Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flash Report: Saturday Night's Recap by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with Mr. Reliable and Consistent, senior reporter Bob in Biloxi and his Saturday night recap.  The Good Doctor's Sunday morning consists of a Bloody Mary, some fresh fruit, and Bob's report coming over about 10am to the news desk.  I am a creature of habit, and so is Bob.

No one knows the Gulf Coast scene like our good friend, Bob.  On Saturday nights, he will bounce back and forth between The Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and the ABS down the street. 

So without further ado, here is the well-hydrated Bob in Biloxi...


This Week's Episode: "Oh No You Don't"

Good Morning Doc,

Well another almost fun filled Saturday night on the beautiful Gulf Coast, but it was like being almost pregnant I guess: either you are or you’re not!

The Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
According to reports I missed all the “action” which occurred very early. Two couples attending the theater with only one playing and another showing. Details were sketchy at best, but the one playing was deemed very hot.

Meanwhile the ABS also saw action very early; according to sources she was very pretty but only hooking up with a couple of lucky winners. Now this place is a study in human evolution. We all know that when a woman enters a place like this, she gets attention, well from straight or bi guys at least.  But the hardcore gay guys hardly pay her any attention at all. They do however activate what they call their “gaydar”, so I was unable to ascertain exactly what “she” looked like, other than she was “pretty”. Her guy however got the thumbs down. It’s truly a study in the way gay guys process information that I will never understand. I guess that’s why they are gay, and well, I’m not. So, there will be no forthcoming description on her appearance, sorry.

As the night dragged on, several cutie pies would enter dressed in short summer dresses with high heels that begged to offer moments of having playtime, but to no avail. Then around 10pm a car pulled up with a lady on the pass side two spaces down from me. Hmmmmm, could this be the savior of Saturday night with nothing on TV? Yep, she got out, wearing an ultra short summer type dress, huge, did I say HUGE tits? The bottom of her ass was peeking out due the “ass jacker” high heels she was wearing. My “playdar” went off as they entered and I made a beeline to the back door on an intercept course!
Bob in Biloxi

They paid the fee and went on into the arcade, however I was unable to secure first dibs in the adjoining booth but came in a respectable second after another dude was finished and made his exit. She was seated with her HUGE globes out, so I proceeded to feed “Stan the Man” through the hole.

"Stan" was greeted by her hand, then her mouth, followed by a vigorous hand job. Ok ladies, we can do that just fine, we need/want her mouth or pussy or even ass sometimes. I digress...So I figure ok, I don’t have to do that, so I let her jack for awhile until I’m close, then pull out and spray the ABS approved garbage can. My reasoning is that she is not going to get my load on her HUGE tits simply by jacking me. I think that pissed her off... Well that made two of us, and mine was from not getting what I wanted either.

So, I went back down to the theater and had a few moments to chat with a semi regular couple. One black couple entered and the lady of the couple kept walking right out the back door!! Ok, couples are free on Saturday night, so this chick got the guy in free and she left! WTF!! Hellva guy huh? He just stiffed the theater ten bucks! Yeah, they can stay in business with jerks like that! Come on if you can’t cough up ten bucks for an all day in and out pass, don’t go!!

About it Doc. I was somewhat lighter on the trip back, but far from the afterglow we all crave after a chance meeting with a true glory hole girl. Hey there is always next weekend!!!



Doc here again... Overall, action was pretty light this weekend in the countries adult theaters.  The Paris was lighter than usual (The Oregon Theater however had a good night based from a report from Brent), and 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL only had one brief flurry of activity.  The exception was CTs in Gary, which had a pretty crazy night of gang bangs. So, it's not a surprise that Biloxi had a light weekend as well.  I will cover the weekend stats tomorrow in the new weekly column, "By the Numbers with Dr. Emilio".

I am still in dire need of adult theater reports, ladies and gentlemen.  We are on the cusp of another month, and I'd like to start August with a bang.  Please submit what you have to Ivan Drago The Good Doctor at I will format and edit your report, and it will shine.  You get the glory.

Thanks, and have a great Sunday... Now where is my Bloody Mary?


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Flash Report: CTs Adult Theater on 7/23 by The Back Row Reporter

Doc here with a GREAT Flash Report from one of the newest reporters here at The Journal, The Back Row Reporter. Last Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN had to be something special, since this is the second report received here at the news desk here at The Journal. BRR had done an excellent job with the blow by blow details (cue rim shot).

Here is The Back Row Reporter and his CTs Adult Theater Flash Report:


Hi Doc,

Now about last Saturday night's activity at CTs.  WOW.  That's about the best word to describe it.

There were 5 women there during the time I was there.  As I've already reported, Laney was a no show.  But being a very classy lady, Laney took the time to make a very gracious posting letting everyone know that she would not make it.  It's too bad because we had a good showing of women and lots of men (although we still could have used more men, lots more... hey we had 5 women after all).

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
All 5 women were playing on some level.  Two women only gave blow jobs and the other 3 were blowing and fucking.  And we even had some girl on girl action going on.  Like I said, Wow.  As it turned out all the women were mature women.  All were sexy (at least to me).  But I tend to see almost all women as attractive in some way, especially when they are making the effort and doing us men the favor of offering themselves as we find in this thing of ours

There were 4 couples and 1 single woman.  Now I'm not able to make celebrity comparisons but there was one short blonde with really nice legs.  She had a tight body and was about 5ft 2in.  When I came in she was on the table.  She apparently had worn out the crowd there or so her partner said.  But there was a separate crowd gathered around in back, and there I found some girl on girl action.  The single lady (thicker, bbw type) was going down on a sexy librarian looking lady.  The librarian (as I'll call her) was the sexiest looking lady of the night.  She wore glasses and had shapely legs and a thick, nicely rounded rear end.  She was a brunette and she was very attractive.  She said it was her boyfriends birthday and this was his wish.  Well the girl on girl show was nice and may have taken away from the table action for the blond (damn, more guys please).

