Monday, June 11, 2012

NEW FEATURE! "Did You Know with The Good Doctor"

Doc here with a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters: "Did You Know with The Good Doctor".

The past few months, I have been trying to come up with a way to address factoids when it comes to this thing of ours. You know, one or two line pieces of intelligence that may help you in your upcoming or continuing visits to adult theaters. Something simple, bullet-pointed, and direct.

Then, as I was sitting in the car wash while The Lizardo 3000 was getting waxed, it came to me: A "Did You Know" column, similar to what you will see on ESPN when they drill through some support data in relation to a story they are covering.

So sit back, pop open a beverage, and let's see how this goes...

That there are two versions of The Journal of Adult Theaters? Why yes Virginia, there are two versions...

The web version on the left, and the mobile version on the right.  If you are on the move, and need your adult theater information in the palm of your hand, The Good Doctor has you covered. The color scheme is different (so it's easier to read), but it's all there.  You can even pull up the web version on your phone with a simple click.

That the Adult Theater Power Rankings are adjusted every week, and are based on reports from the scene, Yahoo Groups, & Craigslist posts?

That there are only two adult theaters left in North American that have balconies?  The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and Cinema L'Amour in Montreal, Quebec.  If there is another one out there, please let me know here @ The Journal.

That the former flagship Pussycat Theater (now Studs Theater) on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood has hand prints and foot prints of the top porn stars of the 70's and 80's in cement in front of the theater?

That Cathy from will be touring the country this summer, and stopping at several of the top adult theaters and ABSs in the country.  Look for a detailed feature coming soon at The Journal, along with the schedule.

Check back next week for the next edition of "Did You Know". 


Couple's Flash Report! Master D & The Ontario Cumslut Visit Deja Vu in Vegas (w/HOT Pics!)

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from a new contributor to The Journal, Master D and The Ontario Cumslut.  

This report covers their recent visit to Deja Vu on Industrial Avenue in Las Vegas.  Reports from this theater/ABS are encouraging, and with visits like this one,validate that this is the go-to adult theater in Vegas.

They were also kind enough to send along 6 pics of the actual event, and they are HOT!  Remember to click them to ENLARGE.



Hello Doctor,

After finding this Blog, we had be part of the fun!! We are a Dom/slut couple from Ontario, Canada who loves to play in adult theaters and booths, especially if there are glory holes!! We went to Vegas recently and had some fun there...

We did some research to find the hot slots in town and decided to try Deja Vu on Industrial Ave. The store was huge with a great selection toys not found in most places. We checked out the goods for awhile then proceeded to the theater.

When we walked in we were shocked at the cleanliness of the place, as well as the plush leather seats. Not many people but one black gentleman had his cock out and was stroking when we walked in...we went to the back row and quickly had my cock out and my slut started sucking. Right away the other man came closer and I showed her his nice black cock out moving towards her.

She quickly moved to him..taking him in her mouth deep. He started to face fuck her..she likes that...after a good suck I had her stand up  and pull her pants down so he could see her wet cunt. He ate her good and asked to fuck her...sand he greedily smiled.

He got out and a condom and fucked her hard in many different positions. She then finished us both off and we went back to our hotel very happy. Too bad there wasn't a bigger crowd...We're going back in the Fall for sure!

Here are a few pics-


Doc here... Typically, the adult theater scene in Las Vegas is to put it bluntly, lame.  The theaters are all pretty nice, but they are lightly attended.  Hopefully, terrific reports like this one by Master D and The Ontario Cumslut may change that opinion.  Thank you to this great couple for the report and the hot pics of the actual event.


New Poll! Have You Used The Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database?

Doc here with a brand new poll for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters: "Have you used the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database Prior to an Adult Theater Visit?"

The answers are simple: YES or NO.

The poll is located on the right hand side of The Journal, so feel free to step up, cast your ballot, and walk away.