Monday, September 5, 2011

Preview: A Little Teaser Of The Next Gloryhole Nancy Report (w/2 Pics!)

Doc here with a little something to get you ready for the work week after the Labor Day holiday?  And why is that?  Well, I'm concerned about your health.  The day before heading back to work is always a downer, so it is up top me to provide you with a little upper.  And by upper, I mean a little teaser from that naughty girl in Toledo, Gloryhole Nancy and her guy, T. (by the way, check out their Yahoo Group HERE).

Here is their preview:


Happy Holiday Doc,

We're hoping to hit the gloryhole this weekend, so if we do we'll be sure to report asap. In the meantime here's a pic we forgot we had (seems we have several of those lol). Thought your readers might want to see Nancy doing what she does best. Also a shot of her very hot and round ass; she's an expert cocksucker with DD tits, it seems I forget to mention her beautiful fat ass and hot legs....maybe some pics are in order? 

Have a good one, & hope you enjoy!
T & N


Doc here again... Thanks Nancy and T for the needed boost to get ready for the week.  We will look forward to a full gallery of new Gloryhole Nancy pics, and hopefully a video or two.


New Feature! The Adventures of Jim and Chris - "Faust Theater Fun"

Doc here with a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters... "The Adventures of Jim and Chris".  This couple contacted The Good Doctor after reading a Blast From The Past Report about the Faust Theater in St. Paul, MN. 

It is here where we will pick up their story... And yes, the hot lady in the banner is Chris...


This is one of many events that happened to my wife and I in this thing of ours.  I read the report a few weeks back about the Faust Theater in St. Paul, MN,  and it brought flooding back many thoughts of times my wife and I spent there.

The Faust Theater
St.Paul. MN
It was early in our marriage and I loved my wife flashing and showing herself off to strangers, and The Faust was the best place in the Twin Cities at the time to do it.  Early in the history of the Faust, there was only a theater, but in later years, they took over a store next door and turned that into a bookstore with video booths and even had twenty-five cent slide up windows that circled a stage with live nude dancers.  

Back to the building set up... Upon entering we found seats toward the back and sat down.  It was never long til I had her shirt open, tits out and her skirt up.  She never wore a bra or panties, so it was easy access.  As we got more into it, she'd just wear a button up the front dress which made it easier to completely open it up from top to bottom.  There was always guys sitting around us, watching and eventually feeling her up. I loved seeing her laying back with her legs spread and allowing as many guys as could feel and caress her.  I always had a hard on and jacked off along with the others there playing with my wife. We'd be there for hours enjoying the fun. 
The Faust also had dancers come on stage in front of the movie screen between movies and they'd do a striptease.   One particular evening after arriving and playing with my wife for sometime, she said she had to go to the restroom.  She buttoned up and left, all the guys staying put with me as none of them wanted to loose their seats when she came back.   A few minutes later the movie ended and the house lights came up.  The emcee stated that the dancer was coming on stage and that as a treat, he had a new girl who wanted to dance for the first time.  I got the biggest shock when I saw my wife come on stage and dancing to the music, stripping down naked and doing a great gyration to the song. 

When the music was done, she just came back down and took her seat next to me and all the guys, not bothering to put her clothes back on.  Needless to say, everyone was excited after seeing her on stage in the bright lights and now they were able to feel her up and play with her.  We ended up fucking that night, her bent over the seat in front of me as she sucked several guys and others came on her in several places. 

That's been over 25 yrs ago, but I still get hard thinking about all the many fun times we had there.

Jim & Chris


Thanks again to Jim and Chris for an outstanding Blast From The Past report about The Faust.  I hope it is the first of many from this still active couple in this thing of ours...

This is an excerpt from the local newspaper about the last day of operation for The Faust Theater, March 6, 1989:

Protest, Melee Mark Closing Day at Faust Theatre
The last day of business at St. Paul’s Faust Theatre was disrupted Monday when a pornography protest organized for TV coverage went awry and a TV photographer was injured in a fight with Faust employees after they had wrestled him out of the theater. Earlier, another photographer and several protesters had been doused with water by a Faust employee. When they went inside the building to complain, two other TV photographers followed to videotape the encounter.

I am glad to see that The Faust did not go out with a whimper, but with a roar.