Thursday, August 31, 2017

Twistingly's Twisted Tales: Tuesday is the Best Day - Part Tue w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say was the May 2016 centerfold for "Dad Bod" magazine, with a curveball from my very good friend, senior Journal reporter, and certified physician's assistant, Twistingly!

Twistingly is a bad girl in all the ways one might imagine, and a few that you might not imagine. I would classify this report in the latter of the two categories above.  What Twistingly always gives us is a fresh perspective into her erotic vision, and this report does just that! 

Take it away, the amazing Twistingly!


Guys are always going to 15th Ave.Adult Theater in Chicago hoping to see a couple or single female put on a show. Well, today the tables were turned and the guys put on a show for the girl.

I was in Chicago for another Tuesday visit to the theater with my sidekick RG.  After a few solo adventures, I was really starting to miss him and I had a few stories to share. I picked him up at our usual spot, then decided to hit a Chinese buffet for lunch and to catch up. I filled my plate with Lo Mein and filled RG in on my weekend, telling him (and the man sitting at the table across from us) about all the naughty stuff I saw (and did) during my visit to Camp NCN in WI.

Bellies full, our next stop was 15th Ave. We've said before that Tuesday is the best day and we were out to prove it again. There were several guys sitting and waiting in their cars when we arrived, a sure sign that nothing was going on inside, so we parked and waited too. We watched the guys walk back and forth from their cars to the store, including a guy we hadn't seen before wearing white athletic socks and no shoes. That was a new one.

RG checked his email and saw a couple alert from the Yahoo group. Incredulous that we could have missed the arrival of another couple, we went inside to investigate. We did our usual loop through spa, booths, and theater, but didn't see any sign of a couple in the house. Not wanting to attract more attention than necessary, we settled into our spot in the abandoned corner booth between the vending machines. It's out of the way, but offers a good view of everyone coming and going from the spa and booths.

We sat together on the scratchy upholstered chair and tried to figure out where we had gone wrong. We wondered if the couple had slipped in from the front. Had the staff seen us lurking and counted us as a couple before we came in?