

Another thing that makes me go "Hmmm..." How does a man fake an orgasm? How does that work? Does confetti shoot out of his dick when he comes, like The Harlem Globetrotters' fake bucket of water trick? It's been said that women fake orgasms and men fake relationships.

Paris Theatre
SW 3rd, Portland, OR

There weren't a lot of fake orgasms at The Paris in Portland, Orgyin,  this past weekend, August 12, 13,and 14, 2011.  I'm going on record here stating that all the orgasms were real and spectacular. There were so many couples and single ladies at The Paris Theater   that sometimes couples left only because it was too crowded and the action and/or the theater was too hot for some of the new comers.

The Interior of The Paris has an interesting configuration. When a couple walks in the door, to their left is The Couples Oasis, a cozy enclosure for couples only; to their right is The Annex where the exam table and TV monitor are located . The camera looks out on the sidewalk in front of the theater so you can see who is coming in.  Below The Annex is The Bedroom, a play pen for adults. At the front of the theater is the arena table, big enough for four and the new center for hard core action at The Paris. In the middle  of all of this is the main section, where the single guys sit or stand. Off to the left is the little theater, The Bijou or BJ for short.

 When the couples section is full, new couples are seated in the annex right in front of the crowd of guys but away from all the action in the couples section. It can be a bit disconcerting for couples who are visiting The Paris for the first time.

But even though a lot of couples that came to The Paris last weekend , did not stick around, the ones that did stay, played and had a wagon load of fun. There was everything from hard core bareback sex, regular condom friendly sex, spanking and whipping, sex, girl on girl couple swapping sex, dirty talking face blasting sex, spreading your legs and getting fingered while  a dirty cartoon played sex, just two girls in the gay section checking out the scene and one girl giving a young guy a blow job sex. There was big black dick in the bedroom fucking two theater veterans and making them moan like virgins sex. There was  passionate one on one boyfriend and girl friend sex,  guys wanking it sex, man on man on man sex, glory hole and hallway sex, what sex are you? sex, my husband blowing a guy while i watch sex, and talking about it in the lobby with a beautiful, big titted , big dick loving, genteel southern belle sex.

 A well timed visit on Friday, Saturday  or Sunday could have gotten you laid all three nights at The Paris. I could write for hours about the theater sex  action at The Paris Theater  this past weekend, but it's almost Friday and it's almost time for Judy's Boo Cocky Party at The Oregon. That should be fun.

Paris Theatre
circa 1982
Anyway, hard core action this past weekend featured the return of the beautiful angelic slut with the long silky hair and the smooth thin body. She fucked and sucked every hard cock that came close to her. She and her man even got together with a Marcia Brady look alike and her husband in the couples section. But best of all she met and got together with B, the hot  woman from Eugene and the two of them took on all comers in the bedroom. B was still fucking guys when I left, Saturday, her hot bare pussy, oozing with cum.

There was Plaid Shirt Lady who fucked and sucked early  Saturday evening and shared a young stud with her bi husband. There were a couple of new ladies who fucked and sucked in the arena, one of them was a short honey blond with a red dress. She came in on Sunday , took cocks into her pussy, ass and mouth and begged them to shoot all over her face The other was a big but well proportioned woman who took on all comers, Saturday and drew quite a crowd, especially guys feeding their dicks to her while other guys ate her pussy or fucked her. There was the BBW who had fun getting  fed cock and face decorated while the guys talked dirty to her. I think she had more fun Friday then she did on Saturday but I was happy to see her on both days. There were the two pretty young women who watched but did not participate. Well one gave this good looking guy a blow job but that was the exception.

There was a Carrie Underwood look alike who stood next to me and watched Beautiful Slut Wife and B from Eugene fucking and sucking all comers in the bedroom. She and her husband  liked four way bi  play. I think they did some three way bi play in the male (BJ)  theater on Friday. I heard some lucky guy got to eat her pussy.  There was a dark haired lady with a nice  round ass who looked like an Hispanic Shirley Temple. After she and her husband put on a fuck show in the couples section, she fucked and sucked two or three guys in the bedroom. I'm not sure if they fucked her commando or used condoms.

There were beautiful ladies in summer dresses who played and showed off their bodies in the couples section while other couples played along side of them and theater sex action was going hot and heavy in the arena and the bedroom.  Some of them were eager exhibitionists, others were a bit more hesitant. One hot lady even came down to The Arena and watched B and C play on the table. She had on a colorful party dress and her husband felt her up while they watched the action. We all waited for them to go further but after a while they went back to The Couples Oasis.

There was an S and M , master and slave scene between a cute Wednesday Adams with smooth pale skin and perfect little tits. This happened on Sunday while "Anime played on the screen.  He whipped her, spanked her , rubbed her like Alla din and fingered her. She begged him to let her have an orgasm over and over again and as soon as he gave permission she came like an electric wire touching water.  She wore a belt around her thigh that dug into her flesh and her girlish yelps were a mixture of pain and pleasure. He looked like a mixture of Harry Potter and Warren Beatty

So far this week the theater action has continued. Timing is crucial if you want to be there for it. I haven't  read any reports about the action on Monday and Tuesday, but a man or woman could have gotten laid  last night (Wednesday) while an attractive,  buxom and very willing lady was spread eagle on the arena table, her bare pussy swollen and wet. She only left because there was no body left to fuck her the way she needed to be fucked. She was there for at least 30 minutes. I wish she would have stayed longer. Maybe she went to The Oregon and continued her theater sex adventure there.