A couple guys did the blond on the table and then they took a break.  Perhaps sensing that more of us was interested in the girl on girl action at the time.  I think many of the guys were waiting for a chance at the sexy librarian and didn't wanna blow their wad elsewhere.  Anyway the blond and her fella took a break leaving the theater.  The girl on girl action continued with the librarian starting to give blow jobs.  One guy took the other woman, a short brunette, thicker bbw to the back row and started pounding her doggy style.  They got quite cozy back there, hugging, kissing, and fucking.  He must have fucked her good because after they were done, she left the theater holding his hand and looking a little shaky in the legs. 

The sexy librarian was the only woman left in the theater at this point.  All attention was on her as she blew a couple guys.  I had to take a break from the theater because it was so hot in there.  When I came back another couple had arrived.  Another mature, thicker bbw woman.  She was blowing guys and took her shorts off but she never fucked.  Still the guys seemed to enjoy the blow jobs. 

The sexy librarian must have taken a break also since this was the only woman in the theater at that time.  Another couple showed up.  She was mature (meaning like over 40yrs old).  She was short and blond with a short hair cut.  I wanted to seriously fuck her.  But she left after giving a few blow jobs and I'm told the couple went to the booths for a time but I can't say if there was any action back there.  Meantime, the librarian returned and the show started to pick up again. 

After a short time the single lady who was on break and the last couple left.  Leaving only the sexy librarian.  All eyes on her now.  There really were not that many guys in the theater.  But she was finally ready for the table.  She got up there and her boyfriend announced that condoms were required.  He was making sure by checking before entry and after. 

The first guy up was a short, stout looking black guy.  Hard on at the ready and condom on.  But the lady said he was too big.  That the head of his dick was too large.  She mentioned something about having had surgery and being tighter now.  Now her bf was a small man but I seriously doubt that she was gonna have a problem with the black guy standing between her legs with the ready (condom wrapped) hard on.  She asked the guy if he would let her get warmed up first and them come back.  The guy was gracious and stepped aside for another fella.  This is what the fellas there were waiting for.  She really was hot.  A bit talkative (in a good way) but friendly and sexy. 

After a few fellas fucked her, the short black guy returned to give he a fucking.  She came a few times with a couple fellas and then we seemed to run out of fellas to fuck her.  There was a Hispanic guy she was eyeing who backed off after she commented on the size of the short black man.  I think he was feeling intimidated.  No need for that since she had her eyes on him.  She really wanted this Hispanic guy.  After more sex talk and her fella fucking her, the Hispanic guy stepped up to the plate. 

He was tall enough that he could fuck her from the side of the table.  i didn't see him put on a condom and I wondered if he had one on.  Well sure enough he didn't.  When he stepped back to go down on her it was clear that he was fucking her bareback.  And the bf didn't say a thing.  The mood seemed to change in the place.  I can't describe it but it was as if everyone knew it was now a no holds barred bareback fuck fest going on.  If there was any doubt that changed when she started fondling his bare cock and reinserting it into her.  She took him over to the chairs and rode him bareback.  But he could not seem to cum.  And she tried, sucking, fondling, fucking, sucking, and fucking some more.

Eventually he jerked off while she stood/straddled over him, kissing and fingering her own pussy.  It was hot.  About now one of the staff had come in.  Apparently he wanted some of this hot pussy too.  He fingered her and had her squirting and cumming.  Then he too fucked her bareback and unloaded in her.  It was truly on now. 

The short black guy put her back on the table.  Now he had fucked her before and it was with a condom on and the bf checking to make sure.  But this time the short black guy approached her bareback.  The bf flashed his light on the guy to check for a condom (as he'd done before).  And the black guy simply slapped the top of her pussy with his bare dick and showed it to the bf for him to see and looked at the bf to see what he'd say.  The bf didn't say a word.  This short black guy then proceed to give the sexy librarian good fucking.  And yes, she was also aware that he was bareback.  So she was now officially fucking bareback.   And I think everyone of the guys that followed also fucked her bareback. 

I cannot say that I advise this to anyone.  But as we all know in this thing of ours, it happens.  So it's up to you to make the wise (or perhaps unwise choose).  In any event, there is something and always will be about seeing a woman getting fucked bareback.  It's unencumbered,'s raw.  And it's hot.  Whatever it is it took hold last night.  This sexy librarian who began the night insisting on condom use was now unabashedly fucking all comers raw.  And she was loving it. 

What's more so was her bf.  I forgot to mention that he and another fella ate her out after the CT staffer unloaded his wad in her.  And she was telling her bf to "get his fill" while he ate her out.  This scene was not expected at the start with this couple but the night had turned into something else indeed.

Anyway I did partake of this lovely lady, but I will not say if it was before or after the scene change to a bareback event.  I enjoyed her and look forward to seeing her again.  And honestly, I hope the scene plays out the same way. 

Those that use condoms can have a good fuck with her and then after she gets all warmed up it's then time for the no holds barred bareback fuck fest.  It was a very hot scene.  And hot in the theater too...Again, they really should do something to keep the customers from overheating in that place. 

So there was the wrap up of Saturday night.  I hope to see that sexy librarian again real soon.

The Back Row Reporter


Doc here again... Awesome report from The Back Row Reporter.  We hope to see more from him soon...

This report really captures what CTs Adult Theater in Gary is all about: hard core adult theater playing.  The guys at CTs are extremely well-behaved, get it, and deliver.  It's a no-frill environment, but what you do get is gen pop playing unrivaled in this thing of ours.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  I am in dire need Just e-mail The Heat Miser The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report for you... You just supply the words.


