Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 15 - By LovingDigits

Doc here with a great First Time Report from a regular reader but first time caller, LovingDigits. This First Time rolls in both a role-play and a first time visit to one of my favorite venues, The Jolar Cinema in San Diego.



Hi Doc! Faithful reader of your site and all things pervy. Figured it was time to share the story of our first, but certainly not last, time.

This may be sappy, but I love my girlfriend. Love to surprise her, and push the envelope sexually. She has met every challenge with enthusiasm and a hunger for more. We’re found her to be multi-orgasmic, where 5, 10, and even 15 orgasms are never out of the question. Could she be ready for this thing of ours? She was always willing to go the extra yard to please me. I knew just how to introduce her to a whole new sexual world. I typed up a document detailing a secret mission.

Mission Objective:
Ensure the survival of the of one very important individual. Please be forewarned that he is quirky in
his interests and you may have to go beyond the current boundaries of your life experiences. Do not let us down.

This is of your choosing. However, it must be before February 2nd. Any time and date is sufficient. Please make sure that you have at least 2 hours available from your arrival at the destination.

You will be wearing a top that reveals as much of your breasts as possible. It is acceptable that you change tops on your way to your destination. You will not be wearing a bra. A skirt and boots will also be worn, sans bra. To be absolutely clear, there will be NO underwear worn. If you wish, a dress will be allowed.

You will be standing in front of . If you are not wearing the appropriate wardrobe, I assure you that your suitor will not stop.

I understand that you enjoy having clues to guess what activities you will be partaking in. Here are some facts for you:
You will be in the company of a man you find very attractive.
You will find yourself within an environment beyond that of which you have ever been privy.
Make the most out of the entertainment.

With a date chosen, I, the VIP, picked her up around noon, and set off for Jolar Cinema in San Diego. She had never heard, let alone, been to an adult theater. The ride was full of excitement, anxiety, and questions. As we approached the purple-pinkish building, I could see the gears churning in her head. We parked in the rear and made our way to the interest. She looked phenomenal in her black top and short white skirt. She still had no idea what awaited her. Like most newcomers, we wandered about the store. She had never seen such devices up close. Eventually we approached the cashier, who took a look at my exotic lady and waved us back.

I gave her a tour of the place explaining the private dances and booths. Not wanting to violate the 1 person-per-booth policy (ha!), we made our way to the cinema and rang the bell. She clung tighter to me as the sounds of porn grew louder with each step. As we stepped into the first room, we could see a scattering of men stroking themselves. I took the blanket from her bag and laid it across the right love seat in the second row. I took the aisle seat, and put my arm around the only female in the cinema.

As expected she drew much attention with drawn to the soft moans my fingers brought to her. We had never so much as seen a porn together, and while it was apparent she was nervous, there was no way she was going to back out. Being multi-orgasmic, it didn’t take long before her first orgasm of the afternoon was out in the open. I found her to be extremely aroused, and as I caressed her body, her pussy was exposed for all to see. There was a gentleman standing behind our seats as well as on-lookers from every direction. I then dropped to my knees, and delicately licked and sucked her to another two orgasms. She later told me her excitement was increased by those enjoying the show. At least two of the voyeurs lost their loads. We were beginning to run short on time, and after some great head from my lady, we got up and walked out hand-in-hand.


Doc here again... Love this First Time Report, and the reasons why are pretty obvious.  Thanks again to LovingDigits for a GREAT report, and hopefully not their last.

Keep the reports coming in folks... E-mail them to, and I will get them ready for publication.  Just supply me a pen name if this is your first time submitting a report.