Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flash Report! The Black Hat Sweeps Through 4 Theaters In 2 States

Doc here with the return of of my favorite field reporters here at The Journal: The Black Hat. TBH has been AWOL for awhile, but he's back, Stetson in place, and ready to give us a wide-sweeping report.

Does Bruce Springsteen know TBH has stolen his tour name?  Is TBH on tour with a sax player and a tiny guitar player? I better get the Lizardo legal team on this issue... In the meantime, enjoy The Black Hat's latest report from NJ and CT.


The Black Hat reporting in from the "Porn in the USA Tour"

Dear Dr. and friends,

Been a while since I checked in but recent travels have provided me opportunity and new content to share.  Last Friday, June 1, I was traveling North in the I-95 corridor and made a few stops.  Quickly, here's what happened.

Berlin News Agency, Berlin NJ 7PM.  Paid the fee and entered the theater to find the usual wolf pack lurking about.  BNA can be aggressive and intimidating but there are usually cool heads that keep everyone in line.  After about 45 mins I was getting ready to leave (as I still had a good drive ahead of me) and exited the theater only to see a couple entering the store.  He was a stocky white guy in his early 40's and she was a tall ebony wonder mid 20's, slender with legs that went on forever.  She ducked into the bathroom to change and emerged wearing nothing but FMP's and a see through lace bodice.  Things were about to get interesting so I paid a new fee and went back in to the theater.

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
They found a spot in the back with a raised platform and sat down on the adjacent bench and started making out, before long, her man was on his knees licking her as she was pulling off her bodice.  I made a move to sit next to her but before I could get there, they were up and on the platform as he invited all to "fuck her with condoms only".  She proceeded to begin sucking an older gents cock while I dived in to suck on her right tit.  Old cock suited up and stepped in to plow her as a younger cock took the old cocks spot and began fucking her mouth.  Old cock shot his load and collapsed on the bench, young cock suited up as our girl turned over and assumed the position. Young cock started plowing her from behind holding her firm ass while her man inserted a thin vibrator in her ass. A new guy stepped into to have his cock sucked while her man asked the penis gallery in a rather perplexed tone, "None of you want to fuck her?" 

This girl was a work of art and while her tits were on the smaller side she was gorgeous and those legs!  I stepped back and readied my soldier for action as young cock came and backed out, our girl rolled to her back as I stepped in and entered her pussy. I began slowly as she began sucking her fourth new cock and then........she balked, didn't like the look of the cock she started sucking so asked her man to wave him off, the cock in question protested to which her man responded with stern words, at this point our girl told me I was not fucking her hard enough so I went in to overdrive and began pounding that sweet meet, I am man enough to admit I did not last too long after that.  I withdrew my soldier and waited to see what happened next.  Well...nothing, no one else seemed interested in pussy, perhaps they were there for other reasons like the high cinema!  The couple, a bit disappointed, dressed and exited the theater.  Note: Gents, when a lady calls for cock in her pussy you must oblige, otherwise, what are we doing here?

Red Barn Books, Berlin, NJ 8PM.  As Red Barn is located close to BNA, decided to check it out just to see what might be developing. Not much, a bit of a manfest.  So I moved on. Note to couples in South New Jersey, Red Barn has a great set up and if you are new to this, you might find its environment less intimidating then BNA.  

Moviethon, Union, NJ 9:45PM.  Located off the Garden State Parkway on Rt. 22 West.  Always wanted to check this place out.  A bit on the sketchy side.  Two rooms, one is $5 and is monitored by CCTV, the other is $20 and is private.  I paid the $20 and made my way through a corridor to the room where I found 3 TV's playing assorted porn and a few couches and deck chairs.  Place was empty.  I retreated and paid$5 to check out the other room.  Not much there either, two younger dudes stroking and alternately sucking each other while watching the one TV.  As it has been a while since I have been out and about I was still horned up despite my good fortune at BNA, I pulled my cock out and jacked it while the dudes took it in (hey, I like being watched, what can I say?)  I exited and continued North.

Art Cinema, Hartford, Saturday June 2, 8:30PM.  Day two of my tour and I eagerly anticipated The Art as I have visited three times before and each time had good couples interaction.  Paid and entered the theater.  About 20 guys in the main theater milling about, stalking, hoping, wishing, praying.  Not a good sign. Up in the couples balcony there were 3-4 couples taking it in, but other than that I can't say there was a whole lot going on.  I dug in and decided that good things come to those who wait but as 10PM neared, it seemed clear that no one was coming down to play. 