Flash Report! Brent's Theater Tails: "Training Butterflies For Fun & Profit"

Doc here with the latest Flash report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland. After a brief rest bit, from the theaters, Brent returned with an extra sharp pencil to take notes on this past Saturday and Sunday night at The Paris Theatre in Portland.

So here he is, off the top rope...Brent in Portland...


I've been away from the theaters for awhile. I was back at The Paris this Saturday and Sunday. The first couple I saw came in around 6:30. She was a dark haired beauty with a womanly figure. She had on a sexy red dress, that she slipped up past her smooth thighs and round ass. She had large round breasts that she swayed back and forth while she bent over facing the audience, getting fucked from behind.

At one point her husband went out to the lobby but, she remained in the couples section, her expression was "I'm very nasty and very horny." Her legs were spread wide, her tits were still hanging free, her fingers were alternating between stroking her smoothly shaved pussy and caressing her fine upstanding nipples. Their visit was short and sweet and it was a great way to start the evening.

The next couple was two young kids who put on a great show in the bedroom. She was a perfectly proportioned 95 pound little dark haired girl with small tits , tight pussy and cute little ass. Her guy had tattoos and a dick that looked like it might not fit, but she took it like a champ. Hell she took it like it was nothing. They were very much into each other, cuddling and caressing while the crowd looked on. They left for a while then returned later to put on another show in the bedroom. I did not see that one because the crowd was too thick around them but I did hear her final moments of orgasmic fury echoing about the entire theater.

While they were playing in the bedroom another couple was playing in The Oasis. She was a good looking women with long curly hair and a big beautiful ass. I didn't see that much of them but I could tell from my vantage point that they were having a good time. On the way out, she let a few guys feel her tits and rub between her legs but only for a few seconds. Hopefully, that was a preview of coming attractions.

There were other couples in, Saturday. The fierce looking lady with the smooth alabaster body, the one they call "The Machine" was in The Arena fucking as many guys as she could. I wonder if she still has a thick forest of hair around her pussy?

There was also "The Wandering Couple"; this is a young couple that comes to The Paris to watch other couples play; they watched "The Machine" play for a long time, a few guys stood near them hoping they would get inspired to play too. Later, they watched the young couple play in the bedroom.

A BBW couple was also there that night. She was cute and had good measurements for a big girl. I've seen them play with guys before, I've seen her get her pussy eaten in the bedroom. Saturday night , they remained in the couples section. She had her tits out and her legs spread. They played for a few hours but never with the general population.

There were other couples that came and left without playing or showing off, Saturday. That's  the way of The Paris. The last couple for example, a good looking young black guy and his young girl friend didn't play while I was there but maybe they did after I left.

Sunday, The Librarian or Lady From Up North, fucked a few lucky young guys, but that didn't happen until close to closing time. Earlier, an attractive young woman who looked like Charlize Theron  came in with three guys to watch Anime. One of the guys was obviously her boyfriend but she flirted with the other two while they watched the cartoons. Before that a hot blond who reminded me of a nasty Valerie Perine, was fucking and sucking her man on one of the  couches in the main theater area. She was very vocal and very instructive. She was definitely excited by all the guys watching her. At one point, she demanded " Suck my pussy hard," and he did. Funny, I was just about to offer her my trained butterfly. She and her man got a standing (dick) ovation when they left. On the way out, she tried to engage the Charlize Theron girl in a little bit of girl on girl theater sex but, unfortunately, it didn't happen.

Maybe next time.


Thanks again to Brent for jumping back in the saddle and cranking out one of his patented 5-star reports. 

The Good Doctor needs adult theater reports in a major way.  Flash Reports, Field Reports, or Blasts From The Past are needed in numbers.  I will help you in the editing and formatting or your stories.  All I need is your raw report.  Just e-mail me at



Friday, July 29, 2011

Flash Report: Gloryhole Nancy Update and NEW PICS!

Doc here with a quick update and some very nice new pics from the gorgeous Gloryhole Nancy in Toledo.

If you are in or near Toledo tonight, you should try and help her out, by you know, helping her out.



Good Morning Doc,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to send a couple teaser pics, as I have several more to send from our last trip to the gloryhole. Approx 4 pics, with a short story will follow soon. We plan on hitting Adult Pleasures (4404 N Detroit Ave) tonight (Friday) around 9 pm if you would like to let our fellow friends know, and we'll of course be taking pics! Talk to you soon, have a good one...

T & N

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flash Report: Back Row Reporter on Laney's GB @ CTs in Gary 7/21 and 7/22/11

Doc here with a first time report from the newest reporter here at The Journal of Adult Theaters, the Back Row Reporter.  BRR submitted two reports, and the first one focuses on Laney from Texas' 2-day visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.

BRR pulls no punches in his report, but it's content should be taken as constructive criticism.

Take it away, BRR...


Hi Good Doctor Lizardo,

Here's a unofficial report about Laney's visits at CTs Adult Theater this past weekend.  Well Laney's 3 day gangbang didn't come off as planned.  I'm not sure what happened because I wasn't there all 3 days.  

This is what I know from being there 2 days (Thu & Sat), and talking to the staff and folks at CTs about the other day (Fri).  Laney arrived as scheduled around noon for her 1st gangbang scheduled for the day.  I was there and all went well.  Laney was as usual was quite the sexpot.  Laney is a hot, mature, unashamed, sexpot.  She loves gangbangs.  Laney will give head but she is mainly there to get fucked.  Fucked good and hard and many, many times.  Laney has said as much on her postings on CTs yahoo site.  But this time was somehow different. 