I'm looking forward to another good weekend for adult theater sex at the two great adult theaters  here in beautiful and temperate Portland, Oregon In The Sun.


Thanks again to Brent, the poet laureate of this thing of ours for his usual 5-star work.  There are a lot of reasons that The Paris Theatre is the #1 adult theater in the USA.  One of the prime reasons would be the stellar reports from Brent and the pictures he can paint with his words.  He is one hell of a marketing machine for The Paris.

Do you  have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Bucky Barnes The Good Doctor at I will help edit and format your report... You supply the words, and get the glory.

Seems fair.


Reminder: Bukkake Blast #2 @ The Oregon Theater TONIGHT!

Doc here with a reminder about TONIGHT'S Bukkake Blast... Miss this event, and you will kick yourself in the ass hard...

Big T is co-organizing the next Bukkake Event at The Oregon Theater (3530 SE Division Street, Portland, OR) for this Friday night, 8/19. Here are the details.


Hey Doc,

It's your buddy, underground legend "Big T", and I just wanted to fill you in on the up coming hot actions. I know you love the 411 on breaking news before anyone else!

Here you go:

Finally, today is the day for the 2nd major Bukkake event at the Oregon Theater, for the Blastbukkake : Blastbukkake group. We thank you all in advance for coming down and spending time at either the Pre-party or at the Oregon Theater.

Kitty will be the host of the event and I will be helping her as well. Kitty will be over at the Oregon, chatting & setting things up around 8:45-9ish. I will be at the pre-party with Judy & everyone getting pumped up for the event!!

On the 19th, Before we all head over to the Oregon, I reserved the VIP area of Sassy’s Strip bar for the next event. The pre-party will start from 7:15pm – 9pm. I am sure the lady of honor will join us for a little teasing, plus the view is above the stripper and bar!! Got your Cigars? Plan on smoking a nice Cigar on the outside deck with us!! Who’s joining us? Also, the hottest girls will be booked for dancing this night…

Btw: “should we get the lady of honor a lap dance? Hell yeah!!”

Don’t worry, it’s going to be a packed house with couples, guys and most of all…. Strippers!! No Need to email, unless you want to send me your name & number. Plus if you forget, just let them know you are there for T’s VIP party. (They will give you a bracelet) No cost at the door!
BTW: I will have a Tip jar so I can take care of our waitress. I already paid the cost for the VIP area, so $2 per person would be nice to help your Boy T out. Be sure to save this date…

If you never been to a bukkake event, the information below will be of great benefit to you and other guest. This is not like a Gangbang Party, these events posted here are geared more towards original format of bukkake.
Majority of bukkake events goes like this: 1 female is the main subject; many men attend the event in a wave like fashion and step forward when they are ready or near cumming. The other women who attend the event are only there as fluffers and not to take action from the main subject of the action.

As everyone is excited to get in on the action, below are some rules or guide we are using for blastbukkake events. Break down of how the action will flow:

“She will sit or kneel, as a large circle will be formed around her. These men will either have nothing on below there waist, nude or standing with there dick out jerking. This circle of men will most likely consist of about 10-12 men, as this will give men space to stroke and step up when they are near cumming. As each man cums, another one will step up to fill that spot. There will be no need to push, shove or cock block to get in on the action. If you wanting to cum and not near the front, just wave or yell…. “Cesar I’m ready!!”

To keep things simple and to the point, I am just posting the “Do’s” & “Don’t's”. So let’s get to it.

  • Bring a “Hard Dick” full of cum & ladies, bring that sexy vibe to add to the action

  • Good open-minded energy & positive attitude

  • Fluffer’s are always needed to help the main subject getting guys get ready to cum!!

  • Please be sure to review the rules of the club or hosting group before playing

  • Plan ahead of time to get yourself in the mood for any event

  • Be sure to come freshly clean for head to toe. If you take a sniff and you don’t smell like fresh out the shower, then jump in the shower. A dab of perfume or cologne won’t cover a bad smell

  • Do not cock block others from getting to cum. Example- “ You are standing there stroking your dick and knowing that it takes you a while to cum (30 min’s)”

  • Fucking all the guys in the theater before they get to cum on the main subject…. Duhh….

  • Holding a conversation with someone while they are sucking, fucking or getting a facial… like she will be able to carry on a conversation (Really, shut the fuck up, lol!!).

  • Fucking without a condom without asking

  • Mood Killer’s – Laughing, talking loud, bad hygiene, camera’s, talking negative about the act you are seeing. (Maybe you are not into it, but don’t kill the action for someone who is please.)

Looking forward to see you all on Friday the 19th!!

I came, I cum, I conquered