I moved down toward the main screen to try to get a view of any balcony action and noticed one couple was getting it on closer to the balcony railing and I could distinctly make out the gal moaning and giving her guy a little direction.  It sounded hot so I started rubbing my cock through my pants hoping for a lat minute Hail Mary and a visit from upstairs.  No such luck, 10:35 came and the lights came up signaling an end to their broadcast day.  I do want to thank that fine lady for being vocal, it was hot and i appreciated it.I love The Art and highly recommend it to couples, but for us single guys, it is no sure thing, keep that in mind on your next visit and always be respectful.  There were a few guys being total dick heads here that night hovering by the stairs  and in the lobby and leering at these fine ladies as they came and went up and down the stairs.

Upon exiting The Art I came upon a mid 40's couple who showed up just a bit late.  He was dressed smartly in dress pants and a button down shirt, she was in tight black slacks that stopped just below the calf and had on a leopard print top with a white cardigan open. A lovely brunette, she was hot. Hoping for some interaction and maybe a minor miracle, I tried to chat them up, but his Spidey senses were up, he had no interest.  She asked if I had a light, which I did, and then I asked her if she knew where I could find trouble.  She gave me a street to check out but not what I really had in mind.  I told her she looked fabulous which she loved hearing and said, "not bad for 47." No, not bad at all.  I retreated to the hotel bar where I met a lovely blonde woman with fabulous tits, but that's another story. 

Till next time, I remain, The Black Hat.


Doc here again... It's good to have The Black Hat back in the fold, and this report shows why is one of my favorites here @ The Journal.  Thank you sir!

The staff here @ The Journal (OK, me) needs your adult theater reports.  The time is right to submit yours, and this is how you do it: Send me an e-mail at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com with your report, and a pen name if you are a first time contributor.  I'll do the rest: edit, format, drop in the pics, and best of all, you get the byline.  Submit two reports, you get your own custom logo.

Take the plunge, my friends, into this thing of ours.


Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, NY

Doc here with a solid first time report from our newest contributor, The Oral Reporter. His subject is Talk of the Town, a theater I have known since they began...

Sit back and listen to the musical stylings of TOR...


The Oral Reporter here...

My report is about the Talk of the Town in Niagara Falls, New York (address located in the Dr. Emilio's Database).

I was at the Talk of the Town on Monday after Memorial Day. The place was pretty empty, I was getting ready to go when a nice couple came into the store, then headed for the theater, so I followed. She was a slender short haired middle aged lady with a tall husband. They stayed in the theater for a few minutes then went to the booths for a few minutes then left. I was disappointed, but stayed in the theater.

About 30 minutes later, they came back in. Both of them sat down, and again they got up and went to the booths. I followed, but they were not it seemed interested in company. I lost track of them for a few minutes. I went back into the theater, and found her sitting by herself!  I sat down across the aisle from her, started stroking myself, and looked over at her.  She was watching me, so I asked her if I could join her. She said yes.

I then asked if I could touch and she said yes again, as this was starting to be a nice night. Her tits were nice and firm, not too big but great to suck on. I ran my hand under her skirt, and proceeded to take off her panties. I started with one finger then two fingers, then asked her if I could lick her, again the answer was "yes." I'm a very oral with the ladies. I handed her my glasses and started licking her. She tasted great, her husband finally came in and sat down behind us. He seemed to like to watch her get pleasured.

Another guy came over and stood next to her while I was going down on her. He also was polite and asked if he could touch, she said yes and she even asked him if she could touch him (I bet you can guess what his answer was!). She then put a condom on him and started giving him head. I had eaten her for about 20 minutes, and needed a break. I stood up next to her, she put a condom on me and began giving me a great blow job. Her husband was using his cell phone to put some light on the action. She sucked me to completion, then it was time for them to go again.

I went outside and there they were sitting in their truck. I walked over and thanked them for a great evening, and told them I hope to see them again. I do believe they are regulars. I have had a lot of good times at the Talk of the Town over the last 6 or 7 years. I hope more couples come to play there.

The Oral Reporter


Doc here again... The Oral Reporter has a lot of reports on the way, and this one was a great start.  Why? Well, Talk of the Town was one of The Good Doctor's old haunts back in my upstate NY days as a "yout".  So when a report comes through from back home, it gets my attention.  I'm glad the place is still getting some action.

The Good Doctor still needs your adult theater reports.  Just send an e-mail direct to Sam Drucker The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, along with a pen name (if it's your first time submitting).  I'll do the rest...