Laney from Texas
Laney really didn't seem to be quite as into it as before.  Laney said this is her 7th visit to CTs and I've had the pleasure of seeing her 4 times.  I will say that Laney posts in hopes of getting as much cock/dick as possible.  And the turnout was much lighter that I've seen in the past.  And perhaps this was a portent of things to come.  I didn't make the Thu night 8pm session but I spoke to folks and they said the turnout was very light.  Just not enough guys to satisfy Laney.  Laney is a unabashed slut and she wants to be fucked lots of times.  In fact I remember her posting said that she wanted to break her personal record of 110 guys over the 3 day set.  

Laney left the Thursday 8pm gangbang very early at about 10pm because of the light turnout.  I'm told she didn't seem happy.  I did not make neither the nooner nor 8pm gangbangs on Friday.  I cannot report on the nooner gangbang on Friday as I didn't make that and don't know anyone who did.  But I spoke to folks about the 8pm session and they said that Laney arrived, went into the theater, there were only a few guys, and none of them wanted to fuck her.  Apparently this group of fellas were more into voyeurism.  But without any fellas to fuck her there wasn't anything for them to see or for Laney to do.  Apparently Laney was either very disappointed or very pissed off.  She left shortly after she got there.  For the Saturday night 8pm gangbang, Laney posted that she would not be there.  She said that she was concerned about the weather.

CTs Adult Theater
 Gary, IN
Now this is a shame.  Laney is a mature woman.  Laney is quite hot and very sexy.  And she's got a big sexual appetite, and perhaps she isn't  everyone's cup of tea.  But I can tell you for past events that Laney has lots of fellas that really like getting with her.  She has a following. 

In my opinion, perhaps it's her desire to break records, staying 3 days, and scheduling so many visits that is causing a problem.  With all those visits her fans are starting to spread out as to when they will arrive.  After all, Laney was scheduled for 5 gangbangs in 3 days with several hours on each session.  Perhaps the new has worn off and she just will not get the crowd she is used to for all those days/sessions.  I would suggest Laney limit her visits to no more than 3 sessions at CTs and maybe only 2 sessions.  And additionally she should add a couple private hotel parties and 1 visit to the other Chicago-based adult theater to the list.  Laney is insatiable and this should do the trick. 

Adding a couple private hotel parties (by invitation only), she can be sure to get the guys who are interested in giving her the fucking she deserved.  I'm sure any number of her fans (including myself) would be happy to host one of those private parties. 

Laney is traveling all the way from Texas and she is making a big effort to get here to this area.  It's a shame if we can't manage to give this sexy azz woman the fucking she wants and deserves.  I can appreciate her trying to accommodate all her fans by scheduling so many trips to CTs but that's part of the problem. 

I hope Laney returns to our Chicago/Northern-Indiana area for more hot action.  Laney and her fans here have had some great times.  But let's hope for a much greater turnout next time.


Doc here again... Thanks to the Back Row Reporter for a fine job on his inaugural report for The Journal.  His second report will be seen here in the next day or two, and focuses on last Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater.

Do you have an adult theater report? A Blast From The Past (a past visit that sticks out as being a great evening of theater sex)? I hope you do, since I am in dire need of reports here at The Journal.  Just e-mail Zorba the Greek The Good Doctor and I will edit and format your report for you.  You supply the words.  It's easy.  Try it.

Trust me... I'm a Doctor.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Flash Report: Saturday Night 7/23/11 at CTs Adult Theater by HnR

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from regular Journal reporter, HnR.  HnR happened by CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on Saturday night, and walked into quite the scene.  Multiple couples and multiple scenes...all in a night's work for HnR!

Here is HnR and his first person account of Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater...


Doc - HnR here with a new report from just last night (Saturday 7/23/11) at CT's in Gary.

Been away from the ABS action for a little while being busy with summer activities and thought I would make a quick pit stop at CT's Adult Theater Saturday (7/23) evening just to see what I might find. I had no idea if there would be any action or not. I was doing a cold visit, stop in check it out and either play quickly or leave... not much time available to wait and see what happens later.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
As I arrived right at 9:30pm, I noticed the parking lot was about fairly full which can mean action or not, but took it as a good sign. Pulled into the side lot and walked into the building and noticed that there were no guys in the lobby, which is normally a very positive sign. Paid Pete my fee and headed to the theater.

There were 2 couples when I first entered. A black haired lady, about mid to late 30's, with glasses, mid-build, pretty attractive and her guy in the 2nd row. She had her knees in the seat, facing towards the back row and was sucking on an older guy while a another was fingering her from behind. She seemed to be enjoying the fun. Also, another couple was there in the seats to the left on the side. She was a smaller blonde, short shirt and very cute with her guy watching the action. I was told they had been there an hour or so and she had been on the table fucking but was taking a break.

Back to the black haired lady. The crowd was fairly reserved, so I was able to move to the 2nd row and begin rubbing the lady's breasts while she was playing with the other two guys. She turned around on the seat and laid back and began sucking the cock of the other guy while spreading her legs for him to play with her pussy, which was nicely trimmed but far from bald. I also played with her tits for a bit and got a few feels of the hot moist pussy before she got back on her knees.  She asked the guy to my right that she was just sucking to fuck her, asked him if he had a condom, he said no, but she instructed her man to get one from the play bag that they had brought along(love it when a couple comes prepared). While they were looking for one in the bag, the guy said he would need a break before fucking her. I thought great since I was like right there, she decided to take a break as well, got dressed and her and her man went to the lobby.

A lull in the action for 5 minutes when a 3rd couple came into the theater. A sightly chubby short hair blonde and her guy. She sat on the left side next to the back row, the guy had a younger dude come over for the lady to suck him off and he did cum on her tits and they clean-up and said they were taking a break and would be back.

Another brief lull in the action before the smaller blonde decided to go for round 2 and get on the table for all that were interested. I just happened to have my cock out and hard and was able to get first dibs. Put the condom on and was able to enter that fairly tight, shaved pussy. She had perky boobs which bounced nicely while I increased the tempo fucking her... in respect for the other guys, I came within 2-3 minutes and backed away from the table for the next guy. As I was leaving the theater the black haired lady and her guy were coming back in, for more action I assume.

