Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful Goes To Mr. Peeps in Portland (w/New Gloryhole Pic!)

Doc here with the incredible Hawaiian Eyeful, and her latest adventure in this thing of ours.
HE is a rock star here at The Journal, as her reports typically get a ton of pageviews each time they hit the front page.  This report will be no exception.
Ms. Eyeful hit the gloryhole playground of Mr. Peeps in Portland, OR, and this is her report.
It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and we were attending our son’s track meet.   After watching him complete his first race we knew we had some time to kill before he was scheduled to run again.  Fortunately for us, the school’s location was only a few blocks away from one of Portland’s favorite adult arcades, known as Mr. Peeps (on 122nd Avenue).  So off in the car we went to make our quick visit.
As we drove into the parking lot, we noticed another car getting ready to head out.   I caught a quick glance at the driver and thought “darn, he’s pretty good looking for an older gentleman.   I can’t believe we just missed him.”  
With those thoughts going through my head, I exited the car.  As I was doing so, my fiancĂ©’ was commenting that the gentleman had re-parked his car into the lot and was exiting his car.  We entered the arcade and headed to use the facilities first before we proceeded to play.  As we waited, I was perusing the videos and caught the eye of the driver who then winked at me.   Knowing what he had in mind, I winked back and walked away.   Still waiting to use the facilities, I took another stroll around and this time he asked me if I was going to watch a video.  I nodded in the affirmative.   He was gone by the time we were headed toward the glory hole/voyeur rooms, so I figured he had already found a room.   
The Real Hawaiian Eyeful
We picked our room which consisted of a glory hole on one side and on the opposite a voyeur window.  We put in our money and I took off my jacket to prepare myself for some play.   We opened up the voyeur window and waited for someone to enter the adjoining room.   I began playing with my cunt and wrapping my mouth around my guy’s manhood I began to suck.   How I love to suck his long thick hard cock!
Enjoying myself, but feeling like I was being watched, I glanced over and received a nice surprise as the driver of the car was now in the adjoining voyeur room.   He must have been there for a bit, because his pants were down and he was stroking himself.   My man than motioned him to come on in so I could fuck him.  I continued to suck cock, while our “friend” entered the unlocked room.   I than turned my attention to him and began stroking and sucking him.   
My man now settled onto a chair, where I mounted his hard throbbing cock with my wet dripping pussy.  As my hips gyrated , my sexual pleasures kept on rising.   Still enjoying the cock inside my mouth, I continued bopping my head up and down, sucking and licking until I felt the release of his load.
As we thanked the guy, we asked him if he frequented Mr. Peeps often and invited him to join us Friday night at Ron Jeremy’s Club Sessos.   His reply, “No, this is my first time here.  I just happened to be driving around and decided to make a stop here.   I am from Arkansas doing business in Portland and am leaving tomorrow morning at 5:00 am.”   I told him he could Google “HawaiianEyeful” should he desire to follow my exploits in “this thing of ours”. I am sure this was one business trip he won’t forget.
As we were finishing our conversation with my latest conquest, I was startled to see a face in the glory hole staring in.    My guy motioned for him to come on in, so as the “Arkansas” guy departed, another man entered the room.   However, the man that appeared was coming from the left, not the right - figuring two is better than one; we allowed both to enter.   Closing the door behind them, we instructed each of them to fondle or suck my breasts.  One began to finger my cunt, while the other moved his hand up and down my whole body.   
As they both began to enjoy themselves feasting on my girls, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter . Unable to hold back any longer, I let out a scream, while squirting all over his hand.   My juices continued to flow down my leg as my satisfaction of pleasure was now well-noted.    I could have continued, but unfortunately, it was time for us to wrap.  We told the guys where they could meet up with us again usually at the Paris Theater or Ron Jeremy’s Club Sessos.    One of the men I had pleasured is/ was a patron of Paris and said he’d be back and watch for my next “Hawaiian Eyeful flag”.  
We hurriedly got ourselves together, dressed and headed back the way we came – to our son’s track meet just a few minutes away.
I am always looking forward to my next adventures visiting my favorite venues so my sweet tasting juices could be swallowed up by the many horny men/women out there.
Until our next visit,
The Hawaiian Eyeful
Doc here again... Many,  many thanks to the lovely Hawaiian Eyeful for another peek up her skirt and inside (in this case) the video booth.  Please keep them coming, Ms. Eyeful!

Flash Report! J&L @ 8 Mile Peep Show in Detroit (with 5 Pics!)

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from new contributors J&L from Detroit.

Their visit to the gloryholes at 8 Mile Peep Show is the focus of their report.

Take it away, J&L!


Hey Doc,

Big fans here and do we have a report for you! It may be short but its good...

We are J&L, and we are from the Detroit area. We have been looking for gloryholes in the area and we found one ( @ 8mile Peep Show ) and to our surprise it was not bad.

The Real "L"
First, I went in a few days before to get some toys and scope out the place and ask about how things work. The guy working said just come on in and check it out which made me a little worried but I said OK we will. I went home and told my girlfriend (L) what he told me, so a day later we decided to go see what it was like.

We get there and started looking at the toys and videos they have for sale, and the guy working (same guy I talked to the other day ) asked if we needed any help. I told him we are wanting to check out the booths and he was very helpful (even showed us what booths had gloryholes). We went to town we had a lot of fun.

First she started sucking me, then our first cock came through the hole. She went to town on him, sucking him then back to me. Then he pulled out and signaled for me so I put my cock in the hole and got sucked for a little bit - we went back and forth with sucking him sucking me her sucking him, then me sucking him and then I let him fuck her through the hole. It was hot! H then bust his nut in her mouth and tits and the I came on her face.

We got dressed and left, and we are planing to go back many more times. It was so hot we can't stop talking about it! These pics I took from her first time at the hole

Hope everyone enjoys!



Doc here again... Many thanks to J&L for providing an excellent first time Couple's Flash Report! Keep up the solid work and keep submitting your work!


A Quick Note From The Good Doctor

Doc here with a quick note to you, the good readers and reporters here at The Journal. 

The vision I had for The Journal when launching it in 2009 was to provide a national (and international) platform for reports, reviews, profiles, and memories of this thing of ours.  The cornerstone of The Journal is the hard work of the reporters and their submissions.  Our field reporters are our eyes and ears as to what is happening in the adult theater scene.

The Journal is a sum of its parts.  Whether the reports are short, long, detailed, or overviewed, they are all important.  When it comes to reports, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To give you a peak behind my curtain, I’d like to share the following… The Good Doctor may come across as a crusty old veteran of this thing of ours, but in actuality my eyes light up every time a report hits my in box. 

I am a lucky Sicilian indeed. Almost every day is like Christmas, as I open up my presents/reports, tear away the wrapping paper, and dig deep into them.  And for this, I am deeply appreciative to everyone who takes the time to type up a report for your old friend in the white suit. 

I have edited well over 1,400 reports, and hope to continue to do so for many years (or until my supply of Bloody Mary’s run out).  So to each and every one of you who has submitted a report, currently submits reports, or plans to submit a report: Thank you!

You are The Journal of Adult Theaters.