Monday, March 21, 2011

Flash Report! Laney's Nooner GB Photos @ CTs in Gary

Doc here with a little bonus for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Laney from Texas wrapped up her 4-day trip/gang bang marathon with a noontime visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary.  Laney was kind enough to send along 4 brand new photos from today's nooner. 

These are hot off the plate, so watch your hands... Enjoy.

Doc here again... The thank you's from members of the CTs Yahoo Group to Laney have starting coming into the group.  One of the things about CTs that the Good Doctor appreciates is the courtesy the guys give the women who come to this very hardcore theater.  If there was a national "Good Sportsmanship" award for this thing of ours', CTs would probably win.

I also would like to thank Laney personally for sending The Good Doctor the photos from Friday, Saturday, and today's event.  You are the best!

If you have a report from Laney's GB this past weekend, write up a quick report and send it to me at  I will push it to the front of the que.


Blast From The Past from The Captain: The Lyell Theater in Rochester, NY

Doc here with an exceptional Blast From The Past from our good seaworthy friend and field reporter, The Captain.

This BFTP hits home for The Good Doctor, since I too have visited the subject of this report, the long gone Lyell Theater in Rochester, NY.  Back in the early 1990's, I made several visits to this venue with (at times) spectacular results.  Reading The Captain's log entry sure brought back memories for your host.

So sit back, take a Dramamine®, and enjoy your cruise with The Captain.



Back in the early 90's when I was just a young seaman of 20, I was in my 3rd year of my studies at a university in Rochester, NY. Leaving downtown Rochester heading through the ghetto to get a famous "Garbage Plate" at Nick Tahou's off Lyell Ave., I'd pass an old theater in a strip mall. The lighted marquee outside had beat up letters proclaiming  "No One Under 21" - which caught my attention.

I started counting the days until my 21st birthday in anticipation of what I might see inside. Finally about 6 months and 3 weeks later it was time... I had a Friday afternoon free on a sunny September day, I cashed my paycheck form my part-time job and headed to the "movies".

The Lyell Theater
Rochester, NY
Circa 1987

I pulled into the parking lot and tried to "park discreetly" - I put my sunglasses on and headed through the double doors. I stepped inside and it was pretty dark - I took my sunglasses off and noticed a blonde in her 40's behind the ticket window glass. My hand was shaking as I took my wallet out of my shorts and handed her the $20 bill through the half-circle at the bottom of the window. I won't forget how warm her hands were when she grabbed mine and pressed the change of bills back into my hand. She smiled and said "don't be so nervous, hon" as she pointed me towards the theater.

I could hear the moaning sounds from the video that was playing and I followed them almost hypnotized.

I saw the men's room as I headed towards the theater and decided to make a pit stop and give my eyes a few more minutes to adjust. I opened the door to the men's room and 3 guys were standing in a circle with their cocks out being serviced by a curly haired brunette BBW with huge boobs hanging out of her
tank top. I froze in place with the door half-open and my jaw dropped - I stepped back and let the door close - the 3 men laughed at seeing my disbelief - this was totally unexpected and AWESOME. I stepped back through the door and proceed to take care of draining my nervous bladder stealing glances over my shoulder as the sucking sounds intensified into a load being release onto the woman's breasts.

I finished up and left the bathroom, not knowing at the time proper etiquette would have been to have not zipped up and to have joined the festivities.

I went into the theater and saw the grainy VCR playback projected up on the huge screen. The theater looked empty, it was so dark. I made my way about half way down the aisle and felt around for a place to sit down. As I sat down I was pushed back up by two hands - not realizing I had almost sat in a guys lap.

I moved a few rows down towards the front and felt more carefully for a seat. Thinking it was me and the other guy in the theater I unzipped and started stroking myself watching the movie. After about ten minutes, I turned my around to see what else was in the theater darkness. By now my eyes had adjusted and I saw a group of 6 guys at the back of the theater facing in a half circle away from the screen. I got up and shuffled down the row to the other side and walked to the back to see what was happening.

A small Mexican woman was enthusiastically sucking one of the cocks, doing a twisting motion with her small hands with each back and forth in her mouth. I was thrilled at the sight and immediately unzipped. The first guy came and another stepped up to take his place, he came and she looked up at me and smiled - I don't remember all the details of what she looked like - but within a split second I had dropped anchor in her mouth was getting my compass needle polished.

Being as nervous as I was it didn't take long for me to unload and I saw her swallow and smile up at me as she grabbed the next cock over. I didn't realize I had probably experienced a theater veteran that afternoon.

I stayed for about 15 more minutes before I was freezing cold from the A/C blasting, having worn shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. I left wanting to tell someone, anyone about what I did that afternoon - On my way out the blonde at the counter smiled and waved me over. It was then I noticed she was reading a
swingers magazine (remember those printed blind mailbox ads before the internet???) - She told me there was another theater in-town (The Monroe) and I should try to go there on a Saturday night because couples came there and were looking to meet single guys. I said "wow thanks!" with my eyes popping out of my head with surprise and headed back to my townhouse on campus not able to tell a soul about what I did that afternoon.

The Captain

PS - I've attached a picture from 1987 of the Lyell - it's just a bookstore now - no theater.

I've also attached a picture of my preferred mode of transportation - The Wally
Power Yacht - makes women wetter than the rumble of a Corvette or the thrill of being on the
back of a Ducati.

The Wally Power Yacht


Doc here again... The Captain is spot on in his description of The Lyell.  Cold in the winter, colder in the summer.  The area in back he described was a focal point of much of the action at The Lyell.  It was a mezzanine area behind a half wall that was well lit with a blue-ish meon light under the railing.  More than one time I saw a lovely lady on her knees working a semi-circle of guys.  It was also my impression that some of the women who frequented The Lyell were dancers from the strip club that used to be at the far end of the same plaza (according to a regular I talked with one night).

Thanks again to The Captain for pulling into the dock here at The Journal and giving us a great BFTP.

Do you have a Blast From The Past?  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at That's what The Captain did... Why not you?