I cleaned up and left right at 10:00pm... Mission accomplished. If Saturday night was any indication, CT's action is beginning to pick back up. See ya all next time.



Doc here again... Thanks to HnR for another excellent Flash Report from what is argueably one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country, CTs. CTs is not for the timid or weak of heart.  It is a dependable location for gang bangs and group theater sex.  It is not there for a movie-going experience. Period, end of story.

It's not everyones cup of tea, but to those who like their tea down and dirty, CTs tastes great!

Have an adult theater report fro CTs or any other adult theater?  Just e-mail Rip Taylor The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your reports, and you get the glory of your pen name on the interweb's one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


New Feature! By The Numbers With Dr. Emilio

Doc here with a brand new feature here at The Journal... By The Numbers is an extension of the Tweets I would typically send out on Saturday and Sunday mornings after looking at the previous night's activity at adult theaters.  Since the number of theaters documenting visits by couples/single women continues to rise, this service needs it's own space.  Thus, By The Numbers.

Three adult theaters do a great and consistent job at posting when couples and single females walk through their doors:
  • 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL
  • CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN
  • The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR
One theater will report the same activity, but it depends on whether one clerk is on duty who takes the time to post the visits.  That theater is the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH.

OK, enough of the pleasantries... Here is how Saturday /early Sunday morning (July 23/24) looked at the 3 adult theaters:

Theater                         Couples                          Single Females
15th Ave                       10 Couples                       1 Single Female
CTs                                 4 Couples
Paris                             17 Couples
All three theaters reported some hot times on Saturday night.  I have not one, but two reports in the hopper about Saturday night at CTs in Gary.  The first report will be going up this morning, the second tomorrow morning.

All 3 results are excellent... 4 Couples at CTs maxes out the size of their mini theater.  17 Couples at The Paris is a typical Saturday night, and 10+1 at 15th Avenue is an excellent night.  3 for 3 on my scorecard.

Next week I will chronicle Friday and Saturday nights at all three theaters, and if information is forthcoming at The Summit News Theater, they will be added as well.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flash Report: Summit News Adult Theater 7/22/11 by Jay

Doc here with a great first time report from the newest contributor to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Jay.  Jay hopefully will be our steady Summit News Adult Theater field reporter moving forward. Jay has been around the block a few times, and know this thing of ours well.

Summit News has steadily been moving up the Power Rankings in the past few weeks, and now is a pretty consistent Top 5 adult theater. Summit News is also (depending on who is working that day/night) posting announcements on their private Yahoo Group, ala The Paris in PDX, 15th Ave in Melrose Park, and CTs in Gary when couples arrive. 

So sit back, and enjoy Jay's outstanding report on Friday night at the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH.


Dear Doctor,

Friday night (7/22) at the Summit Theater in Warren, OH was one to remember. That afternoon, Eric (one of the staff at the Summit) emailed the hobbyists on the Summit Yahoo group that Turbo Slut would be making an appearance that night at 8:00.

So I headed out to Warren and arrived at the theatre about 7:45. My hopes (and cock) rose when I found another couple in the main theatre, but alas, they were watching the movie. Her friend had his hand down her halter, playing with her tits, but that would be the extent of the action. One of the great things about the Summit is everyone is always respectful of any couples that come in. There were perhaps 7 or 8 of us in the theatre, we were all hoping more would follow, but even an hour into the movie no change. Could have been their first time and she was just not ready. Everyone there respected that and did not push.

At close to 9:00 I was getting discouraged and almost ready to leave when Turbo arrived. I had not brought my Blackberry in with me and it turns out she did let Eric know they would be late. After her and a friend sat in the main theatre for a few minutes, they left and went to one of the booths and got ready. They soon headed to the private theatre and us troopers followed.
She moved to a tall, padded chair and sat down facing the couches where we were getting ready. Turbo had on a very hot red bra and panties that would soon be moved aside. She is one hot chick, looking like a younger Carrie Fischer. She then announced that she only had one rule (other than condoms are a must)...Don't waste her time, be ready, she wants cum! She also had brought a large martini glass and informed everyone to cum in the glass, she was going to take all of the cum at the same time.

One of the troopers dove right in and Turbo started to squirm and announced he really could eat pussy...he was in the all time top ten. She soon stood up, her friend tied her hands behind her back, and she bent over the chair. One of the fellows didn't waste any time, he moved right in and started to pound away from behind. Turbo yelled out "Somebody stick a cock in my mouth!" Well, I didn't need any more encouragement so I quickly obliged her. As my fellow hobbyist pounded away she moved forward with each thrust burying my cock in her mouth. It wasn't long before I was ready (we took her rule seriously) and soon asked for the glass and shot my load into it. One after another the boys continued to fill the glass until we were all spent.

Her friend then laid cushions on the floor, Turbo laid down on her back, and he asked us how she should take it. There was a brief idea to go back to the main theatre and drink it there, but a consensus was soon reached to just pour it in! She leaned her head back and her friend poured 8 or 9 cum loads directly into her mouth and on her face. She loved it! We loved it!

Can't wait for her next appearance at the Summit, good Doctor.



Doc here again... It's reports like this great one from Jay that make The Summit News Theater a must stop location in this thing of ours.   Thanks for the report, and we are looking forward to Round 2!

Do you have a report that you'd like to see on The Journal (just like Jay did)?  Just e-mail Gorrila Monsoon The Good Doctor at, and I will edit and format your report.  You get the glory and prestige.  A real win/win!


