Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Oregon Theater Updates and Upgrades by Big T - Portland, OR

Oregon Theater, circa 1982
3530 SE Division
Portland, OR

Doc here with a dynamite report about the updates underway at The Oregon Theater in Portland, OR by Big T, who is a rock star in the Portland scene.  Take it away T...
It's been about 7 months since I have been in the Oregon Theater. Last time I was there banging some hot babe on a table. Well I made a point to stop by and talk to the staff to see some of the changes to the Oregon Theater today.

Below is a quick break-down on the current changes since my last visit and up coming changes.

Currently in place:

1.Monthly flyer with current weekly events:

Here is a Break down of April Events
•Every Wednesday is Bi-Sexual Movies•1st Saturday of the Month is Crossdresser Party: Noon to 1:30am•Sunday 4-11-10, Young Men Movies (Gay-Twink)•Sunday 4-18-10, CD Party – Tranny Movies•Sunday 4-25-10, Bear Movies – ( No, It's not Smokey and the Bear cartoons)•Every Friday & Saturday, Couples theme

2.Cost to enter with re-enter option:•$3 for Couples everyday for the month of April (Same for May)•$7 per person•$5 for CrossDressor•$35 for 6 entry pass•Receive 1 free entry when you present 10 paid ticket studs

Here are some of the changes that are in place:
1.$3 Lockers (Currently they have 4)
2.They have replace just about all the old theater seats with sofa's thru out the theater
3.Gloryhole booths with large holes
4.Couple section on the left front side of the theater (couples/single women only)
5.Large Exam play table at the front of the Theater (Nice, perfect height)
6.Brand New Movie Projector, this really lights up the theater (Dam, the sound and screen looks amazing!! The pussy on the screen look like I could jump in the picture!!)
7.Ok they do not only sell candy, snickers, babyruths, paydays, chips, ice cream, but they have popcorn and hotdogs from a small broiler!!
8.They have the normal $5 dvd's, free condoms, and also they have condoms for sale as well from $1 to $1.50
9.You can rent Towels and sheets for a few bucks (Highly Recommended)
10.Ok, this is an old one that they agreed upon for me about 2yrs ago for playing with couples, but I thought I would mention it again as this question always seem to come up in Theater Groups. No photos, cameras, or video are allowed unless prior requested in advance. Meaning, you will need to contact them, they will set aside a section for you to take pic's of only the people you have invited in that section. A notice will be posted on the doors letting people know, that a part of the theater is being used for pic's. You break this rule, you will be 86'd without question. I have never heard of this being a problem there as this rule is really for the hardcore and those who really want to capture the moment. If you have any problems, just let them know you read or talk to Big T about it. They know how to reach me to verify….Enough said…

Let's move on to the coming upgrades:

1. As mentioned before, they are making another couples section right in the middle of the theater. There will be room for inter-action with the boys, but no guys can be invited at all in this section. BTW: 4.26.10 the Oregon Theater will be closed so they can complete this project

2. Well to make things even more interesting, in the current couples section on the far left near the front of the theater. An exam/fuck table like the one currently up front will be put right against the rope in the cpl section!! Mmmm, so basically, the woman can just slide up and have the boys line-up to bang away without the guy breaking the rules of going into the cpl section. I just hope the boys can control themselves. lol,lol

To Sum up the Oregon Theater:

The foundation of the Oregon is geared towards the gay crowd, but the current set-up of the couples sections are clearly geared towards Couples/Single women just like in the past. They avg. about 4-5 cpls a weekend. Based on the days I listed, you may want to select a day that fit's your fancy. With a tighter window of being open till 1am, the action seems to pick up from 7pm to Midnight. During the day, there is a steady stream of Reg's and some planned couple action that do occur as well. Yeah, it's old, it's got that sleezy feel to it, the bathrooms need to be burned down and started over by the Home-Make Over Team. The Theater is big, the new movie projector looks better than my HD or Normal Movie Theater hands down. I do think all adult places should follow the format of some of the adult bookstores. They have people clean the place every few hours. A quick sweep, hot mop with pine-sole goes a long way. Hey, it's tucked away in a normal neighborhood, so don't disturb the neighbors!! It's not perfect, but Fuck, it's a porn theater, and what do you expect for a few bucks to get off? The New additions will make the place very interesting play ground for couples this yr as they add 3 new movies everyday as well.


Now you know,

Big T