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Saturday Night Report 7/23/11

Doc here with this week's report from that southern gentleman himself, senior Journal reporter Bob in Biloxi.  The past two weeks have been a bit slower than usual on the Gulf Coast, but Bob somehow, someway, finds a way to get into some shenanigans. This report is no exception.

I submit to you, the good readers of The Journal, Bob's report:


This Week's Episode: "Gentlemen Prefer Red Head(s)"

Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
Hey Doc,

Last night was the perfect night for this thing of ours or dogging or anything else one can figure to do without one’s clothes. Cool breeze blowing off the Gulf, moderate temps, etc. But we only saw a small amount of ladies willing to play?
 At the Gulf Coast Theater, 5 couples were in attendance at various times, with our “German Couple” making a run for the record. The other four checking out the scene, but reserved in their actions.

Now down at the ABS, a totally different story. I arrived around 7pm, and the lot was full. I went in to check it out, & the clerk told me no couples had been in all day. So I went back and figured I would check out the new movie postings and try and relax just a little and ponder the events that may take place this evening. No fewer than 25 guys poked their nose into the hole, seeing that I wasn’t going to play, and made their exit. I was just about to leave when a couple entered next door. In all honesty I was waiting to see if one would show.

The Real
Lauren Holly

A stunning redhead, dressed in a black stretch dress, no panties (God I love women when they do that!) a bra containing massive D (at least a D) cup tits, with what appeared to be a baby smooth pussy. I know this because upon entering she started disrobing! I can best describe her looks as somewhat like Lauren Holly, only with bigger boobs! Every attractive young lady maybe in her early 30’s, in any case she stirred the right hormones and soon I was sliding the first mate through the hole. What happened next, and I’ve thought about this repeatedly on the drive home, could only be compared to a lioness toying with her prey before she devours it!

Her tiny hands were ultra soft and begin stroking me followed by a very wet mouth, followed by lightly stroking, followed by a very wet mouth, followed by what felt distinctly like a wet pussy! I didn’t last long Doc, frustration from endless meetings, goofy employees, goofier bosses and just plain ole pent up anxiety shot to the surface, along with what felt like some spinal fluid covered this lass. It was one of those OMG moments; I was appreciative of the top portion of the wall to hang on too! Lest I collapse on the floor! This lady had genuine talent for making a man lose all control.  I don’t think they stayed long afterward, but since they didn’t, many missed out on incredible talent!

Bob in Biloxi
After retiring to the safety of the bitching burnt orange Ram and consuming massive amounts of H2O, accompanied by an hour or so of rest, a blonde pulled up in a Mustang with her ole man. They went in and went straight to the back. I wasn’t able to catch which booth they went in, but one of the gays there pointed to one without a hole. I never did find them, so I don’t know what if anything they did. She was certainly dressed to play. When I came back from checking out the theater they were already gone, but one guy told me she was looking to get him plowed in the ass. Oh well, not my thing but maybe she had some luck. We will never know I guess.

That’s only one for one on two weekends, but it beats striking out anytime. The quality of the attending ladies certainly has gone off the scale; primo would be a great word to describe them!!!

And that’s your report from the beautiful Gulf Coast, Doc. Have a great week!



Doc here again....Thank you Bob for once again, taking one for the this thing of ours team.  This is an example of quality over quantity, and Bob makes the most of his instincts on this report. 

The Good Doctor is begging and pleading for more adult theater reports.  Please e-mail Natureboy Rick Flair The Good Doctor at . I will edit and format your reports, and all you have to do is supply the words and get the glory.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor

Doc here with two quick notes for you, the good readers of The Journal...
  1. Last night provided a curve ball for the blonde bukkake event at 15th Avenue... Power was knocked out at 15th Ave until midnight, so I am not sure if this came off or not.  If you were there, and can shed some light on the situation, please e-mail me at
  2. I'd like to request an update from anyone lucky enough to have attended a portion of Laney's 3-day gang bang at CTs in Gary, IN.  Again, please e-mail me with any details.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reminder: Coming Attraction Friday Night @ 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a very promising Coming Attraction for 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater (and Spa) in Melrose Park, IL (in the western burbs of Chicago). 

Hot out of town couple with smoking hot blonde (see pics of the real couple below).

Spa fun, including bukkake. Loves BBCs, but all hard cocks welcome.

15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater, 2125 N. 15th Avenue, Melrose Park, IL

Friday July 22, 2011

Doctor's Notes:
This out of town couple will be visiting The Windy City in search of BBCs and heavy loads for the hot blonde in the pics. Will be visiting the spa area of 15th Avenue for this adventure.

Gallery (click pics to ENLARGE):


Have fun!


(Disclaimer: Plans can change at the last minute within this thing of ours. The Journal is not responsible for last minute cancellations or no-shows.)

Couples Flash Report: P & F @ 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater on 7/20/11

Doc here with a great Couples Flash Report from one of The Good Doctor's favorite couples: P&F. P&F are regulars to 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL (in the western burbs of Chicago), and their reputation is beyond reproach. 

They are the prototypical adult theater couple: F is a very attractive sexual dynamo, in a petite yet curvy body.  Her long dark hair is usually up, and she is as nice as she is insatiable.  P is a great guy, and does a fantastic job of controlling the situation around F.  Exactly what a male escort of a sexy woman in an adult theater should be.  If you are lucky enough to get an invite to join them, you will not be disappointed.

Deep Staging with P&F will be the home for their own series of adult theater adventures here at The Journal.  We have been discussing doing this for months, and now the time is here.  They have many great tales to tell, and the following report is great way to kick things off.

Here is P&F and their report on a sultry and steamy Wednesday afternoon at 15th Avenue...


Hi Doc,

P and F went to cool off in the theater at 15th Ave this afternoon.  The movie was light bondage and F really digged the movie. We headed to spa area, and found a light group back there. We needed a break, so we left door open to our private room in the back.
F @ 15th Ave Books and Theater

A guy stepped up, dressed for the dance. F and the guy did indeed dance, and they hugged and he left. F needed a shower, so it's a good thing that 15th has a large shower room. Now squeaky clean, a guy in the shower asks "F can I touch 1 booby". F says ok, and then grabs his happy stick till he cums.

Doc, here is where P got blown away. 1 guy was in theater, so we go start watching B&D movie. F is digging this, and we start playing.  GM asks to play with F, but she is not sure. We keep playing, and GM now gets OK from F that he can play.  This guy is all over F, and GM is in between F's legs. F is sucking my happy stick and I then explode on her tits.

GM the starts licking her cum covered tit, and another guy licks the cum off  other the tit.  Guy #2 has his happy stick in his hand, there is cum all over F, and GM goes right back to F's pussy. He wants F to squirt on his face, and she eventually did.  He licked her dry, but GM never pulled out his happy stick. He told me I was a lucky bastard and left.

We have never seen this before, where the guys where not looking for anything other then touching F. What a wild day!



Thanks again to P&F for this great report kicking off their own series here at The Journal. We look forward to their next report, and hopefully when they visit next, more light B&D videos are playing in the theater.

15th Avenue (at 2125 n. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL) is one of my favorite adult theaters in the entire country.  They get very consistent visits by couples during both weekend evenings, as well as daytime visits.  In a way, I like the daytime visits even more. Why?  More relaxed atmosphere, less guys, but the guys usually there are veterans at this thing of ours. The result is usually a win/win for couples and the guys lucky enough to be there.

And yes P, you are a lucky bastard!


Flash Report: Art Cinema in Hartford on 7/13 by The Captain

Doc here with report #2 on the crazy evening at Hartford's Art Cinema last Wednesday from The Captain.  This was a "Coming Attractions" visit, and it apparently lived up to all expectations. Report #1 from Tomkat (story HERE) was terrific, so what surprises does that crafty old seadog have for us?

Here is The Captain, dropping trou anchor at The Art Cinema.


What's up Doc?

The Captain has been hard at work battling some rough seas and is a little late in getting this report in. A true reporter always likes to have facts independently confirmed and I offer this report to back up TomKat's recent report on the 7/13 Coming Attraction event at Hartford's Art Cinema, at 255 Franklin Street.

Having recently been to the Art and hauled in an empty net, I was thrilled to see the preview of coming attractions coincided with another trip back out to sea. I left my berth in Upstate NY that afternoon and headed to Hartford early to avoid some of the dredging delays I'd been experiencing on the Connecticut River lately.

I arrived at The Art a few minutes before 7 and as TomKat stated, the entertainment for the night came in about 7:05. I usually expect couples to be an hour or more late and when they show up on time, I know they mean business when it comes to playtime!

Everything happened just as TomKat stated, blow by blow - I didn't realize cats had photographic, or in TomKat's case, video-graphic memory! I felt like I was back in the theater as I read his report.
The Real
Beau Garrett

The guy that stripped naked must have been a track and field Olympian the way he leaped over the rows to get near the couple when they came downstairs. They had a short time playing in the aisle but went back upstairs as I later found out because one of the patrons had a strong case of BO - having not showered in a while. (showing up and smelling clean gets you 90% of they way home when you participate in this thing of ours, the other 10% is ladies choice.) After they came back downstairs, she got more aggressive with the group. I was one of the lucky ones that got to sample her oral talents. She had a small mouth but took my good size cock expertly. Her tongue felt like velvet on my cock. I quickly spilled my load on her chest, as requested by her male companion, adding to gooey mess. She seemed pretty willing to do what he told her to. Whoever it was that unloaded on her right shoulder must have been saving that up for two weeks because he painted her Peter North style!

I've been racking my brain, and a few issues of US Weekly, to figure out who the woman reminded me of and it finally hit me... Beau Garrett from the TRON movie remake, but with a bob style haircut.

Hopefully the next Wed the 13th will be as eventful at the Art.

The Captain

PS - There was another couple there on Tue the 12th and one on Fri the 15th, so there might be some budding field reporters out there waiting to file their story? I heard neither played with the gen pop, but Tuesday was a young 20's couple that put on a show?!?!?


Doc here again... Thanks again to The Captain for is usual yeoman's effort in bringing this thing of ours into your living rooms, offices, bedrooms, or that corner of the basement with the oily rags.  The Art Cinema is the go-to adult theater in the New England states, and is still on The Good Doctor's bucket list.

I still need reports. Flash Reports and Blasts From The Past are needed to quench the thirst of the thousands of readers visiting The Journal each week.  It's time to step up and be counted.  Just e-mail Up With People The Good Doctor at with your report, and I will edit, format, and doll-up your report.  You get the glory and the girl.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coming Attractions: Laney Hits CTs Adult Theater Tomorrow @ Noon (w/pics)

Doc here with a reminder that the very sexy and insatiable Laney from Texas will be at CTs Adult Theater, 4620 Industrial Highway in Gary, IN this Thursday through Saturday, July 21 - 23rd, 2011. The fun starts Thursday at noon...

Here is the latest from Laney on her visit, plus more pics of her (click to enlarge, they are hi-res):

It's Laney and I will be arriving Thursday at noon and I have a surprise for all that will be at CTs Thursday at noon. There will a little show for all that will be there. I have a female friend thats wants to eat my pussy while all the guys watch. She is new to all this so she has requested that everyone stand back and watch while she plays with me. Please don't touch her while she playing with me. When she is though I will be all yours.

Please remember condoms must be woren when playing with me. Looking forward to the Thursday nooner

Field Report: Tomkat (on the prowl) on The Fairmount Theater, East Haven, CT

Doc here with the latest Field Report from senior reporter Tomkat (on the prowl), this time on the Fairmount Theater in East Haven, CT.  Looks like a scary place, but is it?

Here is Tomkat and his report...


Hi Doc,

I paid a visit to the Fairmount Theater, 33 Main St. Annex,  East Haven, CT while prowling the Connecticut coast on a recent weekday afternoon.  This was my first visit to this particular establishment.  Here is the good, the bad and the very very ugly!

The Fairmount is conveniently located off I-95.  The theater has on-premises parking that is subject to video surveillance.  This is not necessarily a bad thing if you value your car and it's contents.  A sign by the door says they are open late.  That's always good for couples.  But, they play gay movies on the weekends.

I entered the theater and approached the clerk.  Inside was a limited selection of videos and a few sex toys.  I paid the $10 admission to a clerk who seemed very gay to me.  I  was directed to a doorway covered with a shabby curtain.  I stepped through the make shift portal into darkness.  I took the nearest seat and allowed my eyes to adjust.  The movie showing was straight porn, depicting rich guys fucking maids.  After a few minutes I was able to take in my surroundings.  The theater is medium size with about 25 rows of about 15 seats.  The place is filthy and smelled of a combination of mold and dried cum. There were about 10 older pole cats playing with each other's poles.  After about 20 minutes, the movie changed over to a "chicks with dicks" genre.  

I wandered out to the video store/lobby.  Near the front door, I noticed another curtained doorway marked "private video booth".  I went over to check it out.  Stepping through the curtain, I found myself in a 20-seat mini-theater showing gay porn. The chairs looked new and the room smelled liked it had been freshly dry-walled and painted.  Since gay porn is not my thing, I went back to the main theater.  The gender-bender flick was still playing.

By this time, I had seen enough or so I thought.  I stopped in the men's room to empty my bladder in preparation for the long drive home.  The men's room absolutely reeked.  I've seen litter boxes that smell better!  I took my leak being extra careful not to touch anything but me and left.

The bottom line is the Fairmount is a filthy decrepit theater that caters to the M2M crowd.  There is no accommodation for couples.   The sleaze factor looms large here.  I doubt any couple who ventures in there would stay long.   I wish I could provide a more optimistic report.  But, I gotta call 'em like I see 'em


TomKat (on the Prowl)


Doc here again... Well, it looks like The Fairmount is the leading candidate for the Hall of Shame for 2011.  Reading the report, it reminded me of my several trips into the Apex Theater in Baltimore.  Aside from the fact that The Apex is a large theater (an easy 600 seats or more), the descriptions could be interchanged.  I swear I can still smell the restroom of The Apex, and it's been 9 months since I have been there.

Thanks to Tomkat for taking one for the team inside The Fairmount Theater, and for the new pics of the theater.

The Good Doctor is in dire need of adult theater reports.  Just e-mail George Clooney The Good Doctor at and I will edit, format, and make your report spiffy. Yes, spiffy. You get to join the ranks of the 40+ contributors to The Journal.

Try it.


Flash Report: SFMan Reports on Saturday Night 7/16 @ Secrets In Oakland

Doc here with an outstanding first time report from SFMan and his observations at Secrets Adult Theater from Saturday night in Oakland, CA.

It's good to have you aboard, SFMan!


Here's a little narrative of my Saturday adventure at Secrets, 201 Broadway in Oakland.

Drove over from Southern Marin and arrived about 1:15pm, entered the dark theater and stood by the back wall to let my eyes adjust. There is a regular who sits in the last row to the left, last seat next to the wall who gives blowjobs. He had a welcome participant.
Oakland, CA

Not much else going on. Approximately 15 minutes later a couple entered. Not Dino and his lady, but a tall blond, 40'ish, short curly hair, shorts, high heals and a loose fitting blouse. Her guy, about 50, 5'10" led her over to the corner to the right and they stood there about a minute before she had her shorts unbuttoned and he was feeling her up. I moved over and stood next to them, stroking, hoping for an invitation. She reached over to pull out his cock and started stroking him. She was going to get on her knees but they decided to move down to the seats.

When they sat down, she immediately pulled her beautiful breasts out and began giving him a blowjob.
Someone leaned over to let the guy know there was a row of seats that had more room in the front and they moved down. She was bent over and the guys started the grope fest while she was administering to her guy.

She helped us remove hershorts (no panties on underneath) and we all had access to the beautiful pussy. I put a raincoat on and tried to fuck her but for whatever reason she wasn't lubricated and neither was the condom, so penetration was futile. After several minutes the dreaded limp dicks syndrome took hold anyway. But, we all had fun playing in one fashion or another. Her guy laid her back in the chair and gave her a good tongue lashing and she eventually got off. She stroked a few guys and he sucked a little cock and that was about it.

During all of this Dino and his lady walked in. I let them know about the couple and they came down and observed for a minute or two and then settled in a few rows back and got comfortable. After the first couple left I got comfortable in a seat in the row in front of Dino and his lady. From past experience I know it takes them awhile to get warmed up, so I left them alone.

The eventually struck up a conversation with a gentleman behind them and I guess they hit it off. They retired to the arcade, just the three of them. I left just after that.

Another fun day at Secrets.


Doc here again... Thank you again to SFMan for a terrific first time report! You would think an area as liberal as the Bay area would be filled with adult theaters, but alas it is a one-trick pony with Secrets in Oakland.  We are looking forward to SFMan and his Bay Area reports moving forward.

Speaking of Secrets, I have a "Preview of Coming Attractions" coming up in the next day or so about a visit there (Secrets) on July 29th that is not to be missed. Details, pics, and video is forthcoming at The Journal.

Lastly, The Good Doctor is still badly in need of adult theater reports.  Please e-mail  Lon Chaney Jr. The Good Doctor at with your report, and I will do the rest for you. Editing, grammar, formatting... All you do is provide the words.